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House Lapin is a Major House. It has been featured in Game of Tomes 2020, Game of Tomes: Tourney of Tales of April 2021, Game of Tomes: Tourney of Tales of July 2021, Game of Tomes 2021, Tourney of Tales April 2022, Tourney of Tales July 2022, and Game of Tomes 2022.

Lapin by Coffee Quills / DaniAdventures

  House Lapin is one of the current Major Houses, and an ancient literomantic House with a long history. It was among the first of the literomantic Houses to assume a Protectorate following The First Word War. It is led by The Chief Rabbit, also known as the Mother of Bunnies — Sable Aradia. Its base is The Warren.


House Lapin is ruled by their Chief Rabbit. It is the Chief Rabbit's duty to encourage and support their House and its members, and to be the welcoming face of hospitality for all visitors to the Warren. It is also their traditional duty to run the risks for the Warren, and to lead by example. They are traditionally addressed by their first name and the honourific "-rah" by the members of the Fluffle.   The reigning Chief Rabbit, Sable Aradia Lapin, or "Sable-rah," is a colourful and sometimes controversial figure. Coronated in 1993 when she reached the age of majority in her country of origin, Canada, she was mostly symbolic until the Tome's reawakening in 2020. As such, she governs with a strange combination of monarchial authority and working class sensibility.   The Chief Rabbit is a hereditary position, but the holder of the title must pass a series of tests, said to prove their worthiness to the great Rabbit-Spirit who is their house totem, and they must also be accepted by the House as a whole. Once coronated, by tradition, they rule the House with absolute authority until death, abdication, or formal removal by the unanimous decision of the Fluffle.   Recently, Queen Sable-rah has installed a constitutional monarchy in the Lapin Protectorate and held an election for a Parliament and a Prime Minister. This system is modeled after the political and governmental structure of Canada, which was the Queen's nation of origin and which was mostly absorbed by the Lapin Protectorate when it was formed. However, Queen Sable does not appoint a Governor General to govern the nation, nor Lieutenant Governors to govern her provinces. She takes a more direct hand, and is willing to actually exercise the traditional powers of the monarch, especially as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. She has a reputation for her military acumen and her impressive intelligence network.   The royal family of House Lapin is... complex. Officially, the Chief Rabbit's consort is Erin Righ, although this status was temporarily removed when he became The Nite Qing. Erin Righ is a Werewolverine who was once of House Meles, and the half-brother of the Meles King Consort, Realm of Music, before marrying Sable-rah. Her acknowledged heir is Prince Jean , her eldest surviving son. She has two sisters, Princess Sunny and Princess Rowean, and a sibling, Tempest Kwake. She and Erin are also the parents of an infant Wererabbit, Princess Luna.   Erin Righ is not Sable-rah's only tie to House Meles. She is also the biological mother of Lord Galakrond and the Forgelings. However, of their number, only Prinx Xantos and Princess Jellybean are Wererabbits and choose to count themselves among the Fluffle of House Lapin.   As the biological parents of Mykola Void and Senna Nightshade, Sable-rah and Erin Righ also have direct ties to House Ailurus.   Together, the three Houses form the Woodland Family Alliance, a recently-created triumvirate. At this point, secret royals with ties to House Lapin suddenly popping up has become almost commonplace. This tends to make their enemies nervous, but the leaders of the Great Houses seem to know something that the populace at large does not.   Sable Bright-Eyes is advised and supported by her Owsla -- a dedicated cadre of bodyguards and protectors. The Mother of Bunnies expects them to not only give their best efforts in any engagement that the House Lapin takes part in, but to serve as ambassadors for the House, and commanders in her House and Protectorate security and military forces. The Lapins strongly believe in leading from the front, and never asking the Fluffle or the Protectorate to do anything they are not willing to do themselves.   James Woodwright, Captain of the Owsla is among the most loyal of House Lapin's forces. He constantly represents House Lapin, and coined the expression L4L "Lapin for Life!" and lesser known phase LA4B "Lapinites Assemble For Battle". His fellow Owsla members in 2021 were DM Stretch , Kitoypoy, and Kajetan Writes, and in The Second Word War they were joined by Gwenefre when Kajetan fell into a coma after being grievously injured.   Now that Commander Stretch is MIA, Prinx Tempest Kwake has stepped up to hold his place. They are the former leader of House Incendium, Filkmaster, and current leader, or so say the rumours, of the Chaos Cartel.


