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Princess Luna Usagi Lapin

Princess Luna is a very young Wererabbit. She is the daughter of Queen Sable Aradia Lapin and Prince Consort Erin Righ. She is 9th in the Lapin Line of Succession, after Princess Jellybean Meles.  
A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
Princess Luna was created by The Company in 2022 CE, using gametes stolen from Queen Sable and the Prince Consort. Luna was rescued from the clutches of the Company before she was due to be removed from the artificial womb she was growing in. She was successfully "delivered" in the October after her rescue, and was taken in by Sable and Erin as their daughter.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Princess Luna is considerably more physically coordinated than her cousin, especially since she has had early martial arts training with her Daddy from the time she could first walk. She loves climbing trees, burrowing into hidey-holes, and playing in the mud. She is almost always in motion, usually at a run. Unless, of course, she is snuggling, which she loves to do, and does often.

Body Features

Luna transformed into Human form at three months old as is typical for a Werebeast child, but atypically, she gained the ability to transform at will immediately afterwards. She is most often seen in her hare form, a white, glowy North American jackrabbit just like her Mama, as it is more comfortable for her. But, she frequently takes her half-rabbit form because opposable thumbs are more useful for creating mischief.   In her rarely seen Human form, she looks almost exactly like her mother at the same age; a small, pretty girl with twinkling eyes and long, straight brown hair that is almost always in pigtails or a ponytail.   In all forms, Luna is a bit pudgy, since she likes carrots, bananas, and candies, and her Daddy can't deny her anything.

Facial Features

Luna always has a look in her eyes as though she is up to something. She usually is.

Special abilities

Luna appears to have been born Voidtouched. She has already demonstrated the ability to enter and leave The Void, but has yet to master teleportation. The manifestation of her attunement to the Void seems to be the same as her mother's, which is an attunement to The Firmament. She has similar Voidtouched features to her mother's, such as snow-white fur that radiates a starlight glow in dim light, and resistance or immunity to the hazards of the Void. She also appears to be completely immune to her Entie Tempest's and cousin Uri's fire powers, just like her Mama.

Apparel & Accessories

The young princess requires glasses and is almost never without them. She eshews frilly dresses just because pants are less likely to get wrecked when one is climbing in the air ducts or messing about in ponds with frogs. However, she adores the colour pink and almost always wears something in shades of pale rose to Lapin's deep red salmon shades.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Luna appeared in early December 2022, which surprised the public, since there was no official announcement that the Bunny Queen was pregnant. Queen Sable has publicly stated that she had kept her new daughter in a Void pocket until after The Third Word War was finished, since she was born Voidtouched and therefore, it was better for her safety. With the loss of the Queen's babies in The First Word War, and the recent attrition to her remaining children, this was widely regarded as "perfectly understandable." Most have dismissed the failure of the Crown to announce the pregnancy as more of the same maternal protectionism. In general, the public, especially the people of the Lapin Protectorate, regard this choice with deep sympathy.   The young princess is almost never separated from her cousin Uri Kwake. Interacting with one almost always means interacting with the other. She drags her calmer cousin into most of her schemes and games.   Luna's middle name, Usagi, was chosen by her father. Meaning "hare" or "rabbit," it is a conscious reference to Sailor Moon and thus, Rabbits in the Moon.   In The Fourth Word War, LUna and her cousin were brought out of the Warren by Cheetya Ironfist and Prince Jean. They have maintained a good relationship with the Ironfist family since.

Gender Identity



Luna is being instructed in Bun Fu by her Daddy because she likes being around him and wants to kick butt like him. A Montessori-style education program has already been implemented for both her and her cousin, since they seem so astute and eager to learn.

Mental Trauma

While Luna seems to spend more time with her Daddy and Prince Jean than she does with her Mama, she was deeply dismayed by Queen Sable's convalescence following The Great Migration. For a few weeks afterwards, she tried not to let her Mama out of her sight. Since then, however, she has gone back to her more usual routine, although she gets very upset if the reading time she spends with Mama after dinner is delayed.

Intellectual Characteristics

Like her cousin Uri Kwake, from whom she is never parted, Luna is exceptionally intelligent. However, she is also a deeply mischievous spirit, and applies that intelligence to scheming and getting into things, making her a natural shit-disturber. This, combined with her cheerful nature, incorrigible charm, and being indulged by her father, makes her into a little chaos gremlin. One of the most common sounds around The Warren is her scampering feet and effervescent laughter.   While she is capable of reading primary-level books, her reading and academic skills are not as advanced as those of her cousin, simply because she is easily bored and has not applied herself to study in the same way. She is capable of bringing a laser hyperfocus to a task when it suits her, however.  
When my mother said, "I hope you have a child one day who acts exactly the same way that you act," I didn't realize she was bringing Literomancy into it.
— Queen Sable quipping in an interview, after Princess Luna knocked the camera over

Personality Characteristics


Luna seems to like being the center of attention. She will settle for scolding if she can't get praise. Fortunately, no one in her life seems to be terribly perturbed by her sense of mischief, and scolding only comes from actions that would hurt her or others. She is beginning to learn this, and loves to make people happy, so she is already developing a limited amount of moderation. While fear is definitely not something she struggles with, she at least rarely does things that are stupid.

