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Coffee Quills

The Kosmic Kraken, The Caffeinated One, The Best Sempei Evar, The Thing That Should Not Be Coffee Quills Mollusca

Coffee Quills is the former Cosmic Kraken, the ex-leader of House Mollusca .

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

The Cosmic Kraken has several harpoon/whaling scars across the bottom of their tentacles. These appear in human form as scars on their belly.

Special abilities

Coffee Quills is ambidextrous with all tentacles, and capable of concentrating on eight different tasks at once as they all work independently. They are also one of the most prolific known literomancers, routinely scoring on the leaderboards in any given Game of Tomes: Tourney of Tales. Coffee gives great hugs, but aside from these things, doesn't really have special or magical powers beyond being a kraken.

Apparel & Accessories

Normally uses their tentacles, but will sometimes use "older" weapons that have sunk into the ocean (harpoons, spears, things that can be thrown with tentacles). Sometimes these items are coated in poison. There have also been times where the Kraken has thrown other octopuses (and hitting someone in the face with a blue-ringed octopus is extremely satisfying).

Specialized Equipment

Coffee normally uses their tentacles, but will sometimes use "older" weapons that have sunk into the ocean (harpoons, spears, things that can be thrown with tentacles). Sometimes these items are coated in poison. There have also been times where the Kraken has thrown other octopuses (and hitting someone in the face with a blue-ringed octopus is extremely satisfying).

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The origin of the Cosmic Kraken remains a mystery. Some say they have always been, and will still be at world's end. Others say they were summoned into existence by The Iron Tome, and should anything happen to the Tome, they, too, would be destroyed.   What is certain is that the Werekraken known as Coffee Quills appeared among the community of Literomancers a few months before the First Word War. Presenting in human form as an AFAB genderfluid person with an inquisitive, warm and friendly nature, they quickly endeared themself to many of the leaders of the other literomantic Houses.  
Enormous kraken tentacles viewed from below in a cityscape
Coffee Quills Ashore by Gaimard
The name of House Mollusca was only known to the others through myth, and none of them had been seen in centuries; but when Coffee showed up with a school of shapeshifting octopuses, cuttlefish, squids and krakens, and several other nautical sorts besides, it was undeniable that the House had survived the centuries just fine, and were now ready to rejoin literomantic society.   This probably should have been taken as a bad sign, because immediately after their appearance at the annual literomantic competition, the Game of Tomes, the First Word War broke out, and Tome Zombies appeared -- or reappeared.   The Kraken likes to attack from the depths, and in the war, zey were able to help from the rivers and bays near the land (Lapin, Meles, etc.) and air beings (Apis, Avis, etc.). Being the most numerous literomantic House, and being led by Coffee Quill's epic literomantic ability, House Mollusca slowly watched the other Houses fall around them. Coffee kindly accepted any literomantic refugees that came their way, as one House Leader after another fell to the power of the Undead Horde.   House Lapin was the last to fall. The Chief Rabbit Sable Aradia and the remains of her House actually managed to escape the clutches of the Horde, and Sable made her way to the ocean, where she bent the knee to Coffee Quills and supported their claim to the Iron Tome. Together, they and the survivors of the other Houses stood back-to-back, and managed to save the Iron Tome from the Undead. The Caffienated One claimed the Iron Tome, used its powers to restore the dead to life, and immediately sealed it in a vault deep in the bottom of The Zafforza Trench.   Just prior to the Second Word War, the Iron Tome was somehow stolen from the Molluscan vault. Soon after, Zombie Summoning Totems appeared at the strongholds of the Major House leaders. Coffee was somewhat concerned by the bunny-shaped totem that seemed to implicate her friend the Chief Rabbit that appeared in the Zafforza Trench, but dismissed the stories of a Summer Fun Cthulhu that appeared at Mai Tai Village as a fabrication or a bad joke.  
Octopus arms on the outside of a submarine porthole
Coffee Quills by AStoKo
The Kraken thought they were safe in their oceanic trench. But the Second Word War was a nasty surprise to zem since there were undead Hammerheads sharks and the fight was taken to the underwater trenches. Even with this, though, the Kraken didn't try to specialize in their training. With everything they were trying to accomplish, and with the hope to lead their house to victory for a second year, they decided to try to attack with the ways they already knew. However, sticking to the old ways did not help much, and after they were expelled from their home because of a particularly aggressive attack by the undead hammerhead sharks, they joined forces with the others Houses to make sure the undead would be beaten -- although not necessarily willingly at first. Circumstances led her to believe that Sable Bright-Eyes was making a bid for power at House Mollusca's expense, and so joining the Grand Alliance under her banner was a bitter pill to swallow.   However, when the Caffienated One discovered the reason for Sable's actions, the two were able to put aside their differences, and Coffee Quills led House Mollusca to victory with the Grand Alliance at Battle of the Warren, just as they had been aided by the Mother of Bunnies and House Lapin the year before.   As the Houses head into the Spring Tourney of Tales, relations between the Kraken and the other House Leaders are strong. The Kraken is positively regarded and respected by most.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Eating fish, seafood, and the occasional source of meat (usually alligator). Loves hurricanes and whirlpools.   Dislikes: Colder weather, cruise ships because they're noisy, and squid-eating whales.

Virtues & Personality perks

Always ready with hugs, enjoys swimming and will rescue ships when possible.

Vices & Personality flaws

Addicted to sardines and coffee.
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House Mollusca by Dani Adventures
Chaotic Good
Current Status
Documenting the damage in The Zafforza Trench
Current Location
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
3711 (unconfirmed)
Date of Birth
February 6
Current Residence
The Zafforza Trench
1 amber, the color of coral found shallow waters; 1 darkest blue hinting into black | blue (unconfirmed)
Salt-and-pepper, long, straight, tied back in a ponytail (unconfirmed)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Skin is a darker hue when facing the sun (a blend of purples, blues, and greens) and a light tint of that coloring for the bottom, with suckers the palest | pale (human form - unconfirmed)
60' long (Kraken) | 5'10" (human-unconfirmed)
545 lbs (Kraken form) | Unknown (human form)
Quotes & Catchphrases
Sending waves to lift you up!
— Coffee Quills
You've got this!
— Coffee Quills
Good timezone.
— Coffee Quills
I need more coffee. One for each tentacle is a good start.
— Coffee Quills
Get some food, some water, some rest, and meds if you need them.
— Coffee Quills
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Bubblese, English, Japanese, French, Merish
An enormous kraken tentacle rising out of the sea
A rare photo of Coffee Quills at full size (circa 1970) by Memory Catcher

Songs About the Cosmic Kraken

A small plushy squid on a water-themed blanket, underwater effect applied
Coffee Quills at the Battle of the Warren by Coffee Quills & Sable Aradia
A woman in a skirt walking down a hallway with a keyboard in hand, underwater effect applied
Coffee Quills Heading off to War by CoffeeMate Maple
A person typing on a glowing keyboard underwater
Coffee Quills' Literomancy by CoffeeMate Maple

Cover image: The Kraken by V_M
Character Portrait image: Coffee Quills by Pixabay


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