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House Mollusca

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  House Mollusca is a Major House. It was also the first House to claim the Iron Tome (November 2020) with its members giving a collective writing effort of 779,544 words by the end of the month. It was led by the Cosmic Kraken — CoffeeQuills. Its base is The Zafforza Trench.  


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What is Fish Shall Never Fry

Led By
CoffeeQuills — the Cosmic Kraken
House Heir

Diplomatic Relations

Mollusca ↔ Lapin

60 ↔ 75

Military and Trade Alliance

Relations between the two Houses are solid and strong. Mollusca sent Scion Striker as an ambassador to The Warren before The Third Word War started, and Lapin promised to aid Mollusca in the difficulties facing them and spreading beyond their waters. Scion Striker and Queen Sable have become friends, especially after the events of The 50K Offensive. Lapin has not forgotten that Mollusca took them in during The First Word War and Mollusca has not forgotten that Lapin took them in during the Second. The only reason the relationship isn't tighter is that there is still some lingering doubt and suspicion among some Molluscans, who believe Queen Sable undercut their alliance with Meles before the Battle of the Warren

After The Third Word War there is a little tension, however. A few Lapins question why the Bats did not join them when Chiroptera fell, and a few Bats question why the Bunnies did not join them in supporting Mollusca when Lapin fell.

Mollusca ↔ Meles

10 ↔ 10

Military Alliance

Meles and Mollusca have little to do with each other, but bear no hostility. They both trust each other to honour the conditions of the mutual House treaties.

Mollusca ↔ Chiroptera

80 ↔ 80

Military and Trade Alliance

Chiroptera fled to Mollusca when their House fell in The Third Word War and Mollusca was grateful for the help and support. A strong friendship has developed between Queen Tara and Scion Striker. Although their youth and inexperience put them in a difficult position when Mollusca fell, they fought and fell together. Both leaders are actively working to strengthen their friendship and House relationship.

Mollusca ↔ Sauropoda

50 ↔ 40

Military and Trade Alliance

Sauropoda came to the aid of Mollusca at their Fall in The Third Word War , and Sauropoda appreciated their strong support against aquatic Undead specifically.

Mollusca ↔ Ailurus

40 ↔ 50

Military and Trade Alliance

Relations between Ailurus and Mollusca is generally positive, but they have not had much chance to work together. Still, a friendship is growing between Archon MykolaVoid and Scion Striker, which is opening up doors. They have worked together to facilitate overseas trade.

Mollusca ↔ Avis

10 ↔ 10

Military Alliance

Avis and Mollusca have no reason to like or dislike each other. There is a certain degree of mutual respect between the two Regents and the Scion, after working together in The Battle of the Book and The 50K Offensive but they have not sought any further connection.

Mollusca ↔ The Company

-85 ↔ -85

Mortal Enemies

Mollusca considers The Company a mortal enemy after what they did to their Regent, and they suspect them of being involved with recent issues that have worsened in the oceans. The Company hates and fears all literomancers, and is more wary of Mollusca after they became aware that the Regent had joined them.

Mollusca ↔ Chaos Cartel

30 ↔ 30

Well Disposed

Mollusca is not known for getting involved in criminal syndicates. However, they tend to be pretty good at encouragement for the most part, so the Cartel have no problems with them.

Mollusca ↔ The Self-Care Mafia

30 ↔ 30

Well Disposed

Mollusca is not known for getting involved in criminal syndicates. However, they tend to be pretty good at self care for the most part, so the Mafiosos have no problems with them.


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