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Meteoric Iron

Meteoric Iron is a variety of iron-nickel compound found in iron-laden meteorites that fall to Earth. This compound is only ever naturally formed in the vacuum of space, and so is only available on Earth when the meteorites fall, should they not burn up in the atmosphere.


Material Characteristics

Meteoric Iron typically has a crystalline pattern to it known as Widmanstätten patterns. These patterns are so unique that they can be used to identify rocks as being extraterrestrial in origin.   This type of metal is dark, steely gray in color and often has the faint odor of burnt steak about it.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Meteoric Iron is a non-radioactive material. It is, however, extremely magnetic. Sable Aradia, when in possession of the Iron Tome which has a cover of meteoric iron, had affixed art created by Batman to it with fridge magnets.   Meteoric Iron is notably powerful when used in Literomancy and spells, as it allows the user to draw on the power of the GoTverse itself due to the Law of Similarity.


Meteoric Iron is primarily composed of kamacite and taenite. These metals themselves are compounds of Iron (Fe) and Nickel (Ni).

Origin & Source

Meteoric Iron is only ever found in iron-laden meteorites. The iron meteorites themselves come from destroyed M-type asteroids. Asteroids may have pieces break off during impacts with other celestial bodies to form these meteors. The meteors can become meteorites should the be caught in Earth's gravity well.
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Slighty reminiscent of burnt steak
Sharply metallic
Steely gray
8 g/cm3
Common State
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