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House Meles ([ hous MEH-leez ] | / haʊs ˈmɛ liz /)

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  House Meles is a Major House, led by the The Great Badger, that has the proud history of participating in every Game of Tomes war and tourney.



Game of Tomes 2023

House Meles participated in Game of Tomes 2023. It was the first house to fall to the Undead Horde.  
Week 1 Casualties
Guards that fell
Stormy, Lord Galakrond
Tome Knight Badgers that fell
WriterSylvi, Katnip, evil_ink_pen
  Meles took refuge with House Chiroptera, who warmly welcomed them during the second week of the war. Shortly after the announcement, it was revealed that the Nite Qween AttorraRu had bedazzled ShyRedFox (via glittterbomb, chocolate, and hypnosis) into closing the portal to House Lapin, thier Woodland Family Allies.   The next week, after apologies to both the bunnies and the bats, Meles sheltered with House Lapin. Though the battle was fierce, Lapin was the next to fall to the Horde. The Nite Qween took out body guard after body guard from Lapin and House Ailurus in her onslaught.  
Week 3 Casualties
Tome Knight Badgers that fell
Shyredfox and Arialearendeair


Game of Tomes 2020

House Meles participated in Game of Tomes 2020 . It was the second House to fall to the Undead Horde, with its leader being an unfortunate victim of zombification. The members of House Meles who fell to the Horde were cured of their zombification when House Mollusca claimed the Iron Tome.


Tourney of Tales April 2021

House Meles was the victor of the Tourney of Tales of April 2021.


Tourney of Tales July 2021

House Meles participated in the Tourney of Tales of July 2021.


Game of Tomes 2021

House Meles participated in the Game of Tomes 2021.


Tourney of Tales April 2022

House Meles participated in the Tourney of Tales April 2022.


Tourney of Tales July 2022

House Meles participated in the Tourney of Tales July 2022.


Game of Tomes 2022

Members List
L to R:
  • RedAngel
  • CathWolfie
  • WritingSurreal
  • BladeOfGlory6
  • Mercenary Erin Righ (who calls Meles home)
  • Brocktree First Lieutenant ZoeTheWriter
  • Brocktree First Lieutenant Stormy
  • Prince Xantos
  • Prince Batman
  • Princess Missi
  • Prince General Galakrond
  • The Great Badger—King Darth Nikolas
  • Royal Consort Realm
  • Princess Jellybean
  • Princess Salem
  • Princess Monkey
  • Brocktree Captain Purpleheart
  • Brocktree Chief Master Sergeant Shyredfox
  • Titchasaurus
  • WordiGirl
  • Eoiselle
  • Stormie

  •   The Fall (Round 1)
    Despite having a welcome influx of new Badgers, House Meles was the first house to fall on Nov 6, 2022 with 162,804 words. Meles was just barely behind House Chiroptera, who with the advantage of an alliance with House Ailurus escaped the first attack of the The Undead Horde.

      Tome Stolen
    Shocking the entire house, Lord Galakrond stole the The Iron Tome from House Lapin in an attempt to solve the issues from The Company kidnapping and taking over his mind. ECC Books, having recently turned into The Nite Monarch ICC Dead People, fought with General Galakrond over the tome. General Galakrond died and turned into The Nite Prince GalaWight. They are currently both leading the Undead Horde.

      Fallen Badgers (Round 1)
    Badgers that bravely fought to protect our den and fell to the horde that day were:
  • Eoiselle
  • Brocktree Purpleheart
  • Tichasaurus
  • RedAngel
  • WordiGirl
  • Prince Xantos

  •   The King's Speech
    The Great Badger's Speech to the House Members (Non RP)
    Meles, While it is sad to see our house fall today, I want all of you to know that I could not be more proud of what we accomplished. Meles started this war with only a few members and has probably doubled in size since we started. Each word you wrote is one that Meles would have never had without you! It warms my heart to know that we were able to knock out more than THREE full NaNo's together and it is an honor to fight the Undead at the side of such brave, talented Tome Knights.   We may have fallen in 2022, but the House of Badgers is growing fast and I'm excited to see where the next year will take us. I'm thinking "Badgers 2023" has a nice ring to it...

