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Streamers: How to Add Streams to the GoT Calendar

Introducing the New GoT Calendar

Until now, we used a hacked together system with Google Calendar. But it was very limited and people often had problems with time zones and events not saving. We've been working behind the scenes toward a better solution using Calendar.Online.   Our new system will give you link for editing access to the GoT streaming calendars. No password or Google account needed anymore. Easy, right?  
A note to our members who are also in the ASC - this calendar setup is a little different, so please be sure to familiarize yourself with this setup too. You will have a GoT calendar link AND ASC calendar link(s). They don't combine.


How Do I Get On the GoT Calendar?

Sign up to be a GoT streamer at

Seting It Up

We'll ask for your email so we can send you the personalized link(s).
  • You'll receive an editing link. (FYI. It's not a full-fledged Calendar.Online account. You're part of a team on the GoT account.)
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    Keep the email with the link(s) for your calendar or bookmark it so you can access it.


    Creating Events

    Using the editing link we sent, click and drag on the calendar the times you want for your event.   The creation screen will pop up.  

    Please be sure to fill in the following parts of the form:
    Put your user name then the topic of your stream such as 'Shyredfox: Write In'
    Tell us a little more about your stream
    Add Link
    Put in the link to your twitch stream
    Time Period
    Fill in your info.

    You can set up repeats. They have a list of options, but custom ones are not available.

    Say you wanted a Monday, Wednesday, Friday repeat. You'll have to post a weekly event for Monday, then do the same thing for the other days.

    For repeated events, you must pick an end time. To help with this, set a reminder for re-inputting your stream events. (Shyredfox is setting her repeating events to end on December 31, and setting a reminder to re-create the events. We recommend you do the same. Shy will put a reminder in the discord for everyone to do the same. )
    Please only add your stream one of the calendars. If you cancel a stream, please move it to the cancellation calendar and delete it off the other calendar. A lobby stream is one that is quiet, and might not show the streamer.
      Then save your event.
    You will be able to see and edit all events on the streaming and cancellations calendars. So be careful and respectful of the events already there.   (We can track if someone is editing someone else's events. If there are problems, the offenders will only get 'add' access to the calendars or have calendar privileges revoked.)


    Cancelling a Stream

    Simply take the other calendars off your event, and if you want add it to the Cancellations calendar.




  • The calendar checks for your time zone. No more conversions!
  • No more google account requirement to have a calendar.
  • No more messages from Google saying it won't add your events.
  • No more having to invite a calendar to your event with obscure google addresses no one can remember.
  • The ability to copy events.
  • More options for the GoT calendar view
  • Faster event creation
  • If life goes crazy for someone or they walk away from the GoT, the officers can remove events or a calendar. We prefer people handling their own calendars, so won't use this option unless we have to. We can easily add it back too!



  • You can't create infinitely repeating events.
  • You can't setup a custom repeat.
  • We rely on a link for editing. If you your link gets into the wrong hands, please contact us so we can reset it for you!


    What If I Lose The Link?

    We can send it to you.


    Is It Free?

  • It is free for you to use. Amy/Shyredfox found a great deal on a lifetime account and purchased it for GoT. We can use an unlimited amount of sub-calendars and links.


    Calendar Coverage

    When we have coverage, it helps us raid each other, so we can bring each other viewers and continue the word count writing train. But we do not have fixed streaming slots and we do not require raiding each other, but it is a friendly and helpful thing. Anyone can stream at any time. Schedule sharing is only intended to enable collaboration. If you end up streaming at the same time as someone else, feel free to attempt collaboration (interviews, co-streams, etc.) but always ensure you and your chat are having fun!   With the number of members we have (over 30 as of this update), it is impossible to create a schedule with no overlap. Stream when you can. If you can fill in gaps, GREAT! But we know everyone has lives and schedules change.  
    We do request that if possible, please try not to stream over GoT's official streams.
      There is no pressure to stick to the schedule. Our purpose is to be supportive and inclusive, and never put the schedule ahead of our people. As a group, we help bring viewers to each other, through raids and by bringing more content to Twitch and more attention to our topics. There will be some audience generated by GoT events, but it is up to you to grow your audience.   We want to be an additive effect for each other's streams. User and community safety and happiness are the top priority. Harassment has no place here. If you ever have a safety concern please feel free to contact a member of our Mod team via our Discord.


    If You Need To Stop Streaming For A While

    It's easy to remove your events. In an emergency, you can contact the calendar coordinator and they will remove your events from the calendar. We know life happens.
    This article is a work in progress, and may be subject to changes.
    This article is part of a series related to streaming the Game of Tomes. For more information, see Streaming Game of Tomes.


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