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Game of Tomes: Tourney of Tales of April 2021

Knight Show by X Posid

  The Tourney of Tales is a new, friendly competition, stemming from November's Game of Tomes, for writers who participate in Camp NaNoWriMo and are regular Twitch viewers, or who enjoy participating in virtual write-ins with a competitive (but friendly!) spirit. Although it was designed by writer Twitch streamers who are part of the World Anvil community and the Anvilite Streamer Corps, it is open to any and all participants in Camp NaNoWriMo. There will be a Tourney of Tales in both April and July, the Camp NaNoWriMo months. They begin on the first of the month, and end on the last day of the month.  


Game of Tomes 2020 Recap
Military Conflict | Jan 7, 2022
  The success of the first Game of Tomes in 2020 quickly led to popular demand in the community for more of the same. Although Sable Aradia had greatly enjoyed the Game of Tomes, she hesitated, for two reasons. The first was that it was an awful lot of work, and she didn't want to burn herself out. The second was that events scheduled for April and July would run in conflict with Adventure April and World Anvil's Summercamp event respectively.   It wasn't until the week before April 2021 that she finally thought of a way that she could make it work. She quickly asked the other leaders of the Great Houses if they would care to join her for the Tourney -- and they accepted the challenge.  
"You have my tentacles!"
— Coffee Quills, the Cosmic Kraken


In the Tourney of Tales, the Great Houses of the Realm are gathering for a medieval-style tournament. Since it is not a war, there are no eliminations, no mercenaries, and no Undead Horde. Participants may start competing when Camp NaNoWriMo begins in their timezone, and must stop competing when Camp NaNoWriMo ends in their timezone.   Tome Knights declare their allegiance to a House, and fight for that House's honour. They may do this in a number of ways:  
  1. Writing -- original draft writing is counted word-for-word
  2. Light Editing -- light editing (minor typos, rephrasing, etc.) is counted at a rate of 15 words per 1 minute of editing time spent, or at 1/3rd the number of total words edited
  3. Heavy Editing -- heavy edits (rewriting, developmental editing, etc.) is counted at a rate of 30 words per 1 minute of editing time spent, or at 1 half the total number of words edited
  4. Translation -- as Heavy Editing above
PLEASE NOTE: You must calculate your word count equivalent yourself! We have no way to adjust your word count in our reporting system. If you are editing or translating, and tracking by word count, count your total, then divide it by the appropriate integer (3 for light edits, 2 for heavy edits) and enter that result when entering your word counts. See the video clip above if this is confusing.
Reporting Your Word Counts or Equivalent
Each Wrimo assigns themselves to one of the Great Houses, depending upon inclination and habits as a writer, or just personal whim. Or, Wrimos may choose to assign themselves to a Lesser House instead, who will then choose a Great House to support in turn. Their word counts or equivalent in the streams of participating streamers are counted towards the overall totals of their chosen Great House by selecting the appropriate channel point reward, marked by their house's banner as a Twitch emote, and entering their word count totals (as calculated in the rules above) in the space one might typically type a "highlighted message".     Word count totals are accumulated by House, as in the Game of Tomes, and counted by using the Channel Point reward system in participating streams. However, unlike in the Game of Tomes, these House totals will be announced once a week.  

