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The Restructuring

Like, I’m pretty sure that this totally wasn’t my fault this time? Like, for sure.
  The Restructuring was the mass-movement event caused by the erasing of text in the Iron Tome after the Battle of Zafforza Trench in the First Word War. The event completed quickly, with the final land movements being completed within forty-eight hours. Despite billions of tonnes of rock and soil shifting suddenly, there were few tsunamis and only a handful of earthquakes associated with the event, most likely thanks to the influence of the Iron Tome.  
How the hell did that happen?!
  Most of the eastern seaboard of North America — including the heavily populated New York City — was suddenly engulfed in water, while land rose above the sea on the western side of the continent. The British Isles found themselves suddenly connected to mainland Europe, and many islands in Oceania were fused.   With the shifting of the continents, roughly 11 million people lost their lives. Most of these fatalities were caused by the flooding of major cities.  
We're filked. We're absolutely filked. How are we supposed to keep the world going with all this... this!
  Trade was also majorly impacted by the Restructuring. With new coastlines came new waterways. One of the major areas impacted was the area around the Middle East, northern Africa, and southern Europe. The Arabian Peninsula fused with the African continent during the Restructuring, and thus the major transport route of the Suez Canal was destroyed. Despite this significant difficulty, trade has found new ways to continue, in part due to the continuous efforts of the Ailurus Trading Company — a predecessor of House Ailurus.  


After the Restructuring, the Iron Tome was to be sealed away at the bottom of the ocean, never to be used again. Or so they thought.
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Erasing text in the Iron Tome
The restructuring of the world's continents and the disruption of trade

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