House Lapin, also sometimes referred to collectively as "the Warren" or "the Fluffle," prides itself on being welcoming, warm and fuzzy. They prefer a "team approach" to their Literomancy and writing, and don't take competition too seriously. They do have a tendency to celebrate and show off their cleverness, however. They have no patience for bullies, and enjoy showing up those who would abuse others in battles of wit. They would rather win others to their side than have to oppose them. Once underestimated, they are now deeply respected, and sometimes resented for their power and their numbers. They have proven to be fierce and dangerous fighters when cornered.   The Lapinites are multicultural, both in the everyday and literomantic worlds. Their House includes many significant members who are not Wererabbits, and their nation encompasses a variety of cultural backgrounds, and embraces immigrants. They work to create and support their social safety nets. Queen Sable chose to acknowledge even the flimsiest proof of identity to obtain citizenship in the Lapin Protectorate following The First Word War, and was the first nation to re-establish socialized medicine in the post Tome War world.  
Listen, James: I could insist we spend billions of dollars, and waste thousands of people's time, to double check official IDs for everyone who wants entry to the Protectorate; and that would probably come to nothing, anyway, since so much was lost to the destruction of the Wars. Or, I can accept anything people have, even a library card, to prove their identities, and get on with the process of taking a census so I can get the public medical system and disability benefits back up and running before I die. I'm sure you're right; some criminals and terrorists and other ne'er-do-wells are gonna sneak through. But in the meantime, somebody's grandmother isn't going to die because they can't get their insulin.
— Queen Sable, discussing her immigration policy with her Owsla Captain.
  House Lapin is always alert, even when danger seems distant. They believe that the best way to win a fight is to avoid it. The next best is to stack the odds in their favour. As Sable-rah says, "If the fight is fair, your tactics suck." They spent billions of dollars reinforcing transportation corridors and supply chains, building bunkers, and training militia and military to protect their citizens from the waves of Undead that seem destined to return each November. This proved to be their saving grace in The Third Word War, because although the Lapin Protectorate Fell at the mid-point, their population suffered the least attrition; their stronghold, The Warren, remained unbreeched; and they recovered the most quickly.   They are also adaptable. The Lapin Lira was the world currency standard, since their government was considered to be the most stable, until then. And yet, they were the architects of the Woodlander Talon after the collapse, which restablized the world economy.   Lapins are encouraged to create freely and without limits, and to pursue their many ideas with unbridled joy. Their culture is also surprisingly diplomatic, despite their apparent militarism and structure of authority; it's not just the Owsla that the Chief Rabbit listens to. They celebrate every personal accomplishment as an accomplishment for the Warren as a whole. They embrace their reputation as distractible socialites, and cheerfully joke about "Lapining through the word sprints" or "falling down Lapin holes."   House Lapin looks to the tales of El-ahrairah and the Watership Down Warren for inspiration, along with the exploits of Bugs Bunny, Peter Rabbit, and other trickster-bunnies and -hares. The Mother of Bunnies claims many of them in her lineage, including Hazel-rah, Chief Rabbit of the legendary Watership Down warren, and Dandelion, their legendary storyteller. She also claims some connection to the Rabbit of Caerbannog, although the nature of that connection remains unclear. Her enemies claim she is telling tall tales -- but rabbits are good at that.   The Mother of Bunnies has a sort of "Granny Weatherwax" reputation; loving but sarcastic, stern yet warm and encouraging. She is a passionate creature who is known both for her enthusiasm in the creations of her House members, and for her unequivocal rants.

Public Agenda

To protect the world from the threat of the Undead Horde, and to protect the The Iron Tome from those who would use it irresponsibly or for ill. To that end, they also actively encourage the development and study of Literomancy however they can. It is also common for them to support rabbit rescues and literacy charities.   Recently, the Lapin Protectorate has declared The Company a terrorist organization, and seems to be on the warpath for them. The Protectorate has seized several Company assets, arrested hundreds of Company employees, and rumour has it, conducted a handful of black op raids on Company facilities.


