Streaming Game of Tomes

If you would like to participate in streaming Game of Tomes on Twitch we have a quick guide on how to report your word counts set up the reporting system.   Please keep an eye on the Special Notes in the sidebar for important event announcements.


Streamers interesting in participating must:  
  1. Be a Twitch Affilliate
  2. Sign up at the Game of Tomes Chatbot and, when asked during set up, authorize the bot to access your Channel Point Rewards.
  3. Join the Game of Tomes Discord to stay up to date on the latest information.

ChatBot Setup

    Once the Bot is active you will be able to create your Channel Point Rewards and use the Chat Commands shown in the video.  

Channel Point Emotes

The emotes needed for setup may be found here:  
Game of Tomes Image Resources
Generic article | Jan 7, 2022

Submitting Words After Your Stream

At the end of each stream, you will need to submit your collected words with the chatbot:    
  • PLEASE NOTE that the automated system automatically CLOSES to entries 1 HOUR after the turn of the week in UTC. If you submit results after that, they will be counted on the next week automatically. Please submit your results in a timely manner to avoid confusion.
  • However, there will be several hours after the turn of the final timezone on the first of the next month to submit your final results. This is the only one that is really important, so please do not delay your submissions for too long!
  • Please do NOT manually delete the the redemptions from your Reward Requests Queue. They will be deleted by the chatbot when you click Grab Redemptions. If you delete them yourself, we may not receive them and they may not be counted.

Game of Tomes Event Calendar

The event Calendar may be found here and, once signed up, you may invite your events. If you are not familiar with inviting an event calendar, more informations is available below.
Game of Tomes Event Calendar
Generic article | Mar 12, 2022

This article details the current Game of Tomes event calendar, and is used for scheduling streamers! All times are in UTC.


Calendar Setup

  This video will guide you through creating a personal streaming calendar and inviting your events to the Game of Tomes Event Calendar.
  Calendar Turorial   Click here for written instructions for adding your streams to the Calendar

Set Up Your Calendar

Create a Google Calendar of only your streaming/broadcasting events. Please put your Twitch name in it.   Go into your calendar's settings by hovering over the name of the calendar. Click the 3 dots. Choose 'Settings and Sharing'.
  Make the Calendar available to the public where 'See all event details' is selected.

Create Your Events

Put in each of your events: Your WA name (and streaming/broadcasting name if it's different)
  • a link to your stream/channel (full url, please)
  • a bit of what it's about in the description
  Invite the Game of Tomes Calendar   The addresses to invite may be found either on the Game of Tomes bot site on the User tab or pinned in the got-streaming channel of the Game of Tomes Discord.   Create or edit your event and invite the appropriate calendar to your event. (Only ONE calendar please for an event, so we don't have multiple listings for events on the schedule.) If you have repeating events, only the first one needs to be changed, then you can say make the changes for the following events.

To Make The Process Easier

For future events, you can add the calendars to your Google Contacts. Click the '+ Create Contact' button and 'Create a Contact'. Fill in the calendar name and paste in the email. Then save.
  Now when you invite the Game of Tomes calendar to your event, you can just type in part of the name and it will show in the list.
You don't have to worry about the mess of random letters and numbers of the calendar name again.  

The Magic

Once you invite the correct calendar to your stream events, they will show up on the Game of Tomes calendar. You can edit them in your own calendar to your heart's content. To see any additions and changes refresh the page.  

Help - If Your Events Don't Show Up

Please try the following.
Ensure you added the item to the correct calendar. A mistype in the calendar address will keep your event from being added.
Refresh the calendar page.
If you are seeing an error message from Google that says "Your event can't be edited/updated," Google can be cranky as it tries to avoid spam on public calendars. Usually just waiting a few days works. (Let your calendar volunteers you if you need the event posted because it's happening soon, we'll help you get something posted.)


If you are unable to make your scheduled stream, please remove the event from the calendar and attempt to find coverage in the got-streaming channel of the Discord.  

Starting a Minor House

Streamers interested in forming a minor house must have the fealty of two fellow Twitch Writers as Bannermen and may apply here:   Click here to Apply to start a Minor House

Reporting Links

Game of Tomes Chatbot

Special Notes

  Beginning in November 2021, we will no longer be recording screenshots. Instead, we are using the Game of Tomes Chatbot! This brings some minor changes as seen in some of the videos:  
  • Do not delete your rewards. This will be handled by the chatbot when you click Grab Redeems.

  • Channel Point Rewards from events prior to July will need to be deleted from your channel.

  • Channel Point Rewards are now created by the chatbot, but images will need to be manually added.

  • Channel point rewards will be activated and deactivated by the bot at the beginning and end of the event.

  • Major and Minor House rewards will be available in your channel points and will be ordered to put your house as the first option in your stream.

  • No channel point reward options for the Houses need be removed for the duration of the event.

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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