Game of Tomes

Who Will Claim the Iron Tome? by Dani Adventures

  The Game of Tomes is a competition for writers who participate in National Novel Writing Month. It is made up of regular Twitch viewers and those who enjoy participating in virtual write-ins with a competitive and friendly spirit. Although the game was designed for Wrimos, it is open to any and all writers on Twitch who want to participate.  
World Anvil Explains the Game of Tomes! (Twitch Clip)
Thanks for the support, Janet & Dimitris!

Game of Tomes Season 2 Pre-Launch

We suggest you watch the video in full screen to see everything clearly.
For the TL;DR, check out this simple power point presentation of how to play the Game of Tomes! Thank you to Melody Relody for creating this!
If you would rather listen to Sable go over this article on stream, offering explanations as she goes, check out the sidebar links!

The Conflict


2020 was a disastrous year on the third planet in the Sol system. As if the widespread political and social turmoil and the vicissitudes of climate change weren't enough, a global pandemic known as COVID-19 forced most of the world into lockdown conditions. In response to the health risks of gathering in public spaces, NaNoWriMo headquarters informed their Municipal Liaisons, including Sable Aradia, that they would not be authorizing any in-person events for NaNoWriMo 2020.   Fortunately, the ASC Wrimos had the benefit of the Anvilite community to gather with online. Inspired by the #NaNoHouseCup, which is masterminded and organized by Elayna Mae, a number of ASC writers who participate in NaNoWriMo agreed to pit their word counts against one another in a month-long winner-take-all battle for the Iron Tome. Sable Aradia of House Lapin laid the challenge, and six ASC Wrimos accepted her invitation.


The Game of Tomes is open to anyone doing NaNoWriMo who joins in participating streams and redeems their word counts, whether they are officially registered on the NaNoWriMo site or not.   Each "Tome Knight" assigns themselves to one of the great houses, depending upon inclination and habits as a writer, or just personal whim. Their word counts in the streams of participating streamers are counted towards the overall totals of their chosen house by selecting the appropriate channel point reward, marked by their house's banner as a Twitch emote, and entering their word count in the space one might typically type a "highlighted message".  
NOTE: It is your total word count during participating streams that you should report with the Channel Point Rewards! It doesn't matter whether those word were accumulated during a sprint or not! If you prefer to write at a steady pace, just be sure to redeem your Channel Points in the stream in which those words were written.
  Each individual writer might:
  1. Swear their undying loyalty to a single house, if and until their house falls
  2. Form or join a lesser house, which then gives its loyalty in turn to the banner of one of the great houses
  3. Give their loyalty to one house, then later change their mind; and this may be done repeatedly
  4. Function as a mercenary, either by joining and leaving houses at a whim, or by trying to win concessions from one of the other lesser or greater houses by offering their support
  Tome Knights are considered to be part of the last house they served at the turn of the deadline, and will live or die with that house.  
It is contrary to the spirit of the competition to introduce any real stakes. Mercenaries may NOT sell their services for any real monetary value. However, mercenaries may ask for trade-in-kind, or for things with real value, such as bits and Twitch subscriptions, as long as their portion of the monetary value (ie. the portion of the subscription fee that isn't kept by Twitch) is going to a charity. Mercenaries may choose the charity they support or donate to NaNoWriMo or another charity supported by Game of Tomes streamers.   If a House Leader is eliminated while having the support of a mercenary, they may "will" the services of that mercenary to another House of their choice.  
Nathalia Books, Varangian Guard by Nathalia Books
Lesser Houses
Participating streamers who do not lead a greater house may choose to form a lesser house instead. Lesser houses must REGISTER, using this form, prior to October 15th. That lesser house must "bend the knee" to one of the greater houses, on a temporary or extended basis. This must be done publicly on the Twitch stream of the house leader one is bending the knee to.   A lesser house may change its allegiance at the beginning of each new elimination period -- and only at the beginning of each elimination period -- if desired. This must be indicated by a public bending of the knee, as above.   A lesser house must consist of a minimum of three people: a leader and two bannerfolk. Upon declaring themselves a house, those people are thereby bound to the rules of lesser houses. They may not change their minds and act as individuals later in the competition.  
Registrations for Minor Houses in 2021 will open on September 1, 2021
The Undead Horde
The Undead Horde begins with only the Night Monarch (leader of their "house"), and anyone else who has previously served as a Night Monarch, if that person chooses to represent the Undead rather than another house. They swell their ranks by taking a random third of each fallen house's strength, as described in Conditions. If a previous Night Monarch chooses to start as Undead, they must continue to write for the Undead Horde for the remainder of the competition, and may not change houses. No one else may start as Undead.