House Lapin has claimed many of the assets that were once part of Western and Central Canada and part of the assets of the former United States. They were especially focused on seizing military assets in the early years, so they have a large, well equipped military, and an advanced data acquisition and surveillance system. They have also seized control of a significant, but undisclosed number of former US and Canadian military and telecommunications satellites. They have nuclear power, and, almost certainly, nuclear weapons.   In recent years, they have become known for their weapons manufacturing, and they actively supply both House Ailurus and House Meles in return for other assets. They have medical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical research facilities, a well-developed energy sector in both conventional and green energies, and having claimed Silicone Valley in their Protectorate, they have a booming tech industry as well.   They have control of most of the major ports on the West Coast of North America: Anchorage, Prince Rupert, Vancouver, and San Francisco, so subsequently, they have a significant shipping industry. They have built upon this by seizing control of the railways within their Protectorate's borders, and they run these under a single Crown Corporation.   With Vancouver and Hollywood in their Protectorate's borders, they also have a booming film industry.


Early History

House Lapin was likely founded sometime during the late Bronze Age. Evidence of militant and magical rabbits remains in countless medieval manuscripts and ancient folktales. They were a significant family in the Middle East, the Languedoc, and Iberia during the Middle Ages. At one point, they divided into two factions; a Jewish branch, who were primarily settled in Iberia, and a Christian troubadour branch, in what is now southern France. There may have been an Asian branch at one time as well, but if so, the details are lost to history.   With the arrival of the Albigensian Crusade, the troubadours were driven out of France, and the survivors moved to Iberia to join the rest of the family. But the Reconquista soon drove them out of Iberia as well. The Lapin family settled in Poland and blended in with the Ashkenazi community there. They were instrumental in supporting the development and widespread use of the printing press, and perhaps strangely for a monarchial House, they actively supported the Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth, probably because it was highly advanced in its religious tolerance.  

20th to 21st Centuries

One of the earliest Houses to give up its claim to title in the Realm, House Lapin's influence dwindled after the end of the Golden Age of Literomancy. By the outbreak of World War II, they were fully immersed in the Polish Ashkenazi community.   The details remain sketchy, mostly due to loss of records, but it is clear that Sable-rah's grandmother, then Chief Rabbit, fled Poland for Canada to escape the Holocaust, taking with her the key to the Lapin Library and the few artifacts that remained to the House. She lied about her background to gain access, because Canada was not open to Jewish immigrants at that time, and started a relationship with a Canadian soldier, resulting in the birth of Sable's father. She then disappeared when Sable's father, William, was still an infant, but she left the Lapin Library key with instructions for William to bequeath it to his daughter when she came of age. It is generally accepted by House Lapin that she, like Sable-rah, had a touch of what the House calls Fiver's Insight, which is an ability to catch glimpses of, or feelings about, the future.   Sable took the Carrot Throne in 1993, at the age of 18. She called together as many of the scattered remnants of House Lapin as she could at the time, and demanded to be administered the traditional Tests of the Chief Rabbit, so there could be no question of her legitimacy. Though the details remain a secret of House Lapin, apparently, she passed them all, and was subsequently coronated. Whether this was also a touch of Fiver's Insight remains a matter of speculation.  

The First Word War

The outbreak of the First Word War saw the return of The Iron Tome and the Undead Horde for the first time in centuries, and ushered in a new Age of Literomancy. House Lapin suddenly found themselves leading an army in a war for their survival.   Sable-rah was the only House Leader to survive the fall of her House. The survivors fled to House Mollusca to support the Cosmic Kraken, who claimed the Iron Tome when they achieved victory in the war.   In the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, with the collapse of society, systems of government reformed around the literomantic Great Houses, and House Lapin suddenly found itself at the head of an empire.   Sable Aradia had been raised in a blue collar family and was working as a freelance journalist at the time. The shift was challenging, but she embraced her duty. Through careful management of resources and an eye to compassion, she guided the newly-minted Lapin Protectorate into a speedy recovery, and the standard of living for people in the Protectorate quickly approached what they were prior to the First Word War.  

Tourney of Tales April 2021

When The Queen Bee DaniAdventures suggested it might be a good idea to reinsitute traditional literomantic competitions known as the Tourneys of Tales, in order to keep their skills sharp in case another threat reared its head, House Lapin agreed to support the effort, albeit reluctantly.   Showing their social natures, they organized a Grand Feast at the Warren during the first Tourney, held in April of 2021, which helped to build relationships between the Houses, and steered the direction of House politics.   House Lapin comported itself well in the April Tourney. In the first Grand Melee, they were defeated early, but in the second, they were only beaten by the prowess of House Meles, led to victory by power writer WalkingDeadLover. Three Lapins, Queen Sable, AmelieIS, and Gwenefre, made the Leaderboard for their writing or editing prowess. They finished third in the Tourney overall, beaten by Mollusca and Meles.  

