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Voiders Anonymous

Article by Sable Aradia, with help from Sunny L, Lord Galakrond, Tempest Kwake, and Erin Righ.
Voiders Anonymous is a loosely-organized group of the Voidtouched among the Tome Knights. Part support group, part clique, and part coven, they meet frequently in the layer of The Void known as "The Labyrinth" to discuss the secrets of Voidlore and their feelings on the goings-on in the "World Outside" (the Realm, or physical reality as we typically understand it.)   Since "the Voiders," as they call themselves, are all among the scions of the Noble Houses, these discussions often include inside baseball commentary on the deepest secrets of world politics. Since they started to stream these discussions, they have also gathered something of a fan following.


There's a structure?
— Sable Aradia
  Inasmuch as the Voiders can be said to have a leader, they look to Princess Sunny the Void Bunny as their primary expert on the Lore and hidden secrets of the Void. But otherwise, the group is clearly a chaotic free-for-all of equals, each of whom specializes in a different "layer" of the Void, and each of whom is considered to be the authority in the nature of that layer and its laws and powers.   While they do share information and knowledge about the Void, for the most part they are simply a group of oddball friends, bound by their common weirdness as Voidtouched. No one attempts to command or direct anyone else, although they will work together on common causes, such as The Feast of the Void, a social gathering they organized for the Tome Knights at the April 2022 Tourney of Tales.   Recent additions to the Voiders Anonymous seems to be none other than the Great Flame Tempest Kwake and Sable Aradia, the Mother of Bunnies -- although nobody has explained this, other than a familial relationship with Lord Galakrond and Princess Sunny. There has recently been some implication that whatever attuned Sunny to the Void was also done to Tempest, but the details remain sketchy.   Unlike the other Voiders, Tempest is a rabbit of fire, and Sable seems to appear in the Void as a shining white rabbit, glowing with starlight. This is now known to be due to their unique affinity to layers of the Void known as The Overflow and The Firmament respectively.


Culture? Isn't that mostly on Gala? Mushrooms, bacteria...
— Erin Righ, being a smartass
  The internal subculture of Voiders Anonymous is probably best described as "batshit crazy" and "utterly ridiculous" -- chaotic, to say the least. Off-colour and off-the-wall jokes are a rule of thumb, as is gentle teasing, a constant stream of memes, and the kind of nonsense that most people find funny at 3 o'clock in the morning. When one considers they are literally laughing in the face of the Void, this makes some degree of sense.

Public Agenda

Do we actually have anything that could be described as a "public agenda?" I mean, I think this implies a level of organization we don't have.
— Sable Aradia
Um, not to my knowledge other than to spread the word about the Void... and possibly chaos. Um... Void go brrrrrrrrrr
— Lord Galakrond's reply
Chaos? Uh... don't touch that which is ours?... As the Company will find out...
— Princess Sunny's two cents
  Voiders Anonymous seeks to educate people about The Void and the effects of being Voidtouched. They are vocal advocates for the Voidtouched, while at the same time, they caution people from being too trusting of anything from the Void.

Known Void Powers

A white rabbit with a starlight glow aura
Sable by Tempest Kwake
  • Teleport - self only - small wormhole - also used to enter and leave the Void
  • Immune to Tempest's Fire Powers
  • Fiver's Insight - some precognitive ability
  • "Kind Bear Glare" powers - can heal self and others, even extends to resurrection, seems to be powered/limited by emotional connection
  • Can manifest starlight glow, spheres of power that resemble stars, and other "starlike" magical powers
  • Turn Undead
    Sunny by Tempest Kwake
  • Teleport - believed to be self only - uses shadows to enter and leave the Void
  • Immune to Galakrond's Void Portal powers
  • Void Tentacles - manifests semi-corporeal tentacles of shadow that can manipulate objects and damage non-Void creatures
  • "Saarlac Maw" - manifests a maw of teeth by splitting her body down the middle from skull to tailbone - seems to be capable of swallowing anything
    A scarred orange rabbit burning with rainbow flame
    Tempest by Tempest Kwake
  • Tang Portal - teleport/gate; can be used by others with Sable's help
  • Immune to Sable's Star Powers
  • Fire Powers - can conjure and manipulate fire - sometimes does so involuntarily
  • Reality Manipulation - can move objects and people from one reality to another
  • Reality Sculpting - has, on one occasion, created a powerful literomantic artifact by "sculpting" the raw substance of reality
    A badger with mushrooms and eyes on his body
    Gala by Tempest Kwake
  • Void Portal - teleport - self and conjurations only - used to enter and leave the Void - can also cause damage to non-Void creatures
  • Immune to Void damage from Sunny's tentacles
  • Void Conjurations - can conjure creatures from The Netherlayers
  • Void Eyes - manifests eyes over most of his body - can see in multiple directions at once
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    Oppress the Nuggies!

    Five people with strange magic powers at a funeral

    Voiders at the Funeral of Queen Siobhan by HeroForge/Sable Aradia

    Founding Date
    December 2, 2021, following the Battle of the Warren
    Secret, Occult
    Alternative Names
    The Voiders, the Voidtouched
    Related Plots
    Recognized Languages
    Nonsense, Gibberish
    Condition | Aug 25, 2023

    Three strange-looking rabbits on a forest path in a Voidy background

    The Bun Sibs by HeroForge

    A cartoon, 3 panels. 1st panel: woman looking into a black hole. Text:

    The Abyss Stared Back by Tom Gauld


    So let me ask you; as an A-Voider, what is the attraction of Voidlore streams and the Voiders?
    — Sable Aradia
    Aside from the fact that they and you are hilarious?
    — Tempest Kwake
    Regular attendees of Voidlore streams have named themselves A-Voiders in a punny homage. The chaotic humour of the Voidlore streams appears to be the focus of the fanbase, but those who regularly attend the streams note that important secrets are often also revealed.

    An eye filled with flowers and stars

    Voidsight by Daniel Hannah

    The Fifth Voider

    There is some indication that there might once have been a fifth Voider, but this person vanished along with The Missing House at the end of The Third Word War. None of the other Voiders remember anything about them other than some vague conversation remnants.   There is also a rumour that there is a fifth Voider who has only just joined the group, but nothing is yet known about them, either.

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