The battlefield for this conflict is in the Twitch write-in streams of participating streamers. Only the word count totals from live participating write-ins count towards the overall house totals. Individual word count totals acquired off-stream, or in non-participating write-ins, are not counted. Neither are word counts acquired by watching VODs after the streams have aired.



At the end of every five days, as calculated in UTC, the overall scores of the houses are tallied. The great house with the smallest overall word count is officially eliminated from the competition. This result will be announced on stream.  
  • November 5: 6th house eliminated
  • November 10th: 5th house eliminated
  • November 15th: 4th house eliminated
  • November 20th: 3rd house eliminated
  • November 25th: 2nd house eliminated
  • November 30th: The Final Battle - last surviving house vs. the Undead Horde!
  The Final Battle, unlike the other elimination periods, will not be tallied until NaNoWriMo has ended for ALL time zones.  


The names of the members of the eliminated house, and their bannerfolk, will be entered into a random name selector. One third of them will be drawn randomly to be drafted into the ranks of the Undead Horde. If they are drafted, they must represent the Horde for the remainder of the Game of Tomes. "Mercenaries" who shift their allegiances will be counted as being part of the last house they joined before the end of the elimination period.   Along with one third of the eliminated house members, the Undead Horde will also receive one third of their word count total at the point of elimination. Both totals will be adjusted accordingly.   The members and bannerfolk of the eliminated house who survive the Undead Horde may then choose one of the surviving houses to represent instead.  

Dancing with Death

If a participating living Tome Knight submits word counts to the Undead Horde, either accidentally or intentionally, they are allowed ONE WARNING in which the mistake can be corrected, and the words returned to the house it is actually intended for. After that, the words they submitted disappear into the ether, and benefit neither a living house, nor the Horde. Further, that Tome Knight is automatically submitted to the Undead Horde draft, since clearly, they were getting a little too close to zombies. They are not guaranteed admission into the ranks of the Undead.

Bending the Knee

If a house leader -- whether they lead a lesser or a greater house -- survives the Horde, they must then appear on the stream of the leader of the new house they wish to serve to "bend the knee." This can be done with a live appearance, a chat conversation, the use of emojis, or any other method as appropriate to the stream and streamer. It is assumed that their house members will change their allegiance to the new house, but they are under no obligation to do so.   A house leader may send a representative to offer their house's fealty instead, if circumstances prevent them from doing it themself. However, the representative must be a recognized "house regular" with an "official" title in the house's leadership structure, and just like a house leader, is bound to represent their house until it falls -- they may not voluntarily change loyalties. Further, they will be expected to bend the knee to the new house that the house leader chooses.   If a house leader's house falls, they must either:
  • stop displaying their house banner on stream, signifying that their house has been destroyed
  • display the banner of the house they have bent the knee to in a more prominent, and usually larger, position than their own
  If the leader of a lesser house becomes part of the Undead Horde, their house is considered to be destroyed, and they must also take down their banner, and not display it on stream again for the duration of the Game. Alternatively, houses whose leaders are drafted into the Undead Horde may feature a corrupted version of their banner instead, displaying their allegiance to the Undead.  
Tome Knights may volunteer to protect other Tome Knights from the Undead Horde. The Tome Knight so protected might be a House Leader or a mercenary (so that they can continue to make money for charity). A bodyguard must "volunteer as tribute" prior to the event, not at the moment of elimination, and this must be told to at least one of the Event Organizers. Any given Tome Knight may only have up to a total of 4 bodyguards in the course of an event.   A house leader may only be protected by a loyal member of their own house. Note that this may have consequences later in the event -- if a leader of a fallen house bends the knee to another house leader, and the bodyguard does not also bend the knee to that house leader, the bodyguard is no longer considered a loyal house member and is no longer eligible to protect their charge.   Mercenaries may be protected by anyone who chooses to do so.   If a protected person is drafted into the Undead Horde, one of their bodyguards may choose to sacrifice themself to the Horde instead. The bodyguard choosing to do this is automatically drafted into the Horde -- it is assumed they threw themself in front of the killing blow intended for their charge.   The current known list of protected Tome Knights and their bodyguards can be found in the sidebar.  

