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The World Anvil Team

We are a small team of extremely passionate
worldbuilders, writers, artists and web developers, dedicated to creating a tool that will help worldbuilders, writers and storytellers bring their worlds to life.

We work hard and we party hard, mostly around a table, with dice ... RPG style! We love our platform and we are passionate about growing it and the community around it to the best of our abilities.

Janet Forbes

Founder, CEO
Queen of all Dinosaurs

Dimitris Havlidis

Founder, CTO
Natural Born Pirate

The Team & External Contractors

Andi S.

Community Creative Co-ordinator
Twitch Lurker and Grognard

Andy K.

Project & Business Adviser
Paladin of the Anvil

Anna P.

Web Developer
Bard Extraordinaire

Dave L.

Marketing Specialist
Herald of Hype

Emmanuel L.

Development Operations
Herald of the Omnissiah

Ioanna C.

Customer Services
Gothic Seer

Irene Z.

Graphic Designer
Friendly Alien

Katerina Ch.

Web Developer
Universalist Wizard

Kat French

Marketing & Content
Dungeon Mom and Princess-General

Mikolaj S.

Software Engineer
Code Slayer

Nondas P.

Web Developer
The Actual Ninja

Quentin F.P.

UI/UX Designer
Atypical Enchanter

Roc H.

Community Liaison
Codex Wizard, Help Fairy (They/them)

Stephan F.

JavaScript Developer

Sparky the Udan

Server Maintenance Engineer
Chaos Creator

Community Leaders

Keeping our Discord server, Twitch and YouTube channel the friendliest place on the internet and Events a pleasure to take part in

Keeping the Community Safe, Informed & Motivated!

Andrew Hayward

Moderator, Knower of Things (He/Him)
Supposed Lion

Bart Weergang


Devon Ruscheinski

Moderator (He/Him),
Stormbril, Professional Wizard

Jacklyn R.

Javascript Dev Support, Discord Admin
(She/her) The All-Seeing Eye

Heather S.

Moderator, Android Princess, (She/Her)

Krzysztof O.

Angantyr, Trickster Skald

Patrick M.


Rin Kempe

Enchanter, Basic Dragon

Rose W.

Moderator, ShadowPhoenix

Ryan Tompkins

Moderator, Uberphish (He/him)

Tyler Lawton

Master of Games, The W.A.R-caster

Zenith Bixler

Moderator, Cottagecore Wizard (He/him)

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