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WorldEmber 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Spell Special Category
A total of 311 entries

Whispers of the Spirit World

Reverie of the Darkened Mind

Phantasmal Serenade of Zerzura

Gossamer Veil of the Feywild

Spectral Chains of Arantham

Whispers of the Eldritch Court

Ethereal Chains of Binding

Nexus Requiem of Forgotten Realms

Celestial Mantle of the Astral Guardian

Infernal Pact of the Nine Lords of Hell

Chronicles of the Timeless Monarch

Voidwalker's Paradoxical Shift

Whispers of the Starforged Oracle

Chrono-Whispers of the Ancients - ritual

Abyssal Gaze of the Dreamweaver

Arcane Echoes of the Lost Seer

Spectral Grasp of the Forgotten

Mystic Veil of the Shrouded Realm - ritual

Crimson Rite of the Withering Moon - ritual

Oracles of the Endless Deep

Celestial Accord of the Ancients

Ethereal Chains of Doloran

Aegis of the Sacred Sentinel

Aegis of the Divine Protector

Aegis of the Enthralling Muse

Aegis of the Wild Guardian

Whispers of the Starless Void

The Enchanting Elixir of Prosperity

Aurora of the Cosmic Forge

Necromancer's Final Gambit

Eclipse of the Shadowweave

Lovecraftian Echoes of the Abyss

Gaiman's Gossamer Gates of Dream

Greenwood's Grasp of the Ancient Grove

Morrison's Maze of Mindwarps

Ethereal Weave of the Cosmic Loom

Salvatore's Shadowstep Symphony

Infernal Symphony of the Damned

Mystic Veil of the Forgotten Realms

Eclipse of the Shadowed Souls

The Wizards Wards of Dreyhaiven

Shadow Transmogrifications