Instructions for Reporting Word Count Totals as a Streamer

  1. When the stream is over, go to your Channel Points Rewards and select the button that says "Review Request Queue." Please DO NOT use the "Activity Feed" to do your screenshots!
  2. One house at a time, unless they all fit on one page, take a screenshot of the list of redemptions. If there are more than one page of them under a given House, scroll down so that the last redemption of the previous screenshot is visible at the top of the next one, and take another screenshot. Do so until you have screenshotted the whole list.
  3. If you are using the optional Word Document reporting system, please ALSO arrange the results by House.
  4. Add up the totals under each House and report them in the appropriate spot on the reporting form.
  5. If the points are attributed to a Minor House, they should be added BOTH to the Minor House AND the Major House that the Minor House serves.
  6. If there are no redemptions for a particular House, then you do NOT have to take a screenshot for that House.
  7. Upload all the screenshots for the stream in the space provided. If there are more than 10, make a .zip file of them and upload that instead.
  8. Submit. You may then clear the existing redemptions from your Queue and you are ready for the next stream.
  Participants, especially those who are doing editing, may enter their converted word count rate at any point during a participating stream; so if they prefer to wait until the end of the stream to make the math easier, they may do so.   As with the Game of Tomes, only words written or edited during participating Game of Tomes streams will count towards their House totals.    
In April 2021, weekly totals will be announced at the beginning of "Diane Actually Writes" on Sable Aradia's Twitch channel, on Thursdays at 9 pm UTC.
As in a medieval tournament, the top scoring Tome Knights will be awarded a prize purse. This purse will be contributed to by other Twitch writers and participants, and will likely include things like ebooks, subscriptions to World Anvil worlds, and other, mostly digital prizes. The full prize purses will be posted when they have been finalized in the sidebar.  
Points Reporting for House Leaders and Streamers
  • To simplify matters, for the Tourney of Tales there is only one reporting form for everyone to use to report their points totals after a stream.
  • PLEASE NOTE that our new automated system automatically CLOSES to entries 1 HOUR after the turn of the week in UTC. If you submit results after that, they will be counted on the next week automatically. Please submit your results in a timely manner to avoid confusion.
  • However, there will be several hours after the turn of the final timezone on the first of the next month to submit your final results. This is the only one that is really important, so please do not delay your submissions for too long!
  For a refresher on how to report your totals as a streamer, please see the original Game of Tomes page.

Components and tools

This event will take place on Twitch, in the streams of participating streamers. Writers will require access to Twitch streams to participate. For a complete list of participating streamers, see the sidebar.   Resources for setup are here:      
For the Spring Tourney, channel point reward options on all participating streams should be activated by 12 pm UTC on the 31st of March, and should remain active until 12 pm UTC on the 1st of May, to make sure that all timezones have an equal chance to participate.


Great House Leaders

Great House leaders are the organizers of the event, and the primary hub of participation. They always represent their House. They encourage and support other streamers and participants, especially those competing for their banner. They report the total word count of all Houses in their streams, and make sure they are up-to-date for the weekly totals. Great House leaders may display their House Banners on their streams for the duration of the Tourney.  
The Great Houses
Led by: DaniAdventures
Apis by Coffee Quills / DaniAdventures
Led by: Siobhan the Writer & Erin Righ
Chiroptera by Coffee Quills / DaniAdventures
Led by: Darth Nikolas
Meles by Coffee Quills / Dani Adventures
Led by: Cryssalia
Avis by Coffee Quills / DaniAdventures
Led by: Sable Aradia
Lapin by Coffee Quills / DaniAdventures
Led by: Coffee Quills
Mollusca by Coffee Quills / DaniAdventures

Lesser House Leaders

Lesser House leaders are the auxiliary arm of the Great Houses. They give their fealty to one of the Great Houses for the purposes of the Tourney -- this time, there is no switching of allegiances. They help to manage the event and encourage participation and goal-reaching, especially for those competing under their banner. Like the Great House leaders, they may display their House banner for the duration of the Tourney, and they also report the word count totals of all Houses in their streams, and keep them updated weekly.  
Lesser Houses
House Tiki
Led by Kahuna The Elder
In service to House Apis
House Varangia
Led by DMStretch
In service to House Lapin
House Sauropoda

Led by Dinosaur Bob
In service to House Mollusca

House Ceapaire
Led by Isaac Thompson
In service to House Chiroptera



Many participating streams will simply be collecting points for the Houses, and making sure they are kept up-to-date. They do not lead houses themselves. If they have a banner, they may also display it for the duration of the Tourney.  

Tome Knights

All participants in the Tourney of Tales are Tome Knights. They are writers seeking to work on a writing project during Camp NaNoWriMo. That writing project can be of any length, and may be an original draft or an edit of any sort of writing, whether it's prose, scriptwriting, poetry, articles, RPG writing, non-fiction, or anything else.   In the Tourney of Tales, Tome Knights choose their own writing goals, and select a House to represent. Once they have selected a House, they may not change loyalties for the duration of the Tourney. When they write or edit in participating streams, they enter their word count totals, or equivalent, under their chosen House Banner, using the Channel Point reward system. Their words are then counted towards their House totals.


