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Sir Foxx Writer, DoR (Defender of the Realm)

Foxx is a kitsune, a Feral to Mykola Void, Archon of House Ailurus and a Defender of the Realm. A known member of the notorious Self Care Mafia, they are recognized for their glorious chaos, pointing water guns at people when they refuse to self-care, and throwing glitter everywhere to cheer people up. They are a good frenemy to Prinx Tempest Kwake.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Foxx has spent an unknown amount of time in a state of mind they call 'the Dreaming'. They remember nothing from before this time, aside from flashes of memory they aren't sure are theirs. while lost in the Dreaming, they experienced the world through the dreams of others. often in brief flashes, but on occasion, in longer lengths. They where never able to purposefully access a specific dream until they mentally connected to the leader of the House of Kitsune ShyRedFox.   Shyredfox, following a series of please for help, discovered a long abandoned, and hidden, section of the Kitsune headquarters that had been walled off. The area had apparently been a library at one point, but had held little more than dust, cobwebs, useless scrolls, and empty papers. There had also been a carefully carved statue of a five tailed fox, sat with one paw raised in the middle of one of the tables. When shy touched it, the wooden carving (about the side of a border collie) started to flake away, revealing a living, breathing Fox with five tails. They slept for three days, and woke confused and disoriented with no memory of crying for help or of their past. Through their dreams, they knew that Shy was in danger, and immediately offered to become their bodyguard for the duration of the The Second Word War against the undead horde. They are confused by the instinct to protect, but do not let that confusion get in the way of doing the best job they can do.   They make no effort to hide that they are one of Shyredfox's Self Care Mafia members. Sometimes Foxx claims to be a co-founder and sometimes they claim to be only a lieutenant and sometimes they claim to be only another cog in the wheel. There is no telling just how connected they actually are but one thing is for sure, Foxx is exceptionally loyal to Shyredfox and have followed her everywhere until this most recent Word War.   After the dissolution of House Kitsune, Foxx followed Shyredfox around but felt no real connection to the other houses. While they did their best to assist and aid, they did not feel as if they where meant to be there. their dreams were telling them to follow another path.   After a series of nightmares, Foxx revealed that they thought Mykola Void, leader of the newly formed House Ailurus, was at great risk for the The Third Word War Foxx left Shyredfox's side and joined with the house of the pandas. They set up a grand crafting store, having learned that they adored fiber arts of all kinds, and decided to more or less settle down until the next Word War.   Foxx participated in The 50K Offensive and was granted the title Defender of the Realm. In the Fall of Chiroptera, they survived a zombie-cursed bite as a result, which they acquired when they threw themself in front of a blow intended for the Archon of House Ailurus, Mykola Void, and helped her to escape to The Warren. They fell to the Undead Horde in the Battle of Aldergrove throwing themself in front of another attack intended for the Archon.
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Chaotic Ridiculous
Current Status
Feral (bodyguard) to Archon Myko
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Unknown - Adult
Current Residence
The Warren
Varies, usually purple or blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White and Silver fur
Varies- usually about 5'4"
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations
Ruled Locations
Yarn Tails - Fiber Arts Emporeum
An anthropomorphic fox and a large man writing on phone and laptop in a cavern
The 50K Offensive, Day 3 by HeroForge

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
Character Portrait image: Foxx by HeroForge


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