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Uri Kwake

Prince Uri Toivo Kwake

Uri Kwake is a Wererabbit of less than a year old. He is the son of Tempest Kwake and Buddha Kwake, and Prince Jean of House Lapin is co-parenting with the two of them. He is 10th in the Line of Succession for the Carrot Throne.  
A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
Prince Uri was created by The Company in 2022 CE, using gametes stolen from Prinx Tempest and their husband, Buddha Kwake. He was rescued from the clutches of the Company before he was due to be removed from the artificial womb he was growing in. He was successfully "delivered" in March after his rescue, on the Queen's birthday.

Physical Description

Body Features

Uri, like most young wererabbits, almost never takes his human form, which he finds distressingly uncoordinated. Most of the time, he can be found in his rabbit form, scampering about the Warren with his cousin or Papa Jean, or both. When he must have opposable thumbs, he is far more inclined to take half-rabbit form.   In human form, Uri is a stocky little boy with short cropped brown hair and green eyes. As a hare, he resembles an American desert hare, like his Zaza; and like his Zaza, his fur is orange and he usually produces ripples of rainbow flame down his back. In half-rabbit form, these traits blend to make a stocky little bunny-boy with a mohawk of flame.

Facial Features

Uri's expression is usually serious and thoughtful, an effect which is only enhanced by his omnipresent glasses. If one is gifted with a rare look at his smile in his human form, it lights up his whole face.

Special abilities

The young prince has already demonstrated the fire powers of his Zaza, as well as an ability to teleport to The Void and other realities.  
Yes, it scares the shit out of us. But what the hell are we supposed to do about it, besides fireproofing?
— Queen Sable, snapping impatiently at a pushy reporter

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Uri appeared mysteriously following The Third Word War. He was introduced to the world as the son of Prinx Tempest and Duke Buddha Kwake, although there had been no announcement that the Prinx was pregnant, and Prince Jean was acknowledged as a co-parent.   Often called "Spark" and "Little Fireball" or "Firebutt" by his family, it was obvious from the beginning that Uri had been born Voidtouched, and clearly in a similar way to his Zaza, the Prinx.   Since the disappearance of his Zaza at the end of The Great Migration, and his Daddy's mourning, Uri has clung fervently to Papa Jean, and is almost never separated from him.   In The Fourth Word War, Uri and his cousin Luna were brought out of the Warren by Cheetya Ironfist and Prince Jean. They have maintained a good relationship with the Ironfist family since.

Gender Identity

I'm a boy, silly!
— Prince Uri when asked if he wanted to wear pants or a skirt


Uri is being instructed in Bun Fu by his Uncle Erin to compensate for his delayed coordination. A Montessori-style education program has already been implemented for both him and his cousin, since they seem so astute and eager to learn.

Mental Trauma

It is clear that the young prince has been deeply hurt by the disappearance of his Zaza, but what sort of long-term effect this trauma will have on him remains to be seen. Fortunately, in the sprawling Lapin clan, he is never alone and is surrounded by loving caregivers who always make time for him.

Intellectual Characteristics

Uri is exceptionally intelligent. While it is normal for very young wererabbits to develop more quickly than Human babies, the young prince is considerably more advanced than even that. He is capable of reading primary grade level books on his own, and more advanced books with help. He can write at a similar proficiency, although his handwriting is still uncertain and shaky. He can recite the alphabet, add and subtract, and is working on memorizing his times tables.   The young prince started speaking much later than his cousin. From the beginning, however, when he chooses to talk, he has spoken in coherant sentences that use multi-syllabic words, and often asks probing, intelligent questions. He is soft-spoken and often remains quiet for several hours at a time. It is not uncommon for someone to turn around in The Warren and find that little Uri has been quietly watching them.  
Please pass the carrots, Zaza?
— Prince Uri's first words
  While he naturally seems to have no sense of personal space, Uri has learned to keep his distance because he is aware that his fiery body can unintentionally hurt people who lack sufficient protection. He was deeply embarrassed by the frequency with which he blew up the toilet during potty training.   This does not keep him from getting into trouble, however, largely because his cousin Luna is an instigator. He adores his cousin and would follow her anywhere.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

While incredibly bright, Uri is less dexterous than wererabbits of a similar age. He sometimes trips over his own feet.  
That's okay, little guy. Your cousin Gala does that, too.
Erin Righ, reassuring his nephew

Likes & Dislikes

  • reading
  • riddles
  • bad dad jokes
  • making things
  • playing with Auntie Sunny's tentacles
  • Dislikes:
  • mean people
  • brussel sprouts
  • loud and crowded spaces
  • being touched without his permission
  • Hygiene

    Other than a perfectly natural disliking for being submerged in water, and a strong antipathy for brushing his teeth, Uri is fastidiously clean. His room is perfectly neat and tidy, and everything is in its place. His books, of which he owns many, are organized in alphabetical order. He is learning how to crochet from his Papa and he keeps his yarn and needles carefully organized in separated compartments.


    Contacts & Relations

    Princess Luna and Prince Uri spend a lot of time at the Dragon Cave playing with their new friends, the Dragonlings. They also like being in the company of Owsla Officer Cheetya Ironfist, who rescued them during the Battle of the Tunnels. Surprisingly, they are not as wary of AttorraRu as one might expect after the events of The Fourth Word War — but perhaps the fact that she spoils them rotten has helped with that.

    Hobbies & Pets

    Uri adores the Warren's kitty-cats and will be very careful to make sure all his flames are extinguished before touching them.
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    Lawful Cute
    Current Status
    Sad because his Zaza is missing :(
    Current Location
    Date of Birth
    March 6
    Year of Birth
    2023 1 Years old
    Circumstances of Birth
    The Warren, Okanagan City, BC, Lapin Protectorate
    Parents (Adopting)
    Current Residence
    The Warren
    Black in hare form, green in human form
    Brown and short-cropped in human form
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Orange fur, visible rainbow flames licking up his body
    Very small
    Very small
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations
    Known Languages
    English, Rabbit, Badger
    Oh filk! Oh filk! Me, a parent, Sable?!
    — Prinx Tempest on learning of Prince Uri
    I'll do it if you want, Torch. You know it's gotta be us. No one else could do it.
    — Queen Sable's reply
    No... No. Buddha and I wanted kids eventually. I guess... no time like the present, huh? He's a cute little sunspot, isn't he?
    — Prinx Tempest's response to their sister's offer
    I'll help?
    — Prince Jean, offering to throw in


    Family Ties

  • Tempest Kwake = Parent (Zaza)
  • Buddha Kwake = Father (Daddy)
  • Prince Jean = Father (Papa)
  • Allies

  • Woodland Family Alliance
  • Enemies

  • The Company
  • Extended Relationships

    Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
    Character Portrait image: Uri by Tempest Kwake


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