The Tourney of Tales will be observed twice a year, during the Camp NaNoWriMo months:
  • Spring Tourney -- April 1 to April 30
  • Summer Tourney -- July 1 to July 31
In April 2021, the official launch of the Tourney of Tales was on "Diane Writes" on Sable's Twitch channel on March 31st. And Coffee Quills was the first participating streamer actually in a timezone to write.
  Only words that are written or edited during participating streams are counted towards the tourneys. Unlike during the Game of Tomes, there is no guarantee that there will be anywhere near 24 hour coverage. Participating streamers will continue to stream at their normal times.   Participating streamers will be drawn from the streamers who have previously participated in an official Game of Tomes event. This is to make life a little easier on the organizers; frankly, they don't have the time to guide new streamers through the process of setting up the Game of Tomes - Point Reporting and Points Setup, so it is important that streamers who intend to participate already be familiar with the process. Streamers must sign up by March 31st.  
Sign up here at this link!
Remember, This is a Game
Remember, this is a tournament, not a war. It is honour that participants are fighting for, not survival. The spirit of the Tourney of Tales is less like A Song of Ice and Fire, and more like Dunk and Egg. Friendly rivalry is expected, and so is a little politicking, but in medieval tourneys, manners and grace are every bit as important as success. We are all in this together to achieve our writing goals. The Game of Tomes organizers reserve the right to ban people from the event at their sole discretion.  

Weekly Results

Ongoing results will be announced on a roughly weekly basis, including House standings and individual leaderboards:  
In April 2021, the weekly results of the Tourney of Tales will be announced on Sable Aradia's Twitch channel on the following schedule:
  • Week 1: Diane Actually Writes, Thursday, April 8, 9 pm GMT
  • Week 2: Diane Actually Writes, Thursday, April 15, 9 pm GMT
  • Week 3: Diane Actually Writers, Thursday, April 22, 9 pm GMT

Final Results

The final results will be tallied on the 1st of May for the April Tourney, and the 1st of August for the July Tourney, and will be announced on a live stream after all timezones are finished and all results are in.  
In April 2021, the final results of the Tourney of Tales will be announced on "Write with Erin (and Sometimes Diane)" on May 1st, 2021, starting at 9 pm UTC.
House Apis Banner by Dani Adventures

House Lapin Banner by Dani Adventures
House Avis Banner by Dani Adventures

House Meles Banner by Dani Adventures
House Chiroptera Banner by Dani Adventures

House Mollusca Banner by Dani Adventures
This article is a work in progress, and may be subject to changes.
This article is part of a series related to streaming the Game of Tomes. For more information, see Streaming Game of Tomes.

Leaders of the Great Houses

The current leaders of each house are:

Participating Streamers

Most Tourney of Tales streamers are ASC members, and you can find their schedules on the ASC Main Calendar, located on our front page.

Pride Ascending

Pride Ascending is the only Tourney streamer who is NOT an ASC member. They will be doing their best to keep their stream going as often as possible throughout the Tourney. Follow their channel so you'll know when they go live!
I am no longer keeping track of the schedule. I find that the frequent last minute changes are impossible to keep up with. Please follow the channels who are participating, and check your Twitch notifications to see who is currently online.


Here is the current official leaderboard as of the end of Week 3:
  1. Walkingdeadlover987 a.k.a. Amelia Nite (Meles) - 168,430
  2. ElementEds a.k.a. Tal (Mollusca) - 54,899
  3. PurpleHeart Writer a.k.a. NathaliaBooks (Meles) - 52,887
  4. AmelieIS (Lapin) - 50,279
  5. CoffeeQuills (Mollusca) - 48,396
  1. SableAradia (Lapin) - 83,071
  2. Gwenefre (Lapin) - 66,188
  3. AuthorGoddess (Apis) - 49,659
  4. EliKwake (Mollusca) - 45,301
  5. Cryssalia (Avis) - 31,113


April Prize Purse

There will be two prize purses for each Tourney; the top score word count for Writers, and the top score word count for Editors. Sable Aradia will donate copies of her books to every person who makes the leaderboard.   For the Monarch of Flowers (Writing,) the current prize purse includes:
  • A commission/collaboration on a Species article for World Anvil by Moonflower
  • An ebook copy of the Emotional Thesaurus from DaniAdventures
  • An ebook copy of Reaper by Eli Kwake
  • An ebook copy of Hindsight Being 2020 by EliKwake
  • An ebook copy of Unexpected by Nathalia Books
  • An ebook copy of Rise: the Liminal Chronicles by Amy Winters-Voss Shy Red Fox
  For the Monarch of Fools (Editing,) the current prize purse includes:
  • A pre-made custom CSS theme for your World Anvil world from Moonflower
  • An ebook copy of Emotion Amplifiers from DaniAdventures
  • An ebook copy of Reaper by Eli Kwake
  • An ebook copy of Hindsight Being 2020 by EliKwake
  • An ebook copy of Unexpected by Nathalia Books
  • An ebook copy of Rise: the Liminal Chronicles by Amy Winters-Voss Shy Red Fox

