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Penwall Community Garden

The Penwall Community Garden is a plot of land located south of Penwall's Penheart Market. There are twenty-five plots in the garden, and people are encouraged to sign up to take a plot as their own. When someone is assigned a plot, they are permitted to grow any non-invasive species of plant on their plot. If a plant is noted to be invasive or if it spreads to other plots, it may be removed to protect the garden and the environment.

Purpose / Function

The entire purpose of the Penwall Community Garden is to grow food. Although that is the primary purpose, the garden also hopes to foster a sense of community among the residents of Penwall.


The garden is hemmed by thick, literomantically-enchanted hedges. The gates to the garden (in need of repair) are at the four cardinal points. The largest gate is on the north side facing the Penheart Market. The garden is publicly accessible, and the gates are never locked. They only serve as to deter deer, rabbits, and rodents who would destroy the plants.


Although tourism is not yet established, the people of Penwall hope that people from far and wide gain access to food and relaxation through the garden. Any excess harvest is donated to organizations who provide food for those who cannot find or afford it.
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