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The Undead Horde 2020

The Undead Horde are a group of "Tome Warriors" or "Tomers" who have been drafted into the Undead Horde in the Game of Tomes. These writers must register their word counts for the Undead Horde for the remainder of the Game of Tomes, from the moment their names appear on this list.  
The current list of the Dead includes:
  • Erin Righ, the Nite King
  • DaniAdventures, The Queen Zombee
  • Serukis, Zombee, Murder-Hornet
  • Darth_Nikolas (Lich Nikolas)
  • ShyRedFox (ShyDeadFox)
  • Dazzlikat (Dazzlicorpse)
  • Siobhanthewriter_shivahn, Queen of the Nite
  • LizaGrimm (LizaGrimmReaper)
  • TheOtherJoshArt (TheOtherZombeeArt)
  • Moonflower_writer (Doomflower)
  • Caliope7 (The7thCorpse)
  • Cryssalia, a.ka. Corpsalia, the Plague Penguin
  • RPGDinosaurBob (RIPDinosaurBob, FossilBob)
  • dhan_llynya (DeadLlynya)
  • nine_and_kittens (NineDeadKittens)
  • gwenefre (Ghoulefre)
  • eiliagh (Ei-lich)
  • NathaliaBooks (FataliaBooks)
  • PrideAscending (DeathDescending)
  • Xantos_the_great (Xantos-the-Corpse
  • p2poo2 (D2Dead2)
  • esongbird24601 (eVulture24601)
  • Kalgidorah (Kaldi-gore-ah
  • magikbeyondyourken (MagikBeyondYourGrave)
  • Mirabaar (Mirab-ARRG)
  • kitoypoy (Casket-oypoy)


The Undead Horde is led by Erin Righ, the Nite King. All other Zombies are subject to his rule.

Public Agenda

The Undead Horde seeks to achieve the highest possible word count totals, to prevent the living houses from gaining the Iron Tome.


The Horde began with Erin Righ, the Nite King, who began to slay living writers from fallen houses in the Game of Tomes.

Demography and Population

The Undead Horde is drafted randomly from 1/3rd of the population of each eliminated house.


The Horde's strength consists of angry writers who have been eliminated from achieving the Iron Tome, and they want vengeance!

Technological Level

The forces of the Undead have access to all modern writing and stream-watching equipment.

Foreign Relations

Everybody wants to defeat the Undead Horde!
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Amass the Horde

Founding Date
November 5, 2020
Exotic, Gestalt Consciousness
Alternative Names
The Zombies, the White Walkers, the Dead, the Undead, the Horde
Zombies, White Walkers
Judicial Body
The membership and rules of the Undead Horde are governed by the event organizers (great house leaders) of the Game of Tomes.
Related Ranks & Titles
You might be a House Lord, or a minor house leader, but sooner or later, you dance with the Reaper.
— Erin Righ, the Nite King, with NO apologies to Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
Character flag image: Undead Horde Banner by Dani Adventures


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