Each person on the leaderboard will also receive:

  • An ebook copy of Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West by Sable Aradia
  • An ebook copy of Gunsmoke & Dragonfire by Sable Aradia
  Prize purses will be expanded, perhaps even to a second or third prize for each category, if more donations come in. To donate to the prize purses, please contact Sable Aradia on Discord or Whisper on Twitch.

The 1st Battle Royale of April 2021

On the weekend of April 9, 2021, PrideAscending covered a 47.5 hour stream to fill in some large gaps. This resulted in Pride having 147 individual word count entries to report in. The event was called first the Duel of Death, and then the Battle Royale (because there's no death at the Tourney of Tales.) the original tale of the Duel of Death
  1. Tiki got wiped out in Seconds, they stood no chance.
  2. Chiroptera fought hard but fell next.
  3. Avis was sadly close behind.
  4. Lapin were like bunnies, scattering to the four winds, but hunted down in the end.
  5. Their multiple tentacles kept them alive, but only temporary, with Mollusca the next to fall.
  6. And Meles took the win, and the warren, and the earth, and now we all have to flee.
, click on the Spoiler button.  
Tiki And Ceapaire got knocked out in seconds, they stood no chance.   Chiroptera fought hard but got tripped up next.   Avis struggled valiantly but ultimately yielded.   Lapin were like bunnies, scattering to the four winds, but became too exhausted in the end.   Their multiple tentacles kept their foes at bay, but only temporarily, with Mollusca the last to submit.   And Meles took the win, battered, bruised, and bloody but victorious.   Apis was suspiciously absent, though many speculate they were allowed a free pass thanks to all the Mead.
— PrideAscending, House Lapin Chronicler

The 2nd Battle Royale of April 2021

The 2nd Battle Royal ran over the course of the weekend of April 16th to 19th. PrideAscending, as an incentive, offered random prize draws to participants if they accumulated 100,000 words between them. They cleared this goal by about 3000 words.   Satrium, RabidCandyVoid of House Tiki and Apis were desperately outnumbered and outmatched.   IsaacAThom, Head of House Ceapaire, punched well above their weight, but was defeated next.   RPGDinosaurBob of House Sauropoda fell moments after Isaac.   Oncoming Shower of House Avis kept going a few minutes longer, but also fell.   Laura_VAB, the lone knight of House Kitsune, was a firebrand, but was defeated soon after.   Moonflower of House Chiroptera fought on the longest of the lone knights, but was also defeated.   Xtremepsy, Sunnyl, ElementEds (Tal), EliKwake, The Lady Writes, AmandaPandaSensei, CoffeeQuills, and Juxtapositor of House Mollusca put in an impressive showing with all their tentacles, but of the teams, they were the first to fall.   JamesWoodwright, PrideAscending, Calamity Badger, Madame Claire, Gwenefre, Sable Aradia, Xantos the Great, Burning Nightengale, and AmelieIS of House Lapin were ever-present and everywhere, as bunnies are, but did not long outlast Mollusca.   WalkingDeadLover (AmeliaNite), PurpleHeartWriter, and Lord Galakrond of House Meles carried the day, with WalkingDeadLover almost single-handedly defeating both Mollusca and Lapin by herself
— Sable Bright-Eyes, Mother of Bunnies, repeating the tale of PrideAscending
Character | Dec 29, 2022

Celebrate the Tourney with Roleplay!

Renaissance Travel Kitchenware by Andrew Schmidt
Would you like to have your Game of Tomes character enjoy the benefits of the Tourney? Just for fun, you may purchase virtual roleplay (read: imaginary) items with the currency of your words! Check out this shopping form to "purchase" medieval tourney items, or add your own!   Thank you to Moonflower for creating this fun RP element for the event!

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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