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IRL, the Game of Tomes started as an Anvilite Streamer Corps event, but expanded so quickly that it was not possible for the ASC to continue to run the event and maintain its original mission. For this reason, and because the Game of Tomes wanted to expand to include all Twitch writers as potential streamers, the two parted ways amicably at the 2021 April Tourney of Tales. We continue to support and adore the ASC, and all current House Leaders are still ASC members.
The GOT News Network is a large media company that focuses on worldwide news related to The Iron Tome and Literomancy. It has divisions in the United States, Canada, Europe, India, the South Pacific, and Australia.


GOT is run by a Board of Directors, who are elected by their stockholders. The Board of Directors appoints the Network Executives, who make all major programming decisions. As the public faces of the company, Lead Anchors, Lead Reporters, and other media personalities may have considerable influence due to their ability to sway public opinion, but they have no official decision-making authority.


GOT is aware that the days of cable news may be numbered. To that end, they are strongly involved in both digital and cable media platforms, and have a strong social media presence.   The executive at GOT believe that Literomancy is so important to the world that it is their duty to bring as much news as possible about it, the Tome Knights, and The Iron Tome to the general public as possible. To this end, they will stop at nothing to "get the scoop." This, and a corporate desire for ratings, may be what has landed them in their current legal swampwater.

Public Agenda

To bring the public all the news that's news about literomancy, its practitioners, and the Iron Tome. They fill the rest of their programming with subjects that are related, including any space in which literomancers create their tales, such as RPG gaming, esports, arts, and literature.


  • Revenue: Increase US$23.418 billion (2021)
  • Operating income: Decrease US$2.566 billion (2021)
  • Net income: Increase US$1.15 billion (2021)
  • Total assets: Increase US$101.202 billion (2021)
  • Total equity: Increase US$31.011 billion (2021)
  • Number of employees: 76,000 (2019)
  • History

    GOT began as the much smaller ASC News Network, which was a television and digital network that focused on worldbuilding content. Some of their more popular segments included interviews with well-known science fiction and fantasy authors, reports on events such as WorldCon, DragonCon, and BlizzCon, esports features, and gossip on more well-known figures in the "nerdspace."   The ASC Network was one of the few media outlets who paid any attention to the Game of Tomes, a competition between literomancers. So they were the only network on the scene for the beginning of the First Word War and the concurrent zombie apocalypse. Their on-the-scene news reports went viral all over the world as the events of the zombie plague unfolded.   Unrelated to the ASC, a popular digital call-in gossip show, Let's Talk!, remained on the air, reporting on the war while most of the major cable networks went down.   This catapulted both the network, and talk show host AuthorGoddess, into the world spotlight. The GOT Corporation immediately moved to buy out the company and AuthorGoddess' show, and succeeded by April of 2021.  
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    Upon assuming control of the network, GOT did some restructuring; first, by establishing media outlets in most of the world's major English-speaking spheres, and second, by filling the holes in their line-up created by Sable Aradia and ShyRedFox's resignation, and Kahuna the Elder's firing for "unprofessionalism." WriterGreg was shifted into the position of Lead Anchor, and Barbarossa Sparklebeard was hired as a lead investigative reporter. Isaac A Thom maintained their position as Lead Reporter in Australia, despite their duties as the leader of House Ceapaire. Let's Talk! remains their most popular, and best rated show.   When AuthorGoddess disappeared at the beginning of the Second Word War, the network immediately asked ElementEds, their Lead Anchor in the Australian Division, to step into her place as the temporary host of Let's Talk!. Feeling more comfortable in exercising direct executive control over the program without AuthorGoddess and her independent media empire at the helm, they infiltrated the Tome Knights, and, throughout the war, released numerous, likely illegally-acquired, footage that revealed intimate details of the goings-on of the literomantic Houses.   They finally pushed it too far when they aired almost-certainly illegally-acquired audio recordings of intimate conversations from the celebratory banquet that followed Battle of the Warren, revealing many personal details and much juicy gossip.   Numerous GOT executives and reporters now face criminal charges, and the network is embroiled in a complicated lawsuit with House Lapin's lawyers, who are seeking damages in the millions.
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