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Turn Undead

To this day, no one is sure what happened next. Queen Sable, who was on location leading the rescue attempt, let out a primal scream, and then a massive explosion of literomantic power. There was a blinding white light, and all the undead disappeared. "Regular" zombies were reduced to ash and Tome Zombies were repelled in a 200m radius from Sable. Casualties were estimated at roughly 2500 zombies. She then fell unconscious. This was later likened to a "Turn Undead" effect out of roleplaying games by Owsla Commander Kitoypoy.
— A quote from the article of Sable Aradia describing the only known usage of the spell
  Turn Undead is a spell that was utilized by Sable Aradia in the Battle of Kin Beach of the Third Word War. There were four radii of effects exploding from a central point, which is believed to have been the Tang Portal generated by Tempest Kwake or Sable Aradia herself.   The first and smallest of these radii, known as the "Fireball" to those studying the spell after the end of the Third Word War, vaporized all non-Literomantic zombies and caused severe burns on Tome Zombies. This field of Literomantic power encompassed 200 meters from epicenter, and a total of around 2,730 zombies were destroyed.   The second-smallest radii, known as the "Tome Zombie Exclusion Zone" to scholars, caused severe burns on non-Literomantic zombies and minor burns on Tome Zombies. All Void Conjurations in this field were also banished, and surviving zombies and Nite Monarqs fled the area. This field had a radius of 500 meters.   The second-largest radii, known as the "Healing Zone", healed all the living in an area of 1 kilometer from epicenter of injuries and certain illnesses. Reports include that of an elderly woman being cured of her heart condition, a roofer's smashed thumb being healed, and a man who was on work leave due to a spinal injury being able to walk without pain again. Old scars faded, and even repetitive systemic injuries such as arthritis and slipped disks showed marked improvement. Lost limbs, however, were not regenerated.   The largest radii, known as the "Zombie Exclusion Zone", encompassed up to 2.5 kilometers from epicenter. In this area, non-Literomantic zombies could not approach for at least 20 minutes, and even the Nite Monarq Lord GalaWight felt a sense of unease until he left the area. The radius of this Zone included the Vernon Regional Airport, which facilitated evacuation efforts.
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Battle of Kin Beach, Part 3
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Effect Duration
20 minutes
Effect Casting Time
200m "Fireball"
~500m Tome Zombie Exclusion Zone
~1km Healing Zone
~2.5km Zombie Exclusion Zone
The Battle of Kin Beach
Military Conflict | Jul 29, 2023

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