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Meles Ailurus Treaty of 2024

On March 11, 2024, the heads of House Meles and House Ailurus met to discuss a mutually beneficial exchange of territory. This was House Meles' last official act as a major house.   Her Majesty Queen Sable Aradia graciously volunteered to host the event at The Warren and moderate for her friends.

Reason for the Treaty

The last several Word Wars devastated House Meles' population, due to Meles being the first protectorate attacked by the Zombie Undead Hordes each time. Unfortunately, it was not possible for Meles to manage such a large territory. Ailurus was growing fast and the great meeting of houses unanimously gave permission for Ailurus to become a major house in the GoTverse because of their generous and helpful nature.   Through peaceful negotiations, Meles agreed to cede their southern territory and coast to Ailurus. While this was a large area of land to lose, Ailurus generously offered the lucrative northwest coast (the entirety of the Ailurus lands at that point).   A corridor will be formed for free travel and trade over the Rocky Mountains through all the Woodland Family Alliance Protectorates. But negotiations for that are still underway and will be ratified in a separate treaty.  


House Meles
Seneschal ShyRedFox and Seneschal Purpleheart
House Ailurus
Archon Mykola Void, Polemarch Senna Nightshade, and Major Barbarossa the Wayfinder
House Lapin
Queen Sable Aradia, Prince Consort Erin Righ

(It should be noted that Meles Regent Prince Galakrond could not attend because of a potential lead on the location of his fathers, King Darth Nikolas and the Consort Bardger Realm of Music, who were MIA at the time of the writing of this treaty.)

Resulting Protectorate Areas

Territory is listed in Pre Word War location names for the consistency of the historical record.  
Major House Ailurus
Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, the lower peninsula of Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and part of Mexico.
Minor House Meles
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the up of Michigan

Benefits to Both Sides

Meles now has access to both the Pacific (via the former Ailurus lands) and Atlantic Oceans (which they previously had via the Great Lakes), large cities, and an area a size they can manage. Ailurus has much more territory than it originally had, more agriculture and industry, and easier connections to other kingdoms, specifically House Sauropoda—to which they will undoubtedly be good and hospitable neighbors. Ailurus has as much time as needed to move their capitol to the new territory.   Both Meles and Ailurus deepened in trust and friendship through this mutually beneficial exchange, and are grateful to Queen Sable for mediating and for her hospitality.
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Authoring Date
March 11, 2024
Ratification Date
March 11, 2024
Signatories (Organizations)

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