The Last Stand

There is a period between each official cutoff, and the subsequent elimination stream, lasting several hours, in which the fallen house does not yet know that it has fallen. However, the words of that house must go somewhere. Therefore, prior to each elimination, every major house leader must inform the Wizard of GoT which house they will bend the knee to in this elimination, should they fall and survive the Undead draft. Until their fallen status is announced, words that would have been credited to the fallen house are credited to their intended new house instead, in a last stand against the Undead Horde, bolstering their new liege's defenses.   Once the fallen house is announced, those who are not either the fallen house leader, nor their sworn elite guards or emissaries, may change allegiance if they wish to.  

Responsibilities of House Leaders

The Major House leaders are part of the team of event organizers by default. They are expected to join the Discord, and to be consulted for rulings and decisions during the course of a Game of Tomes event.   House leaders agree to tally the word count totals of their houses, and the Twitch names of the members of their house when eliminated, and report this information as detailed in The Engagement. The house leaders may not reveal the current totals at any time in public, on stream, Discord, or any form of social media, which allows "mercenary" play. The only time in which total word counts will be revealed is on the stream in which the next elimination is announced.   Whether a house leader is the head of a major or minor house, the role of a house leader is to inspire and encourage their bannerfolk. This is all about fun and about helping each other to succeed. Lead by example, be there for your bannerfolk, and use positive reinforcement to make NaNoWriMo a success for them, and for you.

The Engagement


Any Twitch Affiliate writer may host the Game of Tomes on their streams, and participate in the competition themselves. Please REGISTER at this website prior to October 15th.  
Registrations for participating Twitch streamers for 2021 will open on September 1, 2021.
  Streamers who wish to participate will find the necessary info and resources here:        

The Game of Tomes Bot: First Tome Knight

Registering at the registration link authorizes the Game of Tomes bot, the First Tome Knight, to operate on your Twitch channel. You will be asked to authorize our bot by Twitch when you register. An administrator must approve your registration, so be aware that we may contact you through your channel or a Twitch whisper if we have questions. This site is also where you will go to redeem your word count totals after a stream.   You will be asked to push a button on the site to opt in to each individual Game of Tomes event. You may opt in or opt out using this button at any time, though we'd appreciate it if you would see the event you signed up for through, unless there is an emergency.   The bot installs a series of Channel Point Rewards on your Twitch channel. They will likely appear first, or near to first, in your list, since they are worth 1 Channel Point (if you're a house leader, this is your house,) 2 Channel Points (for a Major House,) or 3 Channel Points (for the Minor House reward.) These are how participants will report their word counts.   The rewards will be deactivated when they appear, and without emotes to represent them. There is no need to activate them; they will be activated automatically when a Game of Tomes event starts, and deactivated automatically when the event ends. You will have to install the emotes to represent the rewards manually, however. You will find a series of graphics that are sized appropriately (and named accordingly) in the graphics resource GitHub. You will find the link to the GitHub on the Game of Tomes Image Resources page.   The First Tome Knight also installs a series of chat commands, which are fully detailed on the registration and reporting site. They range from a description of what the Game of Tomes is with an accompanying link to this website, to descriptions of the participating houses and links to their leaders' Twitch channels, to a means by which participating Tome Knights can track their own current word count totals, and the total words accumulated in a stream.   We suggest that you assign FirstTomeKnight moderator status, as there may be some problems with the chatbot functioning as intended if you have Follower Only chat settings, block URLs, etc.   Last, live registered Game of Tomes streams display on the registration site landing page in embeds, to show participants where to go to report their words.
  Only Twitch Affiliates can use Channel Point Rewards, and therefore, only Twitch Affiliates can be Game of Tomes streamers. However, this is a very supportive community. Announce that you'd like to reach Affiliate so that you can help organize the Game of Tomes, and let one of the great house leaders know, and we're sure it won't take long!  
Reporting Word Counts as a Game of Tomes Streamer
Thank you very much to Darth Nikolas of The Closet Forge for creating this excellent tutorial video!

