Procedure for Website Updates

The following is an outline of the procedure for website updates.  

For Users

  1. Think about your request and pinpoint the exact issue
  2. Fill out the form HERE
  3. Check the TO-DO LIST article
  4. If your item is on List 2, wait for at least the specified time before contacting the Webmaster again.
    • Add an Article — 48 hours
    • Remove an Article — 24 hours
    • Fix a Spelling Error — 24 hours
    • Edit an Article's Title — 48 hours
    • Edit an Article's Content — 48 hours
    • Other — 72 hours
  5. If your item is on lists 1, 3, or 4, do not contact the Webmaster again.
This article is a work in progress, and may be subject to changes.
This article is part of a series related to streaming the Game of Tomes. For more information, see Streaming Game of Tomes.

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