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Literomancer Idioms (LIT-er-uh-man-ser ID-ee-uhmz | / 'lɪt ər ə ˌmæn sər ˈɪd i əmz /)

The Game of Tomes community has developed terminology that is uniquely our own. Most of it can be translated directly into the Lore of The GoTverse as well as our weird little fandom community.
As a countercultural movement until recent events brought them into the limelight, Literomancers have developed a number of idioms and internal slang that were once unique to them and their community. Naturally, since they are now so significant in world politics and culture, those expressions have begun to filter into widespread use in popular culture; much in the same way that the importance of sailing led to sailing expressions becoming ubiquitous in English language slang, or in the same way that hiphop expressions filter their way into North American slang.


Anvilite: A literomancer or other person who is part of the World Anvil community.   Badger: A Melesian or Werebadger See also Badgering.   Badgering: Pushing stubbornly on in the execution of a task or goal, regardless of anything else going on or the body's basic needs.   Bat: A Chiropteran or Werebat.   Birb: An Avis or a Werebird.   Bucktooth: A racial slur for a Wererabbit or Bunnykin. Considered offensive in the Lapin Protectorate and is censored from its media and in polite company.   Bunny: A Lapinite, Wererabbit, or Bunnykin.   Bunnybucks: A slang term for the Lapin Lira.   Caffeinate: To drink caffeine-containing liquids, such as tea, coffee, energy drinks, colas or Mountain Dew, in an attempt to encourage a tired writer's brain to focus.   Dino: A Sauropodan or Weredinosaur.   Dirt-Eater: A racial slur for a Werebadger. Considered offensive in the Meles Protectorate.   FAaFO: See Fluff Around and Find Out.   Filk:
1. A song in which the lyrics have been changed from the original (ie. Weird Al's music).
  2. Musical fanfiction.
  3. To write or sing a filk.
  4. A four-letter word beginning with F and ending with K, which has effectively replaced another four-letter slang word that begins with F and ends with K. May be used in all the various contexts of the word it has replaced.   Hydrate: To drink liquids to avoid dehydration.   Lapining: To chatter incessantly.   Lizard: A racial slur for a Weredinosaur or member of House Sauropoda. Considered offensive in the Sauropoda Protectorate -- unless one really is a Werelizard.   Milwordy:
1. A challenge to write a million words in the course of a year. Popular among Power Writers.
  2. One million Werds. A measurement of magical power in the form of a word count.   NaNo: One unit of 50,000 Werds. This is a measurement of magical power in the form of a word count. Stolen from the NaNoWriMo community.   NaNoWriMo: An abbreviation for National Novel Writing Month, an event that literomancers frequently participate in. The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in a month.   Panda: An Ailurusian or a Werepanda.   Pantser: A writer who writes by the seat of their pants, with no plot or plan when they sit down to do so. Stolen from the NaNoWriMo community.   Plantser: A writer with a loose roadmap of a plan that is subject to change in the process of writing. Stolen from the NaNoWriMo community.   Plotter: A writer who has a detailed plan or outline before they start drafting a manuscript. Stolen from the NaNoWriMo community.   Sekret (alt: Sekrit): A popular community-based misspelling of the word "secret," usually with the connotation of concealing a fun surprise until it's time to reveal it.   Sprint: Used to refer specifically to a "writing sprint," or "Pomodoro sprint," a timed period in which participating writers write as much as they can within the allotted time.   Spront: An alternate name for a Sprint. Usually used to refer to a Sprint that is taken less seriously.   Squid: A Molluscan, Weresquid, or Kraken.   Squirl: To become distracted, especially by something completely unrelated to what one was previously doing. Inspired by the popular movie Up.   Werd: One word. A measurement of magical power in the form of a word count. See also NaNo, Milwordy.
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Common Phrases
Badger through the break: To stubbornly push on with a task even though it's time to quit.   Blue Anvil: Not Safe for Work. Borrowed from the Anvilite community.   Bring out your werds: An expression that indicates it is time to count up and submit word count totals (Werds) for literomantic events, spells, or rituals.   Cartel Coin: A Flame of Encouragement medal.   Hail hydrate:
1. A "toast" that a literomancer offers when drinking liquids.
  2. A command or exhortation to Hydrate.   Fluff Around and Find Out: A Woodland Family Alliance saying for doing something potentially stupid or risky, and then suffering the consequences of your actions.   Lapin for Life: A expression of patriotism from members of House Lapin. Often accompanied by hand signs indicating an L, four fingers, and another L.   Lapin hole:
1. The Warren
  2. A time-consuming path of research that diverts one's attention when one is supposed to be writing or doing something else. Often involves getting lost in loosely connected Wikipedia pages, TV Tropes entries, or YouTube videos.   Power Writer: A writer who is capable of turning out an impressive Werd output. The benchmark for a Power Writer seems to be achieving a total of two NaNos in the course of a Tourney or War. Generally represents about 10% of the total literomancer population. Many Power Writers are also Defenders of the Realm, but they are not synonymous.   Shiny math rocks: Polyhedral dice, usually associated with tabletop roleplaying games. Often used as spell components by literomancers.   Tentacles in everything:
1. To have several projects going at the same time.
  2. To seem to have one's fingers on the pulse of everything important that is happening.

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