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I really do own this mace in real life. How I acquired it, and how it got its name, is a true story. - Sable Aradia
Fluffy is the name given to the wrought iron horseman's flanged mace wielded by Queen Sable Aradia of House Lapin, The Chief Rabbit, in the Word Wars. This unlikely name was known to be coined by the Bunny Queen herself. Urban legend holds that a thousand zombie skulls have been shattered under its wicked-looking flanges.   Fluffy might also be reasonably called a morning star, since its flanges are quite obviously sharp, and might almost be considered spikes rather than flanges.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A mace is a so-called "mass weapon," in that the source of its power lies in its top-heavy construction, which utilitizes gravity to crush bones and mash flesh. A single blow can crush a skull, a ribcage, or a pelvis. While it is slower than a sword because it is heavier, it is also less difficult to use without extensive training, and usually, does not need to strike as precisely to cause damage. There is no truth to the pervasive belief that a mace was wielded by holy combatants in an attempt to avoid drawing blood; the crushing effect of a mace is usually more than sufficient to tear flesh as well as crush bone.   In the hands of a smaller combatant, like Queen Sable, a mace can be an effective equalizer, delivering powerful blows with great force and leverage.   Being a horseman's mace, originally designed to be wielded from horseback, Fluffy has a shorter handle than a typical infantry mace, which makes it less awkward to wield by the dimuniative Mother of Bunnies.   Fluffy's sharp flanges also allow its wielder to take advantage of the benefits of a morning star, in that the force of the mass weapon's blow is concentrated, creating more pressure per square inch at each sharp point. This allows Fluffy to pierce even shock vests and plate armour at the point of impact.  
There are only two ways I know to stop a zombie; destroy what's left of its brain, or make sure it can't walk. That's all I'm going to say.
— Queen Sable, giving combat instruction

Manufacturing process

Likely created by either a construction worker, a steelworker or a journeyman weaponsmith within the Society for Creative Anachronism, Fluffy was probably cut from a wrought iron gate post with a cutting torch, and its flanges and rings welded in place with a spot welder. Its grip has been wrapped with various leather materials over the years, but these have almost universally been commercially-available cords or strips of genuine leather, widely available in tack and saddle shops or crafting stores.


Queen Sable acquired Fluffy when she was a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism in her youth. When she joined the SCA household of, and gave her SCA fealty to, Alec Inarsen, he gifted her with this roughly constructed, wickedly sharp-looking mace, since she had trained to fight with the rattan variant of a mace on SCA tourney fields and warfields. Upon seeing the sharp teeth of the bristling flanges, according to several witnesses to the event, she cried, "FLUFFY!" with great joy and enthusiasm, and extended her arms as if she'd been given a cuddly pet to hug.   Naturally, the name stuck.   Little is known about what, if anything, the Bunny Queen did with the mace during the years before the Tome Wars began. It seems likely it spent most of its existence as an unusual conversation-starting wall decoration, except when she attended Society for Creative Anachronism events a few times a year, and it is known that her participation in the SCA tapered off over time when she finally acquired a full time job following the Great Canadian Recession.   However, when the zombie apocalypse of 2020 descended on the world, the future Queen of the Lapin Protectorate found this wicked iron mace, and the skills she had learned in the medieval recreation society and in her smattering of martial arts instruction, to be incredibly useful.   The public was first introduced to Fluffy when Sable Bright-Eyes made her now-famous broadcast from The Warren as it was besieged near the end of The First Word War. As a journalist for the ASC News Network, the only network initially broadcasting about the zombie outbreak and the events of the war, millions of people have since seen the video archive of the Mother of Bunnies hiding out in a bunker within the Warren, listening to the undead creature who was once her friend Siobhan the Writer urge her to "come out and play," and raising Fluffy in reply.  
If you want me, come and get me!
— Sable Aradia to Siobhan the Writer at the Fall of the Warren, First Word War.
  Sable Aradia had the dubious distinction of being the only leader of the Literomantic Great Houses to survive the fall of her House during the First Word War. She fled to House Mollusca, the only House left standing, and bent the knee to The Cosmic Kraken Coffee Quills in return for sanctuary for herself and her House. This event sparked the Bunny Queen's epithets "The Queen Who Knelt" and "Sable Bright-Eyes," and the rough-hewn mace known as Fluffy acquired a certain mystique among those who gave their loyalty to House Lapin in the wake of the conflict, including the fledgling Lapin Protectorate.   As the Word Wars have continued in each subsequent November, Queen Sable's mace has also acquired a distinct reputation among Tome Knights as being a particularly deadly weapon, especially wielded by the Bunny Queen. Most recently, it was used in the Battle vs the Nite Qing to deliver a nasty blow to the demonic creature, contributing to his defeat.  
Oh wow, that was a mace to the junk, wasn't it? *wince*


To the people of the Lapin Protectorate, the savage little mace known as Fluffy has acquired almost legendary status. It is seen as emblematic of the fierce warrior's spirit of their Queen.  
Her Royal Majesty and the weapon she wields have much in common. They are small, a bit rough around the edges, both a "blunt instrument" and "as sharp as a tack," and they might look "fluffy," but they are made of tempered iron.
— Regimental Sergeant Major Elaine Murphy, Princess Rowean's 1st Irregulars "The March Hares"
  Fluffy has also acquired a similar sort of emblematic authority as some ceremonial maces carried by sovereigns or their representatives, or Parliamentary maces, carried by a sergeant-at-arms as a symbol of Parliamentary authority in many nations that once used the Westminter Parliamentary system; including the UK, Canada, and the United States. To the Lapinites, it represents the Crown's authority in their violently changed world; it may not be pretty, but it works.
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A wrought iron mace with sharp flanges and a spike against a wood floor

Fluffy by Sable Aradia

Item type
Weapon, Melee
Creation Date
1991-1993 (estimated)
Current Location
Current Holder
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Iron maces are decidedly uncommon in the modern era, even with the advent of the Word Wars and the presence of actual zombies in the world. Fluffy, based primarily on who it belongs to and how it has been used, is unique.
8 lbs
23 inches (just shy of 2 feet) long (including top spike) by about 4 inches wide at the head (counting flanges), by a bit less than a quarter inch diameter at the pommel
Base Price
Potentially worth millions to a collector
Raw materials & Components
Fluffy is comprised of wrought iron and a simple leather wrap for its handle. It has six sharply spiked flanges arranged equidistantly around the diameter of its head. The body of the mace is likely to have once been a piece of a wrought-iron fence. The tip of the mace has a two and a half inch long spike at the top of the head.   The leather wrap changes according to Queen Sable's preferences, but is usually a simple suede leather cord or strip. There are iron bands on either end of the grip, preventing it from sliding around in such a way that the hand gets in the path of blows.   A leather loop fastened at the base of the grip allows Fluffy to be hung from hooks and pegs, or fastened to the Bunny Queen's belt. This, the rings, and the leather wrapping prevent Fluffy from slipping from Queen Sable's hand during combat, even when slicked with blood.
Fluffy's famously sharp flanges have been cut from blackened sheet metal, likely scrap material. The rough bubbling that forms the seams attaching them to the mace's body indicate that they were welded in place.
"If you want me, come and get me!" - The broadcast including Sable Aradia's famous last stand at the Fall of the Warren 2020, with the first public appearance of Fluffy (relevent segment 3:52)

Cover image: Fluffy by Sable Aradia


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