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The Iron Tome

The Iron Tome is a mystical book that has the power to revive the dead and reverse curses of undeath, as proven when it was used to revive the Undead Horde in the Game of Tomes of November 2020 CE. The extent of the Tome's power is unknown, but it is known that the Tome can only revive those willing dead who wish to still live. Despite this drawback, the Tome even has the power to reshape the entire geography of planets.     The Tome is known to have no alignment, and can be used for any purpose. All one must do to use the Tome is write.     It is a leatherbound book with meteorite-iron plates embedded in the cover. The powers who made it have been lost to time, but it is known that the Tome is a powerful Literomantic artifact.     The Tome is currently in the possession of RPGDinosaurBob of House Sauropoda, as of November 2022.
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9 kg if it likes you
30 cm x 48 cm
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