Tourney of Tales July 2021

House Lapin was the victorious House in the July Tourney of Tales 2021, largely due to a scandal disqualifying the most prolific writer in House Meles.  

The Second Word War

House Lapin started the Second Word War at odds with House Chiroptera, having blamed them for a Zombie Summoning Totem that appeared near their traditional seat of power because it took the shape of a bat. However, over the course of the war, as it became clear that there was a new Nite Monarq once again posing a threat, Chiroptera and Lapin banded together. When House Chiroptera fell, they and all their bannermen joined up with House Lapin, Sable-rah found herself heading the Grand Alliance, the "greatest alliance the Realm had ever seen." She led them to victory in 2021, and claimed The Iron Tome.  

Tourney of Tales April 2022

Distracted by numerous assassination attempts against the Chief Rabbit, the disappearance of DM Stretch, and the need to secure and possibly move The Warren, and lacking support from Minor Houses, House Lapin finished 4th overall, although they scored the 2nd highest word count of the individual Houses, beaten only by Mollusca.  

July Tourney of Tales 2022

House Lapin was plagued by a media scandal during the July Tourney, as Queen Sable took the GOT News Network to court for violation of privacy, and they counteracted with a smear campaign. A firm called The Company, which seemed to have an issue with the Lapin family, capitalized on this effort. After some egregious examples of privacy violations and harassment, and of lying in the media, the suit was settled out of court. The Company was declared a terrorist organization and banned in the Lapin Protectorate, and charges were made against them by the Lapin Protectorate in the International Criminal Court. Somehow, they took home the pennant in the middle of all this.  

The Third Word War

Lord Galakrond launched The Third Word War by stealing the Iron Tome from his mother after a Halloween party. Somehow, both he and ECC Books of House Sauropoda ended up as Night Monarchs.   "Lord GalaWight" focused his recruitment efforts for the Horde on his family, managing to take out four of Queen Sable Bright-Eyes' ten children, with him as the fifth undead among them. The Warren fell in The Battle of Kin Beach and Battle of Aldergrove. They, along with the rest of House Meles and House Ailurus formed the Woodland Family Alliance and supported House Sauropoda for the remainder of the war.   Queen Sable's preparations in infrastructure and logistics served the Protectorate well, saving the populace from much of the attrition that is typical of a House that has fallen at that stage of the war, and the Warren remained impervious, even though it had to be abandoned.   Combining forces with Prinx Tempest and the Mother of Bunnies to unlock the use of filking magic, after referencing notes left by ECC Books before becoming the Night Monarch, Good King Bob of House Sauropoda successfully claimed the Iron Tome for the living. Sable Bright-Eyes, supported and aided by Prinx Tempest and their technomancer husband, Buddha Kwake, dueled Lord GalaWight, resulting in the Badger Prince's resurrection. Queen Sable's children were all successfully resurrected by filking magic at the end of the war, although the Star Bunny suffered critical Magic Drain in the process.  


The Woodland Family Alliance has been actively blending many aspects of their nations. They have signed treaties that allow open borders, dual or triple citizenships, free trade, and a unified currency. Erin Righ has started calling himself "Erin Meles" rather than "Erin Lapin," and this, according to the Lapin Household, is meant to honour their strong ties to the Meles family. The "Woodland Family" has spent much time together in the war's aftermath, with all three Houses staying primarily at the Warren as construction and repairs go on for Ailurus and Meles. Rumour has it that Lapin is actively assisting Meles in incorporating many of their proven protections into the structure of Windy Willows as well.   The Mother of Bunnies is thought to still be recovering from her war injuries, although little sign has been given of this, other than she has recruited Dame Flubb to help her mind her self care. According to all reports, she is eating more regularly and sleeping more.   A new princess, Princess Luna, has been born to the royal family. She has been aggressively sheltered from the media by the Lapins, but in her rare appearances, she has charmed everyone. Now five months old, it is clear that she is also a Wererabbit and may possibly be Voidtouched like her mother.

Demography and Population

Population by Province, Territory, or State

  • Alaska 586,139
  • Nunavut 30,915
  • Northwest Territories 35,861
  • British Columbia 4,056,800
  • Alberta 3,496,800
  • Saskatchewan 939,200
  • Manitoba 1,095,200
  • Ontario 11,656,000
  • California 31,392,000
  • Arizona 5,820,800
  • Total Population: 59,109,715   Most of Lapin's population lives south of the 49th Parallel, with the greatest concentrations of people in the southern Californian region and Niagara Penninsula. There are some population hotspots around Metro Vancouver, the Okanagan Valley, Victoria, the Edmonton-Calgary corridor, and in Sacramento, Contra Costa, Alameda, and Santa Clara Counties. Average life expectancy after the zombie apocalypse is some of the best in the world, with men averaging 76 years and women 80.


