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Princess Rowean ([ ROH-ən ] | /ˈroʊ ən/)

Princess Rowean Lapin (a.k.a. Sorceress of Lapin, Sun Bunny)

Princess Rowean is the half sister of The Chief Rabbit Sable Aradia. She is half elven and half Wererabbit. No one is entirely sure how being half-elven is possible, considering that elves do not exist in any numbers in the Realm, even if they are beginning to be spotted here and there. She is 3rd in the Lapin Line of Succession, after Prinx Tempest Kwake.   Of two minds about almost everything, she swings back and forth, from quietly in the background to cheering everyone's efforts from the sidelines and putting in two cents and helpfulness everywhere. She mostly devotes herself to the important tasks of the Warren's gardens and power systems in a permaculture fashion. She takes the security of these vital to The Warren's functions very seriously. Do not mess with the food or the power. It's bad. She has carnivorous roses and will use you to feed them.   Rowean has been known to fling filk ideas out to others and is a very good at helping you grow out or find a idea. She is frequently the first in line to give someone who is down a hug and encouragement. She also frequently encourages people to take a stand for themselves in life, against toxic others in their lives.   Not the most prolific of literomancers, but skilled nonetheless in the magic of plants soil and trees, Rowean also specializes in the making of stuff ranging from talismans to buildings and fortifications. When it comes to combat situations she is a buff and shield type with some small healing capacity, but it is not fast, so not much good in combat; it's more of a bolster a body's own capabilities.   She produces a series of more effective permaculture style gardening tutorials that are aired every spring followed by preserving food for no power situations and how to prepare for supply chain disruptions for the minimum of a month of doing without modern conveniences. These are highly valued in the Lapin Protectorate for their value in wartime and other periods of supply chain disruption and scarcity.   Practical and capable, she is a solver of problems and willing to step in and do what needs done should it become necessary. She seldom sees the need however as most things resolve themselves with out her sticking her fingers in the pie, which she reserves for the most dire of circumstances.   As the seasons change, so too does her location. In the summer she spends it in the north at Fortress Thyme and the winters in the south at Sandia Fortress, getting as much sun as she can. She frequently jokes she is solar powered.


Sable Aradia


Towards Princess Rowean



Princess Rowean


Towards Sable Aradia




Sable and Rowean were not raised together, but over the years of their adult lives, they have learned to trust each other. They helped raise each other's children through struggle and poverty, and since Sable has taken the Carrot Throne, Rowean has made it her personal job to deal with some of the more unsavory or difficult matters that are the Queen's responsibility. They do keep secrets from each other, however; usually centered in how much emotional stress they are actually under.

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Chaotic Neutral
Current Status
Recovering from severe injury in WW3
Current Location
Year of Birth
1974 50 Years old
Sable Aradia (sister)
Current Residence
The Warren
shoulder-length, dyed red
Wiccan/ Frith & El-Ahrairah
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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