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The King Dino, The Great Lizard, the Tyrannosaurus Rex RPG Robert Sauropoda (a.k.a. RPGDinosaurBob, Dino Bob, Bob)

RPGDinosaurBob... the King Dino... the Great Lizard... is the current ruler of House Sauropoda.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Dinobob is BIG! And being one of the oldest creatures in the swamp, is starting to show a few signs of age. Movement was slow even in his prime, but he's starting to get even slower and stiffer in his old age.

Facial Features

Bob's most distinctive feature is the long growth of salt/pepper chin hair dangling from the front of his lower jaw. That, and the glasses (without which, he's got eyesight that a Chiropteran would seek treatment for).

Identifying Characteristics

See chin-hair and eyeglasses above.

Special abilities

DinosaurBob is a Weredinosaur. His dinosaur form is typically a large sauropod. However, he can also shift into a Tyrannosaurus Rex when angered (which takes a lot of effort, and so this has rarely been seen.) He also has a "lizardman" form that is a mere 7 feet tall, but allows him to access some of his reptilian abilities without crashing through the floor, such as the benefits of his leathery hide, sharp teeth, and claws.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dinobob, as he is known for short, rose to power within House Sauropoda during the turmoil that ensued immediately after the young, upstart Avians departed to form their own House. Sauropoda was already in a waning phase when some of its best talent literally flew away. While cyclic rising and falling is something to be expected in any House that has been around for millions of years, the loss of the Birbs at an already low point almost caused the House to dissolve completely.   But RPGDinosaurBob held it together and started to rebuild. As the oldest dino in the swamp, he had the respect of the hard-liners, and his willingness to experiment with new ways earned him the trust of those who were sympathetic with the upstart Avians. Getting the House to change its motto from "Stay the Course" to "Evolve!" was a major battle, but Bob was victorious, and it solidified his position as House Leader.   By the time the First Word War broke out, RPGDinosaurBob had managed to bring the House back from the brink of dissolution to at least being a recognized Minor House. Getting his people to support House Avis was initially beyond even his ability though -- the House decided to back House Apis. (The insects were at least as old as the dinosaurs. So were squids, but they were squishy and lived on the wrong side of the water's surface.)   When House Apis fell in the first attack of the Horde, though, Bob led Sauropoda to safety, and at this point convinced his charges that supporting the Birbs was the thing to do. The fact that both Avis and Sauropoda were overrun in the second wave of Undead should have meant the end of Dinobob's run as House Leader, but his quick recovery after being raised from the dead impressed those who remained alive and loyal to the House.   Within another year, Bob's leadership saw House Sauropoda being restored to its rightful Major House status. Still weaker than when in its prime, the House did fall in Word War 2, but this time, Bob and the rest of the senior leaders managed to stay alive and kept the remnants of the House together. Since then, it has rapidly grown in stature, and now, under Dinobob's leadership, is a force to be reckoned with.   At the beginning of the April 2022 Tourney season, the King Lizard reached out to Crys the leader of House Avis, and proposed a temporary alliance as "proof of concept" to their Houses that they could bury the teeth and talons. If successful, the Tyrannosaurus Rex has proposed making the Penguin Prinx his Heir Apparent, thus setting the stage for a reunification.

Gender Identity


Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: RPG play and design, Classic movies, meat loaf (the food and the musician), a good cigar with a cup of coffee and a sunrise   Dislikes: Willful stupidity (not to be confused with naivete, which is excusable, or silliness which almost made the "likes" list.)

Vices & Personality flaws

Biting off more than even a big dino can chew.   Taking a while to get around to starting new things.


Cleaning bits of small, furry animals from between toenails is sometimes problematic.
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Currently Held Titles
older than anything in the Swamp except the dirt
Current Residence
Somewhere with the Great Swamp (exact location withheld for security purposes)
Cisgender male
Yes... two... spectacled.
Fine, straight, brown hair in human form
Mohawk-like scale crest in Dinosaur form
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale skin in Human form
Green scales shading to yellow along the underbelly in Dinosaur form.
6'2" in Human form
30ft tall in Dino form
"Heavy" in Human form / Tens of tons in Dino form.
Quotes & Catchphrases
— now the House Motto
What could possibly go wrong?
RPGDinosaurBob in half-dino form by Heroforge
A man in greyscale in a burnt jungle landscape, shrugging
RPGFossilBob by RPGDinosaurBob

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