    The Lapin Protectorate has inherited the problems that Canada and the United States faced in regards to their Indigenous peoples. While the Protectorate could have ignored land claims because those agreements were with the Canadian Crown and Canada no longer exists, the Protectorate has chosen to honour previous treaty claims, and is working to find positive solutions that benefit everyone. While they have made it clear that they do not feel they are responsible for the genocide against the First Nations, the Protectorate has a fund that is designated to help survivors of the residential school system and other forms of genocide that took place on Lapin territory in the past.  
    I am not the Canadian Monarch, nor the American President, so previous agreements were not made by powers I represent. However, the Lapin Protectorate is a clear benefactor of a Colonialist legacy, and as a result, we can, and should, do what we can to balance the scales.
    — Queen Sable regarding the recognition of First Nations treaty claims


    The Lapin military is well-funded and popular. About 10% of the Lapinite population has served, or is serving, in the Lapin military, with another 10% having served, or currently serving, in the Reserves. All Lapinite citizens between the ages of 18-20 are required to serve 2 years in the Lapin Armed Forces. The regular and reserve forces routinely hold training weekends for the general populace to familiarize themselves with basic zombie self-defense techniques, which are free and open to the public. Employers are also required to allow time off for anyone who wants to attend one. Most adults under the age of 40 are members of the militia.   When the reg forces are not actively at war, they are training, training the general public, assisting with engineering and security, or conducting tech research, which makes the strain of maintaining such a large standing military less burdensome.   The Armed Forces are constantly on the lookout for literomancers that they can recruit into House Lapin's Tome Knights. House Lapin funds the World Literomantic Academy in the hopes of nurturing and training more literomancers as well.  

    Distribution of Branches of the Armed Forces:

  • Army 35%
  • Navy 25%
  • Air Force 20%
  • Marines 15%
  • Coast Guard 5%
  • Literomancers make up a negligible percentage of the Armed Forces due to their rarity.


    House Lapin generally gives homage to Lord Frith and the cultural hero El-ahrairah, although there are significant Lapin populations who embrace Asian and First Nations faiths and folklores, especially stories associated with trickster-rabbits or the Rabbit in the Moon. The freedom to believe as you choose is enshrined in Lapinite law and tradition.   Lapinite citizens are mostly Christians (about 50%,) with significant populations of Non-Religious, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, Hindus, Indigenous, Jains, Shintoists, and New Religions (Neo-Pagan and New Age.) Lapinite Christians are about evenly divided between Catholics and Protestants, with about 3% of the population affliating as Orthodox, and they also have the highest population of Mormons outside of Utah (just shy of a million, or about 5% of the total population.)


    Lapin law is based in Canada law and, prior to that, English common law. There is a greater tendency to lean towards the "social" side of the "social democracy" scale, because it is a goal of the Lapin Protectorate to be as self-sufficient as possible. This is part of the defense strategy of the Mother of Bunnies.  
    Trade is important. But the less we have to depend on other Protectorates for access to our basic needs -- food, shelter, water, protection, medicine -- then the less likely those things are to be disrupted during wartime. The Woodland Alliance is to everyone's mutual benefit because we are all working to protect and provide all of those things for each other, giving us backup access if our own systems fail. It's the best of both worlds; or at least, that's my hope.
    — Queen Sable in an interview on OneWorld News
      Towards this end, any industry that becomes an effective monopoly in the Lapin Protectorate can be seized by the Crown for public use. It was this policy that caused tech giant Gobble to move their headquarters from Silicone Valley to New York. This policy enforces greater competition in Lapin's industries than might be present elsewhere.  
    Well, Gobble's move is regrettable. On the other hand, I simply don't think it's good policy to have so much that is so important under the thumb of a single oligarch who might decide to revoke access at any time and for any reason. Or might, perhaps, be made to serve the Horde with a big enough investment. It's not like Gobble won't continue to operate here -- there's too much money to be had, and they know it. But there is room for competition to develop now as well, and that will prevent the controlling of information to serve a single corporation's agenda.
    — Queen Sable in the same interview

