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The Undead Horde 2021

  The Undead Horde is a military force of Tome Knights who have been unwillingly recruited by the Night Monarch and their minions. In 2021, they were led by the Nite Monarq AuthorGoddess.


The Undead Horde is an absolute monarchy, ruled by the Night Monarch with an iron fist. However, whenever a Night Monarch is defeated, the new Night Monarch is nominated by popular support, and confirmed by simple vote. In many ways, it is much more democratic than any of the Lesser or Greater Houses.   Defeated Night Monarchs maintain some popular influence within the Horde, however, and council the current Night Monarch on affairs of state.


When a new Undead is welcomed into the fold, they are, by tradition, given a name by the reigning Night Monarch to represent their new status. This is often wordplay on their living name. The Undead also refuse to be bound by "living-supremacist spelling conventions."   Undead revel in being villains. They exist to defeat the living, and if anything, they write harder than they did as living Tome Knights However, their villainy does not extend to each other. Their democratic structure makes them fiercely loyal, and their thralldom to the Night Monarch assures that unlike in the living Houses, there is never any betrayal.   Some Undead, however, miss their living House of origin and long to return to them. They will still act upon their sinister impulses -- to eat the brains and blood of living Tome Knights, and devour their word-magic -- but therein lies the tragedy. It is not uncommon for Undead to apologize even as they are feeding.

Public Agenda

The Undead seek to destroy the living through their Literomancy and take The Iron Tome for themselves. Nobody knows what will happen if they get their greyish hands on it. No one wants to know.


The Undead Horde first made its appearance in the First Word War of 2020, the Year of the Plague. Their first leader was the Nite Qing Erin Righ. They were ultimately defeated by the living, but not without a brutal fight. Upon their defeat, the Undead were all restored to life, and the Nite Qing joined House Chiroptera as its general.   Prior to the Second Word War, Erin Righ disappeared. He was later confirmed to have returned to the Undead Horde, and was a significant player in hierarchy.

Demography and Population

Current Horde Population

  • Amanchum (Amancham)
  • Anna Boo Writes (Anna Belle Writes)
  • ATWWrithes (ATWWrites)
  • Barbarossa Spiritbeard (Barbarossa Sparklebeard)
  • BelleZombie (Bellezarna)
  • BiteZerK (BitzerK)
  • Deathspring (OffspringNumber1)
  • TheDeadAreAsleep (TheKidsAreAsleep)
  • DidNotSurvivor (l0n3 Survivor)
  • Die-Annika (Diannika)
  • Dy3h0n (Py3h0n)
  • Erin Righ, the Nite Qing
  • ExlunaShadowocket (EflunaClockwocket)
  • Fatalia Book (Purpleheart_NathaliaBooks)
  • ██████████
  • FoxWrither (FoxWriter)
  • FrozenStarfish (WinterStarfish)
  • GhostKingKarthus (GodKingKarthus)
  • GhoulzGM (GamezGM)
  • ICCDeadPeople (ECCBooks)
  • Killhuna the Eldritch (Kahuna the Elder)
  • Juice_Hex (Juice_Tex)
  • Lord GalaWight (Lord Galakrond)
  • MimiFeedsALot (MimiReadsALot)
  • OncomingShadow (OncomingShower)
  • ThatStormyGhost (ThatStormyGeek)
  • UncleHazBen (UncleTOBen)
  • WardenDread (WardenRed)
  • WereWolfie (CathWolfie)
  • ██████████
  • ZombieMagpie (DragonMagpie)
  • Military

    The Undead Military is comprised of a variety of traditional and modern military structures, as well as magical and mystical forces. Their compliment has been known to include zombies, vampires, liches, death knights, and undead fossilized skeletons.

    Foreign Relations

    The Undead want to eat everybody, and everybody fears the Undead. They get along with no one but themselves.
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    Amass the Horde

    Founding Date
    November 1, 2021
    Military, Armed Forces
    Alternative Names
    White Walkers
    Predecessor Organization
    The Dead, Corpses, Zombies
    Leader Title
    Government System
    Monarchy, Elective
    Power Structure
    Transnational government
    Economic System
    Post-scarcity economy
    Related Ranks & Titles

    Songs About the Undead Horde

    Werd Stealing Spell

    My House Has Told Me

    Welcome to the New Undead

    You'll Be Dead

    The Horde

    No Longer Alive

    Author's Night

    Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
    Character flag image: Undead Horde by Dani Adventures


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