Tome Knights

Participating Tome Knights may find live Game of Tomes streams in one of two ways:
  1. The Game of Tomes Event Calendar shows which streams are live and when in a calendar display.
  2. The First Tome Knight website displays which Game of Tomes streams are currently live in embeds, which you can then join by clicking on them.
Reporting Your Word Counts in a Stream
  • Word counts can only be reported in a live, participating Game of Tomes stream. What you wrote on the weekend when you were away from the computer does not count.
  • Word counts can only be reported in the stream they are accumulated in. As a result, many streamers will use some kind of alert system to inform viewers that the stream is about to end (a popular method is to ring a bell and cry, "Bring out your words!" - this was coined by Rowean during the first season.)
  • If you miss the end of the stream and find yourself in a new one without having reported your words, contact one of the major house leaders or event organizers to have your words counted with their approval.
  • Word counts are reported by selecting the appropriate channel point reward, which will be worth 1, 2, or 3 points, and therefore are likely to appear at the beginning of the streamer's list.
  • To report your words for a major house, select the appropriate house's channel point reward (ie. "GoT Lapin Report"). A dialogue box will appear. Type your word count into the box, adding the words "light edits" or "heavy edits" if you are editing, as appropriate.
  • To report your words for a minor house, select the "GoT Minor House Report" channel point reward option, and proceed as above, except be sure to add the name of the house you are supporting (ie. "300 Kitsune; 210 Varangia light edits.")
  • If you are supporting a minor house, and you are in a stream that is led by a minor house leader, you may select the appropriate channel point reward for that house instead. These specific reward options will only appear in a minor house leader's stream (ie. "GoT Incendium Report"). Proceed as above, except that it is not necessary to type the minor house's name in the dialogue box as well.
  • You may report your words as many times during a stream as you like. It is the number of words you have earned since your last report that you are reporting, not your total word count!
  • If you make a mistake on the number of words, it is possible to subtract words from your total by using the minus sign (ie. "-110," "-50 Kitsune," "-10 Felis light edits.")
  • If you have submitted your words to the wrong house, it may be easier to tell the streamer, who can just delete it for you (in the Game of Tomes, we prefer that you do this, since we keep track of your house loyalties). Once that has been done, just resubmit your words for the correct house.
    Underage Tome Knights
    Twitch's Terms of Service forbid children under a certain age from having their own Twitch accounts. However, it is not unusual for the Game of Tomes to have underage participants with parental supervision. Children may support the parent's house, or another house entirely. A parent or guardian may report words for their children in the following format:   Sable Aradia is reporting words for herself (House Lapin) and two of her grandchildren (Colin and Elizabeth):
  • Sable Aradia selects the House Lapin reward and types "300 light edits" for herself
  • Sable Aradia selects the House Lapin reward and types "150 SableAradia:Colin" or "150 SableAradia-Colin" to attribute Colin's words
  • Sable Aradia selects the House Sauropoda reward and types "25 SableAradia:Elizabeth" or "25 SableAradia-Elizabeth" to attribute Elizabeth's words
  •   This will make sure that the words are recorded under individual entries for Colin and Elizabeth. Note that it is important to type the name used the same way every time to make sure they are attributed correctly.

    Remember, this is a Game

    Although this event is designed to get the competitive juices flowing to inspire greater word counts, it is meant to be a friendly competition. There are no real stakes involved. There are no prizes or punishments for success or failure. Our hope is that participants will encourage and support one another, and any rivalries will be all in good fun.
      We are all in this together to achieve our writing goals and if you wish, a bit of roleplay. Our task as members of the GoTverse is to make sure EVERYONE has fun.
      Put simply, anyone being a jerk may be banned from participating in the event by a consensus of the event organizers.


    The Elimination streams will take place in 2021 on Sable Aradia's Twitch channel (, on the following dates and times:
    • November 6: 1st Elimination - Write with Erin (and Sometimes Diane): 2 pm Pacific/ 5 pm Eastern/ 9 pm UTC/ 10 pm UK/ 7 am Nov. 7 AEST
    • November 11th: 2nd Elimination - Diane Actually Writes: 12 pm Pacific / 3 pm Eastern/ 8 pm UTC/ 8 pm UK/ 4 am Nov. 12 AEST
    • November 16th: 3rd Elimination - Ask an Old GM: 2 pm Pacific/ 5 pm Eastern/ 10 pm UTC/ 10 pm UK/ 7 am Nov. 17 AEST
    • November 21st: 4th Elimination - Sable's Worldforge: 12 pm Pacific / 3 pm Eastern/ 8 pm UTC/ 8 pm UTC/ 4 am Nov. 22 AEST
    • November 26th: 5th Elimination - Ask an Old GM: 2 pm Pacific/ 5 pm Eastern/ 10 pm UTC/ 10 pm UK/ 7 am Nov. 27 AEST
    • December 1st: The Final Battle -Diane Writes: 12 pm Pacific / 3 pm Eastern/ 8 pm UTC/ 8 pm UTC/ 4 am Dec. 2 AEST
      We hope that the Game of Tomes will make NaNoWriMo more fun and more effective for all participants! Good luck, and happy writing!  
    Final results will be announced live on stream on Sable Aradia & Erin Righ's Twitch channel on December 1, 2021.


