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Ailurus Airi (ER-ee)

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The Ailurus Airi is the currency formerly used in the Ailurus Protectorate. It is currently accepted in the Lapin Protectorate and the Meles Protectorate at par but, as it was only in mint for a few months, the complete phasing out of the currency is likely within the next decade. The Airi was replaced by the Woodlander Talon.

The symbol used to represent the Airi is identical to that of the Woodlander Talons — "₰".  
This article is a work in progress, and may be subject to changes.
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Ailurus Airi by Moonflower
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Owning Organization
6" x 2"
Base Price
1 Lapin Lira
1 Meles Malrani
0.6265 Woodlander Talons

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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