    Agriculture & Industry

    The Lapin Protectorate has a significant fruit and nut industry in BC and California, and a significant "bread basket" region in the Prairies and Ontario. There is also a large and robust dairy and ranching industry in almost every part of the Protectorate. However, the population in the southern states is simply too large to sustain by the agriculture that Lapin is capable of managing, so they still depend on the Meles Protectorate to import much of their food supply, particularly in the form of grain.   The natural resources industries are robust as well, although the constant threat of existential war in November has led the Lapin Protectorate to require that quotas of these natural resources be sold to the Protectorate first. Their energy sector has a significant surplus which is traded to other Protectorates and nations, thanks to a surplus of energy resources and the efforts of Princess Rowean to fund, support, and sustain green energy technologies. They refine the oil they harvest from within their own borders when possible.   The manufacturing sector is strong as well. Lapin manufactures tech products, electrical and industrial machinery, cars, airplanes, plastics, chemical products, and military arms and weaponry.


    Education in the Lapin Protectorate is mandatory from Kindergarten to Grade 12. There are numerous trade schools, colleges, and universities. There was a strong push to make post-secondary education free in most of the Protectorate's regions before the First Word War, but in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, this is simply not feasible, and most of the population realizes it. Still, efforts have been made in that direction, by encouraging corporations and non-profits to offer scholarships in return for tax breaks. Since opportunities for significant tax breaks are rare, scholarships are numerous and widely available.   Some of the more respected universities in the Protectorate include Stanford University, the California Institute of Technology, the University of California in Berkeley, Arizona State University, the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, McMaster University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Alberta, and the University of Calgary.


    House Lapin takes its infrastructure very seriously. They have spent billions on reinforcing their transportation corridors, from highways to rail systems. All major cities have underground bunkers, storage lockers, and armouries, with a mind to surviving the Undead Horde.They fund this, and their public medical system, by setting their income tax base at 30%, and this increases significantly after a declared income more than $100 million.
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    • Lapin Secret Library
      A loose reconstruction of the "floor plan" of the Lapin Secret Library.
    • Topographical Map of the Warren Area
    Led by
    Sable Aradia -- the Mother of Bunnies, the Chief Rabbit, Sable-rah, Sable Bright-Eyes, the Queen Who Knelt, the Holy Queen of Buns, Mother Star, "Bunny Mom"
    House Heir
    Prince Jean
    Royal Consort
    Erin Righ
    Founding Date
    Founded sometime in the Bronze Age; refounded November 1, 2020
    Geopolitical, Great house
    Alternative Names
    The Warren, the Fluffle
    Successor Organization
    Formation Type
    Training Level
    Veterancy Level
    Lapins, Bunnies, Lapinites
    Leader Title
    Family Leader
    Head of State
    Head of Government
    Government System
    Monarchy, Constitutional
    Power Structure
    Economic System
    Mixed economy
    The Lapin Protectorate encompasses most of what was once Western North America. This includes Alaska, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, California, and most of Arizona.
    The official currency of the Lapin Protectorate is the Lapin Lira, referred to colloquially as "Bunnybucks." They have also recently embraced the Woodlander Talon as a unified currency, shared with the rest of the Woodland Family Alliance.
    Major Exports
    Major exports include electrical machinery, industrial machinery, oil, motor vehicles and parts, fruit and nuts, aircraft, precious stones and metals, industrial minerals, lumber, grain, fish, livestock, pharmaceutical products, plastics, chemical products, water, hydroelectric power, and arms and weaponry.
    Major Imports
    Major imports include grain, livestock, oil, electrical and industrial machinery, pharmaceutical products, broadcasting products, medical supplies, motor vehicles and parts, furniture, textiles, toys and sports equipment, and plastics.
    Legislative Body
    The Lapin Protectorate is governed as a Constitutional Monarchy, which was established (or re-established) just prior to the Third Word War. The Head of State is the Chief Rabbit of House Lapin, who is served by a Prime Minister and a Cabinet who actively govern the country. The Cabinet is appointed by the Chief Rabbit, in consultation with the Prime Minister, from a Parliament, which is elected by "ridings" that send MPs (Members of Parliament) from local regions divided by population.   The Chief Rabbit has the right and responsibility to directly assume control of the Protectorate's people and assets for the purposes of defense, especially against the Undead Horde or other supernatural threats. Both the Cabinet and the Monarch has the right to veto each other's proposed budgets, however, assuring that the Crown and Cabinet must work together for mutual benefit.
    Judicial Body
    Lapin's judicial branch is strongly modelled after the Canadian judicial branch. The courts interpret and apply the Constitution of the Lapin Protectorate, as well as legislation passed by both levels of government (provincial/state and federal.) They also develop and apply the common law.   Lapin's system of courts is complex. Each province, state, and territory has its own courts, as well as courts that have national jurisdiction. The Lapin Supreme Court presides over the entire system.   The courts’ primary task is administering justice – that is, ensuring that disputes are settled and crimes are prosecuted fairly and in accordance with Lapin's legal and constitutional structure.   The provinces, states, and territories are responsible for providing everything the courts under their jurisdiction need, from building and maintaining the courthouses, to providing staff and resources, such as interpreters, court reporters to prepare transcripts, sheriffs, and registry services, to paying provincial/territorial court judges.   The federal government appoints and pays judges for the superior courts in each province or state, as well as judges at the federal level. It is also responsible for the administration of the Lapin Supreme Court and federally created courts.
    Executive Body
    Each city, county, state or province within the Lapin Protectorate may hire their own police force as they see fit. However, most of the Protectorate pays a portion of their taxes to contribute to funding for the Lapin Crown Police, who were formed from the remnants of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Crown Police have federal jurisdiction, and they administer the law in any area not covered by another police force.   National security is administered by the Lapin Intelligence and Security Service, or the L.I.S.S.   The Warren and the Chief Rabbit are defended by the Lapin Royal Guard; volunteers from other military or policing branches.   All police, military, intelligence and security services fall under the jurisdiction of the Owsla, who may command and direct any of them in the interests of the Lapin Crown's security and defense.
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    Fall of House Lapin | Game of Tomes: Season 1 (2020)