      Refuge with House Lapin
    The Great Badger and The Royal Family fled to the The Warren where they were, despite the circumstances of war, warmly welcomed by the Chief Rabbit Sable Aradia. Our king encouraged surviving Badgers to join them under the safety of the banner of House Lapin.   It was here, House Lapin and House Meles formed the Woodland Family Alliance. Eventually House Ailurus joined, and the alliance added the red panda and additional guard animals to the banner.

      The Fall of Lapin (Round 3)
    When House Lapin fell on November 17, 2022, House Meles took refuge with House Sauropoda. Good King RPGDinosaurBob kindly welcomed the badgers and made room for surviving members.

      Fallen Badgers (Round 4)
    Members that bravely fought and fell to the horde that day:
  • CathWolfie
  • Monkey
  • BladeOfGlory6
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    Words By Claw or Paw

    Led By
    The Great Badger Darth Nikolas
    Royal Family
    Royal Consort Realm of Music, Prince General Galakrond (heir), The Forgeling Princes and Princesses—Xantos, Missi, Batman, Jellybean, Salem, and Monkey
    Royal Family Portrait
    A family of two men and four children, the men wearing robes and one in a paper crown, two of the children in bunny ears
    House Meles by Darth Nikolas

    USA (Mountain Timezone)
    Royal Guards
    The Brocktrees
    Founding Date
    1 November 2020
    Geopolitical, Great house
    Leader Title
    Family Leader
    Related Ranks & Titles
    Controlled Territories
    Related Species
    Related Ethnicities

    Diplomatic Relations

    Meles ↔ Lapin

    99 ↔ 99

    Mutual Interdependence

    Lapin and Meles have never been so close. They have embraced the Woodland Family Alliance completely, with their divided family having been brought together by significant adversity during The Third Word War. They are actively sharing resources, opening borders, embracing dual citizenship and a unified military, and opening up free trade.

    Meles ↔ Mollusca

    10 ↔ 10

    Military Alliance

    Meles and Mollusca have little to do with each other, but bear no hostility. They both trust each other to honour the conditions of the mutual House treaties.

    Meles ↔ Sauropoda

    70 ↔ 60

    Military and Trade Alliance

    The Woodland Family Alliance supported Sauropoda in The Third Word War, and Meles is grateful to Sauropoda for rescuing them from the Fall of Lapin and taking them in during the crisis. They are favourably disposed to one another.

    Meles ↔ Ailurus

    85 ↔ 90

    Mutual Interdependence

    As mutual members of the Woodland Family Alliance, the relationship between the two Houses is excellent. Their leaders are family and have been embracing that relationship. Meles signed the treaty that ceded The Missing House's small Protectorate to Ailurus in the crisis, and the two Houses have developed an excellent, mutually-dependent relationship, with excellent trade relationships, diplomacy, and military support. The Woodlanders have open borders and free trade between them, and have even embraced a common currency. Ailurus has offered their support to Meles for the April 2023 Tourney of Tales, even though the Panda Polemarch is somewhat wary after their failure to notice that Lord Galakrond was being mind-controlled.

    Meles ↔ Avis

    0 ↔ 20

    Military Alliance

    There is some noticeable tension between Avis and Meles. The Regent of Avis seems to have had some sort of axe to grind against Meles, but seems to at least be willing to put it aside and give them a chance, after they connected during The Third Word War. Meles doesn't seem to bear them the same hostility, but there is a certain... awkwardness.

    Meles ↔ Chiroptera

    30 ↔ 40

    Military Alliance

    The two Houses have a history of generally positive relations, but do not usually have much to do with each other.

    Meles ↔ The Company

    -100 ↔ -100

    Mortal Enemies

    Meles and The Company are mortal enemies who will kill each other on sight.

    Chiroptera ↔ Chaos Cartel

    50 ↔ 45

    Well Disposed

    Meles supports the work of the Chaos Cartel, but relations are somewhat tense due to the ongoing rivalry between the Cartel and the Self Care Mafia. Brocktree ShyRedFox is suspected of being the head of the Mafia.

    Meles ↔ The Self-Care Mafia

    80 ↔ 80


    A prominent Meles, Brocktree ShyRedFox, is suspected of being the leader of the Self Care Mafia. As a result, Meles tends to be strongly supportive of the Mafia's agenda.


    Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
    Character flag image: House Meles by Dani Adventures


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