Likes & Dislikes

  • jokes
  • chaos
  • candies, carrots, and bananas
  • the colour pink
  • reading with Mama
  • working out with Daddy
  • playing with Auntie Sunny's tentacles
  • Dislikes:
  • mean people
  • sitting still
  • boredom
  • math
  • nap time
  • peas
  • Virtues & Personality perks

    Princess Luna has no fear. She says exactly what she thinks and expresses herself with aplomb for such a young child. She has already learned the meaning of many of the four-letter words her Mama uses, and applies them appropriately.  
    I think she just feels perfectly safe. And that makes me really happy. (whispered) It's going to be different for you, little one. I promise.
    — Sable Bright-Eyes


    Luna is perpetually covered in dirt or mud, or possibly paint, ink, and other art supplies. She enjoys baths and views them as a great opportunity for playtime, but she is just so into things that she is almost never clean. Her room is a certified disaster area, with everything tossed every which way unless she is forced to clean it. Her Mama has recognized the early signs of ADHD and is trying to help her with this task by acquiring organizing tools that are ADHD friendly. She owns no drawers that shut, all her clothes can theoretically be hung up, and she has numerous bins and baskets to organize her chaos piles with.  
    Oh no, Luna loves bathtime! Commander Stretch was trying to pick her up once for bathtime, and he tripped over her tricycle and fell into the bathtub himself. She thought the splash was so funny she just jumps into the bath herself now, every time, giggling like a fool. She'll jump off the sink into the bathtub if you let her — which her father does, the idiot — or the top of the medicine cabinet.
    — Queen Sable, discussing parenting a chaos gremlin on @[Let's Talk!](document:34364c7a-d697-4cb6-bbc0-d4d69f029337


    Contacts & Relations

    Princess Luna and Prince Uri spend a lot of time at the Dragon Cave playing with their new friends, the Dragonlings. They also like being in the company of Owsla Officer Cheetya Ironfist, who rescued them during the Battle of the Tunnels. Surprisingly, they are not as wary of AttorraRu as one might expect after the events of The Fourth Word War — but perhaps the fact that she spoils them rotten has helped with that.
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    Chaotic Adorable
    Current Status
    Terrorizing the Warren with mischief
    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Princess of the Lapin Protectorate
    Date of Birth
    October 12
    Year of Birth
    2022 2 Years old
    Circumstances of Birth
    The Warren, Okanagan City, BC, Lapin Protectorate
    Current Residence
    The Warren
    Black in bunny form, one green and one blue in human form
    Long, straight, brown in human form
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Glowing, snow-white fur
    Very small
    Very small
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    Catch me!
    — Princess Luna, leaping off the bookshelf into Daddy's arms
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations
    Known Languages
    English, Rabbit, Badger


    Family Ties

  • Erin Righ = Father
  • Sable Aradia = Mother
  • Daniel = Older Brother
  • Rebecca = Older Sister
  • Prince Jean = Older Brother
  • Mykola Void = Older Sister
  • Senna Nightshade = Older Sister
  • Lord Galakrond = Older Brother
  • Missi Meles = Older Sister
  • Salem Meles = Older Sister
  • Xantos Meles = Older Sibling
  • Jellybean Meles = Older Sister
  • Monkey = Older Sister
  • Batman = Older Brother
  • Merrie = Older Sister
  • Alexandrea = Older Sister
  • Dave = Uncle
  • Princess Sunny = Aunt
  • Tempest Kwake = Entie
  • Realm of Music = Uncle
  • Allies

  • Woodland Family Alliance
  • Enemies

  • The Company
  • Extended Relationships

    Erin Righ

    Erin is Luna's father, and she can often be found sleeping under his beard.

    Prince Jean

    Prince Jean often seizes his littlest sister from the hands of his parents and takes on adventures -- or just to accompany him in daily tasks.

    Senna Nightshade

    The Panda Polemark often ends up babysitting her little sister. She protests that she knows nothing about children, especially babies, but Luna adores her and gets excited whenever she is in Senna's presence.


    "Auntie Ru," although she is in fact unrelated to Luna, adores Luna and spoils her rotten.

    Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
    Character Portrait image: by Tempest Kwake


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