    The Great Flame and the Bun Queen


    The Coronation Portrait of the Mother of Bunnies, Sable Aradia




    Diplomatic Relations

    Lapin ↔ Chiroptera

    75 ↔ 80

    Military Alliance

    Relations between the two Houses are, in general, excellent. The Babbit Alliance treaty was re-signed by both Queens after the passing of Queen Siobhan and the two are friends. Queen Sable trusted Queen Tara to be part of the Guardians of the Tome when it was held by Lapin, and Queen Tara has found the Bunny Queen to be a great help and support when she was suddenly required to take the Cavern Throne. Prince Jean's support of Chiroptera, even after the loss of his fiancee, has been noticed and appreciated by the Bats, too, and Prince Jean and Queen Tara are friends.   After The Third Word War there is a little tension, however. A few Lapins question why the Bats did not join them when Chiroptera fell, and a few Bats question why the Bunnies did not join them in supporting Mollusca when Lapin fell.

    Lapin ↔ Meles

    99 ↔ 99

    Mutual Interdependence

    Lapin and Meles have never been so close. They have embraced the Woodland Family Alliance completely, with their divided family having been brought together by significant adversity during The Third Word War. They are actively sharing resources, opening borders, embracing dual citizenship and a unified military, and opening up free trade.

    Lapin ↔ Mollusca

    75 ↔ 60

    Military and Trade Alliance

    Relations between the two Houses are solid and strong. Mollusca sent Scion Striker as an ambassador to The Warren before The Third Word War started, and Lapin promised to aid Mollusca in the difficulties facing them and spreading beyond their waters. Scion Striker and Queen Sable have become friends, especially after the events of The 50K Offensive. Lapin has not forgotten that Mollusca took them in during The First Word War and Mollusca has not forgotten that Lapin took them in during the Second. The only reason the relationship isn't tighter is that there is still some lingering doubt and suspicion among some Molluscans, who believe Queen Sable undercut their alliance with Meles before the Battle of the Warren

    Lapin ↔ Sauropoda

    70 ↔ 70

    Military and Trade Alliance

    Lapin and Sauropoda had an active alliance before The Third Word War although neither one fully remembers the details of why. However, Sauropoda has not forgotten Lapin took them in during The Second Word War and Lapin is extremely grateful to Sauropoda for pulling their butts out of the fire in the Third when the Warren fell. It was largely due to Lapin's intervention that the Woodlanders supported Sauropoda when their House fell, too, and Sauropoda is not unaware of this. Having been brought together by their connections to the two most recent Night Monarchs, the two House also worked together to invoke the power of filking that won the War. They seem to have completely put aside whatever tensions seemed to have developed between them after The First Word War. Relations are excellent.