    Success and partial success in NaNoWriMo has helped thousands of writers all over the world to achieve their dreams, boost their self-confidence, and celebrate their joy in writing. We hope the Game of Tomes will contribute to that in a positive way!

    Historical Significance

    Game of Tomes 2020 Recap
    Military Conflict | Jan 7, 2022


    The Dead

    The following article details the Undead Horde and the final members of its ranks in 2020 (there will be a new article created for 2021):  
    The Undead Horde 2020
    Organization | Dec 8, 2021
    This article is a work in progress, and may be subject to changes.
    This article is part of a series related to streaming the Game of Tomes. For more information, see Streaming Game of Tomes.
    Conflict Type
    Battlefield Type
    Start Date
    November 1 Annually
    Ending Date
    November 30 Annually
    Conflict Result
    Great fun and higher word counts for everyone!

    Current List of Bodyguards and Their Charges

    CoffeeQuills (House Mollusca leader)
    Protected by AAMacConnell and AmandaPandaSensei "The Inkies"
    Darth Nikolas (House Meles leader)
    Protected by Lord Galakrond (deceased), ThatStormyGeek (deceased), & Purpleheart_NathaliaBooks "The Brocktrees / the Redwall"
    Eli Kwake (House Incendium leader)
    Protected by NorwegianWriter "The Greater Kindling"
    Kahuna the Elder (House Tiki leader)
    Protected by Amancham (deceased) and WriterLee (deceased) "The Hammerheads"
    Misades (House Felis leader)
    Protected by Cottonspun "The Catguard"
    RPGDinosaurBob (House Sauropoda leader)
    Protected by Dazzlikat "The Raptor Squad"
    Sable Aradia (House Lapin leader)
    Protected by James Woodwright, Kitoypoy, DMStretch & Gwenefre "The Owsla"
    ShyRedFox (House Kitsune leader)
    Protected by FoxWriter "The Kawa Nogitsune (River Wild Kitsune)"
    Siobhan the Writer (House Chiroptera leader)
    Protected by Barbarossa Sparklebeard, Tazfa_2 & Zoe the Writer "The Nightwings"
    WriterGreg (Mercenary; Leader of the Lemon Company)
    Protected by ShadowPhoenix7899 "The Lemon Company / Lemons"

    Launch Stream

    If any of this is confusing, maybe watching the launch stream will help!    
    • What is NaNoWriMo? (8:25)
    • Why people do it and NaNo success tips (11:10)
    • Pantsers, Plotters, and Plantsers (32:28)
    • Video: The Houses (35:27)
    • Acknowledgements, shout-outs, intros to house leaders (41.01)
    • Basic rules (45:04)
    • Channel point system setup & reporting (51:53)
    • How to participate (56:00)
    • ASC NaNoWriMo event calendar (56:55)
    • How to get involved as a streamer (58:45
    • How to represent your house on any participating stream (1:00:38)
    • Changing loyalties (1:01:07)
    • More on getting involved as a streamer (1:02:06)
    • Lesser houses (1:04:15)
    • More on adding your word count (1:09:00)
    • Banners for lesser houses (1:11:43)

    Leaders of the Great Houses

    The current leaders of each house are:   The Night Monarch (leader of the Undead Horde) is AuthorGoddess "The Living Dead Girl"
    House Chiroptera Banner by Dani Adventures
    House Lapin Banner by Dani Adventures
    House Meles Banner by Dani Adventures
    House Mollusca Banner by Dani Adventures
    House Sauropoda by DaniAdventures/ShyRedFox
    Undead Horde by DaniAdventures

    ASC NaNoWriMo Event Calendar

    ASC Event | Sep 19, 2020

    "National Novel Writing Month [NaNoWriMo, or just NaNo for short] is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing." - | Click here for more!

