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  House Lapin is a Major House. It has been featured in Game of Tomes 2020, Game of Tomes: Tourney of Tales of April 2021, Game of Tomes: Tourney of Tales of July 2021, Game of Tomes 2021, and Tourney of Tales April 2022. It is led by The Chief Rabbit, also known as the Mother of Bunnies — Sable Aradia. Its base is The Warren.  


Game of Tomes 2020

The outbreak of the First Word War saw the return of The Iron Tome and the Undead Horde for the first time in centuries, and ushered in a new Age of Literomancy. House Lapin was a small collective of literomancers maintaining old traditions, with little real authority, but suddenly found themselves leading an army in a war for their survival. In the aftermath of the war, with the collapse of society, systems of government reformed around the literomantic Great Houses, and House Lapin suddenly found itself at the head of an empire.  

Week 3

  • House Lapin, House Avis and House Mollusca had a bidding war over WriterGreg's words with bits - Kitoypoy and RPGDinosaurBob poured bits in, but Bob achieved victory for House Avis.
  • Eiliagh completed their second NaNoWriMo in a single month. This was their first time winning NaNoWriMo.
  • Sable-rah completed NaNoWriMo.
  • Week 4

  • Eiliagh completed 3 NaNoWriMos in a single month
  • Sable Aradia was forced to flee the Warren when overwhelmed by the Undead Horde in the World Anvil community stream
  • House Lapin fell to the Undead Horde - but Sable Aradia survived to bend the knee to House Mollusca, earning the epithets "Sable Bright-Eyes" and "The Queen who Knelt"
  • House Lapin achieved 494, 222 words by the time of its defeat. They were the last house to fall before House Mollusca led the final battle of the Living vs. the Dead.
  • Tourney of Tales April 2021

    House Lapin comported itself well in the April Tourney of Tales 2021. In the first Grand Melee, they were defeated early, but in the second, they were only beaten by the prowess of House Meles, led to victory by superwriter WalkingDeadLover. Three Lapins, Sable Aradia, AmelieIS, and Gwenefre, made the Leaderboard for their writing or editing prowess. They finished third in the Tourney overall, beaten by Mollusca and Meles.  

    Tourney of Tales July 2021

    House Lapin was the victorious House in the July Tourney of Tales 2021.  

    Game of Tomes 2021

    House Lapin started the Second Word War at odds with House Chiroptera, having blamed them for a Zombie Summoning Totem that appeared near their traditional seat of power because it took the shape of a bat. However, over the course of the war, as it became clear that there was a new Nite Monarq once again posing a threat, Chiroptera and Lapin banded together. When House Chiroptera fell, they and all their bannermen joined up with House Lapin, Sable-rah found herself heading the Grand Alliance, the "greatest alliance the Realm had ever seen." She led them to victory in 2021, and claimed The Iron Tome.  

    Tourney of Tales April 2022

    Distracted by numerous assassination attempts against the Chief Rabbit, the disappearance of DM Stretch, and the need to secure and possibly move The Warren, and lacking support from Minor Houses, House Lapin finished 4th overall, although they scored the 2nd highest word count of the individual Houses, beaten only by Mollusca.


    House Lapin is ruled by the Mother of Bunnies. It is her duty to encourage and support her House and its members, and to be the welcoming face of hospitality for all visitors to the Warren. It is also her traditional duty, as the Chief Rabbit, to run the risks for the Warren, and to lead by example. The Chief Rabbit is a hereditary position, but the holder of the title must pass a series of tests, said to prove their worthiness to the great Rabbit-Spirit who is their house totem, and they must also be accepted by the House as a whole. Once installed, they rule with absolute authority until death, abdication, or formal removal by the unanimous decision of the House.   The royal family of House Lapin is... complex. Officially, the Chief Rabbit's consort is Erin Righ, although this status was temporarily removed when he became The Nite Qing. Erin Righ is a Werebadger who was once of House Meles before marrying Sable-rah. Her acknowledged heir is Prince Jean , her eldest surviving son. She has a sister, Princess Sunny, and a cousin, Lady Rowean , and recently, Eli Kwake has joined the House and claimed to be a sibling as well; a claim that the Chief Rabbit does not deny.   Erin Righ is not her only tie to House Meles. She is also the biological mother of Lord Galakrond and the Forgelings. However, of their number, only Princess Xantos and Princess Jellybean are Wererabbits and choose to count themselves among the Fluffle of House Lapin.   Sable Bright-Eyes is advised and supported by her "Owsla" -- a dedicated cadre of bodyguards and protectors. The Mother of Bunnies expects them to not only give their best efforts in any engagement that the House Lapin takes part in, but to serve as ambassadors and captains in her House forces. The Lapins strongly believe in leading from the front, and never asking the Warren to do anything they are not willing to do themselves.   James Woodwright, captain of the Owsla is among the most loyal of House Lapin's forces. He constantly represents House Lapin, and coined the expression L4L "Lapin for Life!" and lesser known phase LA4B "Lapinites Assemble For Battle". His fellow Owsla members in 2021 were DM Stretch , Kitoypoy, and Kajetan Writes, and closer to the middle of the month, they were joined by Gwenefre when Kajetan fell into a coma after being grievously injured.   Now that Commander Stretch is MIA, they have been joined by Eli Kwake, former leader of House Incendium, Filkmaster, and current leader, or so say the rumours, of the Chaos Cartel.