    Lapin ↔ Ailurus

    99 ↔ 99

    Mutual Interdependence

    As mutual members of the Woodland Family Alliance, the relationship between the two Houses is excellent. Lapin took Ailurus in after the Fall of Chiroptera in the Third Word War, and even actively came to their rescue. Ailurus established a crucial system of food supply for House Lapin before the War, and were willing to die to protect it. Their leaders are family and have been embracing that relationship. Lapin ceded The Missing House's small Protectorate to Ailurus in the crisis, and the two Houses have developed an excellent, mutually-dependent relationship, with open borders, a common currency, free trade, and a combined military force.

    Lapin ↔ Avis

    60 ↔ 50

    Military Alliance

    The leaders of both Houses worked closely together during the Battle of the Book and the 50K Offensive, and have at least established general goodwill and mutual respect. However, there is a small faction in Avis that dislikes or distrusts the Mother of Bunnies for some reason, and Lapin senses that tension.

    Lapin ↔ The Company

    -100 ↔ -100

    Mortal Enemies

    Lapin and The Company are mortal enemies who will kill each other on sight.

    Lapin ↔ Chaos Cartel

    90 ↔ 80


    Lapin thinks the Cartel is the best thing since "Rabbit Crack," which may be connected to the fact that Prinx Tempest is suspected of being the leader of the Cartel, and Queen Sable is suspected of being one of their "Capers." For the most part, the feeling is mutual (for obvious reasons,) except that the Cartel occasionally finds itself butting heads with a strong Lapin Mafia contingent, suspected of including Dame Flubb and the Princesses Sunny and Rowean.

    Lapin ↔ The Self-Care Mafia

    45 ↔ 50

    Well Disposed

    Feelings between Lapin and the Mafia have traditionally been tense. Since Prinx Tempest is suspected of being the head of the Chaos Cartel, Lapin has been involved in an ongoing rivalry with suspected Mafiosos ShyRedFox and Foxx. Several of the Lapin House Scions, including the Mother of Bunnies, have been firmly on the Mafia's watchlist for some time. However, relations have recently improved considerably, in part, due to suspected Mafioso Flubb joining the Owsla, and in part due to a demonstrated desire to do better by the Bunny Queen and the Prinx. This is a point of great relief to Princesses Sunny and Rowean who are suspected Mafiosos.


    Songs About House Lapin

    From Game of Tomes: Once More with Filking

    Game History

    Game of Tomes 2020

    Week 3

  • House Lapin, House Avis and House Mollusca had a bidding war over WriterGreg's words with bits - Kitoypoy and RPGDinosaurBob poured bits in, but Bob achieved victory for House Avis.
  • Eiliagh completed their second NaNoWriMo in a single month. This was their first time winning NaNoWriMo.
  • Sable-rah completed NaNoWriMo.
  • Week 4

  • Eiliagh completed 3 NaNoWriMos in a single month
  • Sable Aradia was forced to flee the Warren when overwhelmed by the Undead Horde in the World Anvil community stream
  • House Lapin fell to the Undead Horde - but Sable Aradia survived to bend the knee to House Mollusca, earning the epithets "Sable Bright-Eyes" and "The Queen who Knelt"
  • House Lapin achieved 494, 222 words by the time of its defeat. They were the last house to fall before House Mollusca led the final battle of the Living vs. the Dead.
  • Tourney of Tales April 2021

    House Lapin comported itself well in the April Tourney of Tales 2021. In the first Grand Melee, they were defeated early, but in the second, they were only beaten by the prowess of House Meles, led to victory by superwriter WalkingDeadLover. Three Lapins, Sable Aradia, AmelieIS, and Gwenefre, made the Leaderboard for their writing or editing prowess. They finished third in the Tourney overall, beaten by Mollusca and Meles.  

    Tourney of Tales July 2021

    House Lapin was the victorious House in the July Tourney of Tales 2021.  

    Game of Tomes 2021

    House Lapin claimed the Iron Tome in the 2021 Game of Tomes.  

    Tourney of Tales April 2022

    House Lapin finished 3rd overall in the April 2022 Tourney of Tales.  

    Tourney of Tales July 2022

    House Lapin emerged victorious in the July 2022 Tourney of Tales.  

    Game of Tomes 2022

    House Lapin finished 4th overall in GoT 2022. Their final total was over 864k words at the time of their defeat.

    Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
    Character flag image: House Lapin by Dani Adventures


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