    You might be a House Lord, or a minor house leader, but sooner or later, you dance with the Reaper.
    — Erin Righ, the Nite Qing, with NO apologies to Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
    Choose your right words, pick your houses bright, build your nice worlds - I'll be waiting in the nite.
    — Author Goddess, the Nite Monarq
    All the Twitch will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you, Writer, Reader, Word walker, prince with the swift Emote. Be cunning and full of tricks and your people shall never be destroyed.
    — SecondhandSamurai of House Lapin, with apologies to Richard Adams


    An evil AI is running amok, trying to destroy the world! Play this word count game as part of Kahuna the Elder's stream during Game of Tomes, or all year long!

    Shoppe of the Tome

    Renaissance Travel Kitchenware by Andrew Schmidt
    Would you like to have your Game of Tomes character enjoy the benefits of life in the Game of Tomes universe? Just for fun, you may purchase virtual roleplay (read: imaginary) items with the currency of your words! Check out this shopping form to "purchase" medieval tourney items, or add your own!   Thank you to Moonflower for creating this fun RP element for the event!

    The Lemon Company

    Logo of the Lemon Company by WriterGreg

    The Lemon Company is recruiting! These hardy mercenaries, led by WriterGreg, are selling their words for charity! Bits buy the Company's words for your House, and those bits go to Kids Need to Read, a children's literacy charity. Visit WriterGreg on his Discord or his Twitch channel to sign up!


    House Chiroptera

    Led by


    Mistress of the Night, Queen of Bats


    Twitch Channel


    Lesser Houses in Service to the Chiroptera Banner:

    Felis (until November 6, 2021)
    Caepaire (November 11-21, 2021)
    Kitsune (November 16 - 21, 2021)  

    Fallen Houses in Service to the Chiroptera Banner:

    Tiki (November 11 - 21, 2021)
    Sauropoda (November 11 - 21, 2021)   When House Tiki fell on November 11, most of the survivors, including most of their bannermen and fallen House Sauropoda, fled to House Chiroptera.


    House Felis supported House Chiroptera in the opening salvos of the 2021 War, but returned to the fold of House Lapin immediately after, having discharged a debt of honour.   House Kitsune did not join the rest of House Tiki and their banners when they fled to House Chiroptera. Instead, they fled across the ocean to House Mollusca. They returned to House Chiroptera after the fall of House Meles, when the Queen of Bats made a deal with the Oyabun ShyRedFox of the Self Care Mafia.   House Chiroptera fell on November 21, 2021. In the interests of putting aside their differences, the Queen of Bats fled to House Lapin. They decided to form the Babbit Alliance instead of demanding fealty, and Queen Siobhan called upon all of her many bannermen to follow her to the Warren. All except Ceapaire answered the call.   Unfortunately, the Big Kahuna of House Tiki was claimed by the Undead Horde during the battle, destroying House Tiki. Only Satrium, the Wizard of GoT, remained from the Tikis to carry on the fight. He followed his Queen to the Warren of House Lapin.   Also claimed by the Horde were Barbarossa Sparklebeard, Forgemaster of House Chiroptera; GodKingKarthus; Bellezarna; OffspringNumber 1 of House Sauropoda, and FoxWriter of House Kitsune.   At the time of their fall, House Chiroptera had accumulated 629,373 words. After the depredations of the Horde, they were left with 419,582.


    To accumulate life (words) while everyone else is asleep, gather a great cauldron of bats, and use these combined resources to seize the Iron Tome!
    House Lapin

    Led by


    The Chief Rabbit, The Mother of Bunnies, Sable-rah, Sable Bright-Eyes, The Queen Who Knelt


    Twitch Channel


    Lesser Houses in Service to the Lapin Banner:

    Felis (as of November 6, 2021)
    Incendium (as of November 16, 2021)
    Kitsune (as of November 21, 2021) Caepaire (as of November 26, 2021)  

    Fallen Houses in Service to the Lapin Banner:

    Chiroptera (as of November 21, 2021)
    Meles (as of November 21, 2021)
    Sauropoda (as of November 21, 2021)
    Mollusca (as of November 26, 2021)   Having discharged a debt of honour to the Queen of Bats, House Felis returned to the Warren following the opening salvos of the 2021 War.   The fickle Flames, having toured many of the Major Houses in the course of the 2021 Winter War, returned to the Warren when they discovered that the Molluscans lived underwater.   Having put aside their differences, House Chiroptera and most of their bannermen fled to House Lapin when they fell on November 21. While Kahuna the Elder, leader of House Tiki, was claimed by the Undead Horde at Chiroptera's fall, Satrium, the Wizard of GoT, the last surviving Tiki member, followed Queen Siobhan as well.   House Kitsune joined Lapin in return for self-care promises from the Mother of Bunnies.   House Meles also switched their allegiance from Mollusca to Lapin on the 21st, which was a surprise to everyone but them.   With that, House Lapin somehow found itself heading the greatest alliance of the Houses that the Realm had ever seen, and desperately trying to crowd as many types of people as possible into the Warren.   Recognizing that House Mollusca was the weaker foe as they eyed the Grand Alliance, the Undead Horde took the Zafforza Trench on November 26, 2021. The Cosmic Kraken and the Sliced Bread of House Caepaire survived to reluctantly bend tentacle and crust to House Lapin, and were welcomed into the Warren.   With a harvest of ten Molluscans to bolster their ranks, the battle of the Grand Alliance of the Houses vs. the Undead Horde promises to be an epic conflict for the ages.




    To amass their forces, multiply fruitfully, and take the Iron Tome through sheer numbers!
    House Meles

    Led by


    Mr. Badger, The Great Badger, The Honey Badger


    Twitch Channel


    Lesser Houses in Service to the Meles Banner:

    Incendium (November 6 - 11, 2021)   House Incendium abandoned House Tiki and rallied to the Meles banner following the opening salvos of the 2021 War, seeing that Tiki had no need of their support with all the Major and Minor Houses joining them for mai tais. They subsequently wandered off to join House Mollusca at about the time that House Tiki fell.   Surprising everyone, House Meles switched their allegiance to House Lapin when House Chiroptera fell on November 21st, 2021, joining the Grand Alliance.


    House Meles fell to the Horde on November 16, 2021, with an unadjusted total of 276,502 words before their fall. In the melee, Cathwolfie, UncleTOBen, BitzerK, and Prince of the House Lord Galakrond fell to the Undead. ThatStormyGeek threw themself in front of the killing blow intended for the King Badger. The survivors fled to House Mollusca to bend the knee to the Kraken.   After the depredations of the Horde, House Meles finished with 184,335 words.


    To dig their way through the plot holes, and fight steadily and aggressively to claim the Iron Tome!
    House Mollusca

    Led by


    The Kraken, The Thing That Should Not Be, The Cosmic Kraken


    Twitch Channel


    Lesser Houses in Service to the Mollusca Banner:

    Ceapaire (November 1 - 6, and again as of November 21, 2021)
    Incendium (November 11 - 16, 2021)
    Kitsune (November 11 - 16, 2021)  

    Fallen Houses in Service to the Mollusca Banner:

    House Meles (November 16 - 21, 2021)   Houses Incendium and Kitsune independently joined Mollusca about the time of House Tiki's fall. Both later left the House at the fall of House Meles on the 16th of November. Kitsune blackmailed the Queen of Bats of House Chiroptera into self-care promises, and Incendium wandered back to House Lapin, where they were centered through both of the 2021 Tourneys of Tales .   When House Meles fell on November 16, 2021, the survivors fled to House Mollusca and bent the knee there. Surprising everyone, however, House Meles abandoned House Mollusca to pledge to House Lapin when House Chiroptera fell. House Ceapaire, however, returned to the Molluscan fold at the same time, repeating their actions in the first Word War.


    House Caepaire left the service of House Mollusca after the opening salvos of the 2021 Word War, joining the amassing banners under House Tiki - although they later returned.   House Incendium left House Mollusca for the Warren when they realized that the Molluscans lived underwater on November 16, 2021. House Kitsune joined House Chiroptera at the same time, in return for promises of self-care from the Queen of Bats.   House Meles, surprising everyone, abandoned House Mollusca for House Lapin on November 21, when House Chiroptera fell.   After a glorious battle, House Mollusca fell to the Undead Horde on November 26, 2021. Coffee Quills and Isaac A Thom both survived and fled to the Warren, to bend tentacle and crust to House Lapin with the survivors of their houses.   Ten Tome Knights of Mollusca fell to the Horde: ATWWrites, Diannika, EflunaClockwocket, FlailingOcelot, Juice_Tex, MimiReadsALot, Py3h0n, Purpleheart_NathaliaBooks, WardenRed, and WinterStarfish.   At the time of their fall, Mollusca had accumulated 1,216,997 words. After the depredations of the Horde, they finished with an epic total of 811,331 words.