    House Lapin, also sometimes referred to collectively as "the Warren" or "the Fluffle," prides itself on being welcoming, warm and fuzzy. They prefer a "team approach" to their Literomancy and writing, and don't take competition too seriously. They do have a tendency to celebrate and show off their cleverness, however. They have no patience for bullies, and enjoy showing up those who would abuse others in battles of wit. They would rather win others to their side than have to oppose them. They are often underestimated because of their disarming cuteness, but are fierce and dangerous fighters when cornered.   House Lapin is always alert, even when danger seems distant. They believe that the best way to win a fight is to avoid it. The next best is to stack the odds in their favour. As Sable-rah says, "If the fight is fair, your tactics suck."   Lapins are encouraged to create freely and without limits, and to pursue their many ideas with unbridled joy. Their culture is also surprisingly diplomatic, despite their apparent militarism and structure of authority; it's not just the Owsla that the Chief Rabbit listens to. They celebrate every personal accomplishment as an accomplishment for the Warren as a whole. They embrace their reputation as distractible socialites, and cheerfully joke about "Lapining through the word sprints" or "falling down Lapin holes."   House Lapin looks to the tales of El-ahrairah and the Watership Down Warren for inspiration, along with the exploits of Bugs Bunny, Peter Rabbit, and other trickster-bunnies and -hares. The Mother of Bunnies claims many of them in her lineage, including Hazel-rah, Chief Rabbit of the legendary Watership Down warren, and Dandelion, their legendary storyteller. She also claims some connection to the Rabbit of Caerbannog, although the nature of that connection remains unclear. Her enemies claim she is telling tall tales -- but rabbits are good at that.   The Mother of Bunnies has a sort of "Granny Weatherwax" reputation; loving but sarcastic, stern yet warm and encouraging. She is a passionate creature who is known both for her enthusiasm in the creations of her House members, and for her unequivocal rants.

    Public Agenda

    To protect the world from the threat of the Undead Horde. To that end, they also actively encourage the development and study of Literomancy however they can. It is also common for them to support rabbit rescues and literacy charities.


    House Lapin generally gives homage to Lord Frith and the cultural hero El-ahrairah, although there are significant Lapin populations who embrace Asian and First Nations faiths and folklores, especially stories associated with trickster-rabbits or the Rabbit in the Moon. The freedom to believe as you choose is enshrined in Lapinite law and tradition, which seems contradictory in a monarchy with theocratic elements.

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    • The Warren
      The Warren is both the primary settlement of House Lapin and its primary base of operations. Most of the structure is located in expansive underground tunnels. Since the events of the Second Word War, it has undergone a major expansion.
    Led by
    Sable Aradia -- the Mother of Bunnies, the Chief Rabbit, Sable-rah, Sable Bright-Eyes, the Queen Who Knelt, the Holy Queen of Buns, Mother Star
    Canada (Pacific Timezone)
    Founding Date
    November 1, 2020
    Geopolitical, Great house
    Alternative Names
    The Warren, the Fluffle
    Successor Organization
    Formation Type
    Training Level
    Veterancy Level
    Lapins, Rabbits, Bunnies, Lapinites
    Leader Title
    Head of State
    Head of Government
    Government System
    Monarchy, Theocratic
    Power Structure
    Feudal state
    Economic System
    Mixed economy
    Related Ranks & Titles
    Controlled Territories
    Related Species
    Notable Bannerpeople
    Prince Jean (PrideAscending)
    Princess Sunny
    Lady Rowean the Sorceress
    James Woodwright
    Kajetan Writes

    Relevant Rabbit Tropes

    Rascally Rabbit

    Righteous Rabbit

    Hair-Raising Hare

    Killer Rabbit

    Bunnies for Cuteness

    Lucky Rabbit's Foot

    Fall of House Lapin | Game of Tomes: Season 1 (2020)


    The Great Flame and the Bun Queen


    The Coronation Portrait of the Mother of Bunnies, Sable Aradia

    Songs About House Lapin

    From Game of Tomes: Once More with Filking

    Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
    Character flag image: House Lapin by Dani Adventures


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