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The Castaways

In early December 2022, some significant contributors to the Lore and world of Game of Tomes left and asked that their material be removed. This article attempts to do this in a respectful way, while disrupting continuity within the Lore as little as possible.
Deep in my heart, I know this place once meant something to me, but I can't tell you why. I just know I've lost something, and it hurts. Something was taken from me, and I know I'll never get it back. But I know I've got a new home now, where I'm valued and cared for, and right now, it's the best thing I have.
— Dame Flubb, DoR, Royal Cook and Keeper of the Food Gardens to House Lapin
  The Castaways are people who once belonged to The Missing House. They are now cut loose and drifting, with big holes in their memories, uncertain of what to do next. While other Houses have tried to reach out to them, they find themselves at a loss, and many are unsure whether or not they ought to join another House, just in case The Missing House comes back. Some are understandably resentful of the whole situation, and not in any frame of mind to accept overtures; or they feel ignored and abandoned by the other Houses.   Most of the Castaways appear to be Werecats, and it is for this reason that scholars assume that the Missing House had some sort of association with cats. They are almost universally Literomancers.


Major language groups and dialects

English, Cat.

Culture and cultural heritage

Castaways tend to originate in the areas of the world that are part of the Missing House's Protectorate areas; which means they either come from Western Europe, or from the Pacific Northwest in what used to be the United States, prior to The First Word War. Most of them speak English, although a variety of languages are understandably spoken. Most of them have memories of their lives prior to the Tome Wars, but the years since are mostly gone. Some of them, obviously raised in the Missing House as many of the scions of the old literomantic Houses have been, don't even have that to fall back on.

Shared customary codes and values

The Castaways are united by a common sense of loss, but also, gritty determination. Much of their lives are shrouded by whatever fog took the Missing House out of reality, and this is understandably disconcerting. Many of them doubt themselves and their very identities. They either wonder if they had close relatives they no longer remember, or they feel the loss of people they cared about, but can't remember them.  
Dame Flubb remembers giving her life for her House Leader -- or faction leader, I don't want to get into that debate -- when the Missing House fell in Word War 3. Can you imagine, knowing you cared enough for someone, or something, that you gave your life for them, but not being able to remember a single detail about who or why? I admire her tenacity. We're talking about recruiting her into the Owsla, and I'd be glad to have her.
— Queen Sable, the Mother of Bunnies
  Castaways tend to treat each other a lot like war veterans do who have fought together in difficult and grisly battles. They bond in a shared but unspoken understanding. When they do talk about their losses and their struggles, they tend to do so hesitantly, glossing over details; or they do it over a lot of alcohol. Some Survivors actively avoid other Castaways, not wanting any reminders of what they have lost.

Art & Architecture

Most of the art and architecture that may have been left by the Missing House has also disappeared, which leaves the Castaways even more at sea. What is left appears to be pieces of jewelry, clothing, and personal items. The Castaways treasure these small tokens as touchstones to their lost past, and as signs that they are not crazy and didn't imagine their House's existence.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

It is not uncommon for Castaways to wander from House to House, exploring and seeking a new place to belong. Many have volunteered for the literomantic peacekeeping forces that are attempting to maintain order in Western Europe, which is one of two major geographic regions that were evidently part of the Missing House's Protectorate.

Major organizations

The Castaways seem to universally come from The Missing House.
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