    To have so many tentacles grabbing for the Iron Tome that nobody else can touch it!
    House Sauropoda

    Led by


    The King Lizard, Tyrannosaurus Rex, King Sharptooth


    Twitch Channel


    Lesser Houses in Service to the Sauropoda Banner:

    Kitsune (until November 6, 2021)


    House Sauropoda fell to the Undead Horde on November 6, 2021. RPGDinosaurBob escaped the grasp of the Horde, and fled to House Tiki to offer his house's service, along with his House guards, known as the Raptor Squad, and their bannerfolk, House Kitsune. In the fighting, DragonMagpie, The Kids Are Asleep, and L0n3 Survivor were overwhelmed by the Horde, along with Anna Belle Writes of House Kitsune.   At the time of its fall, House Sauropoda had amassed 58,563 words between themselves and House Kitsune. However, the Horde made off with a third of those words, leaving them with an adjusted final total of 39,042 words.


    To steadily pursue the Iron Tome, crushing anyone who gets in their way!
    House Tiki

    Led by


    Kahuna the Elder, the Kahuna, the Big Kahuna


    Twitch Channel


    Lesser Houses in Service to the Tiki Banner:

    Incendium (until November 6, 2021)
    Caepaire (November 6 - 11, 2021)
    Kitsune (November 6 - 11, 2021)  

    Fallen Houses in Service to the Tiki Banner:

    Sauropoda (November 6 - 11, 2021)


    House Incendium abandoned House Tiki after the opening salvos of the 2021 War, when they saw all the major and minor houses coming in.   House Tiki fell on November 11, 2021, taking devastating losses in the fight. Both Hammerheads were killed before anything got near Kahuna, along with GamezGM, and TheKidsAreAsleep and ECCBooks, formerly of House Sauropoda. They accumulated 160,782 words before their defeat, and were left with a total of 107,188 after the depredations of the Undead Horde.   Kahuna the Elder was later claimed by the Horde when House Chiroptera fell, becoming Killhuna the Eldritch.


    To misdirect everyone with laughing and partying, until they can strike quickly and snatch the Tome out from under everyone's noses!
    The Undead Horde

    Led by


    Author Goddess

    The Living Dead Girl, the Nite Kween, Lady Death


    Twitch Channel


    Lesser Houses in Service to the Undead Banner:


    Currently Identified Members of the Horde:

  • Amanchum (Amancham)
  • Anna Boo Writes (Anna Belle Writes)
  • ATWWrithes (ATWWrites)
  • Barbarossa Spiritbeard (Barbarossa Sparklebeard)
  • BelleZombie (Bellezarna)
  • BiteZerK (BitzerK)
  • Deathspring (OffspringNumber1)
  • TheDeadAreAsleep (TheKidsAreAsleep)
  • DidNotSurvivor (l0n3 Survivor)
  • Die-Annika (Diannika)
  • Dy3h0n (Py3h0n)
  • Erin Righ, the Nite Qing
  • Exluna Shadowocket (EflunaClockwocket)
  • Fatalia Books (Purpleheart_NathaliaBooks)
  • FlailingOcelot (SailingOcelot)
  • FoxWrither (FoxWriter)
  • FrozenStarfish (WinterStarfish)
  • GhostKingKarthus (GodKingKarthus)
  • GhoulzGM (GamezGM)
  • ICCDeadPeople (ECCBooks)
  • Juice_Hex (Juice_Tex)
  • Killhuna the Eldritch (Kahuna the Elder)
  • Lord GalaWight (Lord Galakrond)
  • MimiFeedsALot (MimiReadsALot)
  • OncomingShadow (OncomingShower)
  • ThatStormyGhost (ThatStormyGeek)
  • UncleHazBen (UncleTOBen)
  • WardenDread (WardenRed)
  • WereWolfie (CathWolfie)
  • WraithLee (WriterLee)
  • ZombieMagpie (DragonMagpie)
  • Casualties



    To plod on steadily with their ever-growing army of undead Tome Knights, slay the living en masse, and deny anyone else the Iron Tome through raw attrition!

    Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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