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Olivette Rivers

River Witch of the North Olivette Rivers


  Olivette "Olive" Rivers, is a non-binary river witch who swims the many rivers connected through the canal systems of New York. They can reach the ocean and live there as well, but prefer the fish and scenery of fresh water. Olivette Rivers grew up in the water. Every May through September, their father found an excuse to spend time together on the lakes and rivers that dominated New York. Sadly, this trend didn't continue and Olivette went to live with their grandmother. Years passed, and Olivette once more settled by the rivers of Upstate New York. Things were changing though, and in 2020 something miraculous happened. On a normal swim, they found they could breathe underwater! That was the least of the changes that occurred on that fateful day though.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong upper body, but less defined legs when they are out of water. This is from using their tentacles to move around while wet (and admittedly skipping leg day).

Body Features

Olivette has eight spindly tentacles when submerged in the water. The tentacles vanish once Olivette is dry.

Facial Features

In the water, Olivette has striking green eyes. Almost neon, to better see in the river depths. On land their eyes are a softer green, and they struggle to see clearly in bright lights since their sight is more accustomed to darkness. They have pointed ears both wet and dry, and a series of piercings along both. Their sharp teeth also appear on land and in water. Their lips always have a slight bluish green twinge which would be concerning if someone didn't know about their watery secret.

Physical quirks

Olivette walks with a slight limp on land, but moves just fine on boats, piers, and in the water. This is from constantly accounting for the movement of water when they walk or swim.

Special abilities

Aquamancer: Has expert control of the water when utilizing their trident, but only mediocre control without. They are able to freeze, boil, or simply form water as they wish. Exposure to fire and high heat weakness this ability.

Apparel & Accessories

Olivette wears a lot of flowy clothing, so it looks one with the water. All their outfits are cool or earth toned. Their trident was crafted by their partner as a gift once Olivette's mutation was discovered.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

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Title River Witch of the North   Weapon Handcrafted Triton   Relationship Married
Date of Birth
December 21
Bright Green
Length: Down to waist
Color: Green from scalp to mid length and then ombre to red
Type: Slight waves
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
soft green in water pale with green/blue undertones outside water
175lbs without the tentacles
Aligned Organization

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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