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Game of Tomes Who Will Claim the Iron Tome?

Meet Our Team!

The Game of Tomes is an event for writers in the Twitch community. It is a team-based game in which the players choose a house to represent and redeem their word counts towards their houses over the course of the month. These words must be written and redeemed in Game of Tomes streams on Twitch. This game runs three times a year: in November for Game of Tomes; and in April and July for Game of Tomes: Tourney of Tales.   The Game of Tomes is not officially associated with Twitch. It is a grassroots fan initiative.  


Only the words you write during participating Game of Tomes streams count!

You must submit words in the same stream they are written in!

How to Play

  1. Pick a House to represent
  2. Join a participating Game of Tomes stream. Only the words you write during participating streams count!
  3. Write, edit, or translate!
  4. Count your words (see red box on the right)
  5. Select the Channel Point Reward that represents the House you are writing for
  6. If you are writing for a Minor House, you may select that House if you are in the House Leader's stream; otherwise, select the "Minor House" reward
  7. In the text box, type the number of words you wrote
  8. If you are editing, add the words "light edits" or "heavy edits" depending on which you are doing
  9. If you are writing for a Minor House, and you are not in the House Leader's stream, add the name of your House (ie. "120 Tiki" or "120 House Tiki")
  10. Hit enter or the button that says "Chat"
  11. The bot will count your words. It will take 10-20 minutes for them to show up in your tally
  12. Words can be reported either one word sprint at a time, or before the end of a stream
How to Play Game of Tomes (Video)

How to Play Tourney of Tales (Video)

Counting Your Words

You may only redeem up to 10,000 words per redeem!  
  • Writing
  • Original draft writing, brainstorming, and outlining is counted word-for-word
  • Light Editing (minor typos, rephrasing, transcription, mind mapping, etc.)
  • 15 words per 1 minute of editing time spent OR
  • 1/3 the number of total words edited
  • Heavy Editing (rewriting, developmental editing, etc.)
  • 30 words per 1 minute of editing time spent OR
  • 1/2 the total number of words edited
  • Translation
  • As Heavy Editing above
  • Filking
  • As Light Editing above
  • Programming/Coding (including statblocks)
  • As Light Editing, but may only be counted by time equivalent, not word count, and MUST be connected to a "creative writing" project
  • Research
  • 5 words per minute, counted by time, and you cannot claim more research than the current number of words in the project research is being done for
  • Up to 2,000 words of research may be claimed on the first day of the event (Until 23:59:59 UTC-10) without project words
  • Worldbuilding
  • Worldbuilding and academic-style writing are counted word-for-word, as Writing above
  • Handwritten Pages
  • 10 words per line OR
  • 300 words per handwritten page OR
  • Count the number of words on each of 10 lines of writing. Average the words per line and then count the number of handwritten lines and multiply that number by the average number of words per line
  • Audio & Visual Works
  • 20 words per minute, counted by time
  • Audio Editing, Audio Recording, Graphic Making, and Video Production are included under this rule

The GoTverse

Over time, the "report videos" that we created to inform people how the scoring was going became an integral part of the Game, and an ongoing story in its own, internally-consistent universe. Since the course of the story is decided by the results of the contest, it is a unique form of interactive fiction that all players, called "Tome Knights," participate in creating.

Are you a Twitch streamer? Would you like to join us?

Streaming Game of Tomes
Profession | Dec 23, 2022

The Game of Tomes runs 3 times per year:


RP Campaign

Generic [Generic Blocks Only]

A campaign created to allow play-by-post RP in the GoTverse

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