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Barbarossa the Wayfinder

Feral Barbarossa Glitzenstein Bannershigh von Sparklebeard (a.k.a. The Wayfinder)

Barbarossa Glitzenstein Bannershigh von Sparklebeard, commonly referred to as "Wayfinder Barbarossa," "Wayfinder," "Dog," or "Sparkles" is a Weredog literomancer and the current "Feral" to Senna Nightshade of House Ailurus.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Barbarossa is in considerably good physical condition and significant physical health. While physically strong, Barbarossa struggles with sight outside his weredog form, suffering from short-sightedness and chronic migraines but does not wear glasses.   While he is a weredog, Barbarossa rarely, if ever, undergoes a total transformation. However, he still utilizes the critical abilities of his species. Commonly he uses it to enhance his sense, such as: granting better eyesight; increasing his sense of smell; more outstanding listening capabilities, etc. The only exception is when he chases down someone, where he willingly goes full dog to give himself further speed before reverting back in a tackle.

Body Features

Wayfinder Barbarossa is a well-built individual of above-average height. Commonly described as "being built like a brick s**thouse," he is considerably strong with a broad body, wide arms, and thick legs. His skin is a medium beige with red undertones.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

While much of Barbarossa's early history is kept secret, what little is known about him has been gathered by small snippets of information he has been willing to give. Though there has been little evidence to support his claims, little is suspect due to his inability to lie.   Barbarossa claims to have come from a region of North America known to him as "The Great North." He originates from an unnamed village of weredogs much like himself, though there is little information on his parents. Though small, the town was self-sufficient until famine and drought ravaged many farms, and their hunting season quickly deteriorated as wildlife became harder to find. Eventually, the village fell into civil infighting, and many left. Finally, his home succumbed to complete destruction sometime during the First Word War, when the undead brutally murdered his parents, burned the village to the ground, and left no survivors.   For a few months, Barbarossa traveled around North America. He hunted local wildlife, avoiding civilization until he was discovered by members of House Chiroptera. After a brief misunderstanding and a small firefight, Barbarossa was welcomed into The Cavern of House Chiroptera. For roughly a year, Barbarossa worked within the Cavern and trained with local forces. He eventually recieved the enchantment "Hollywood Magazine" on his revolver, transforming it into the "Typewriter Revolver".   Despite not being an official member of House Chiroptera, Barbarossa served as a mercenary protector to the former head, Siobhan the Writer, and sacrificed himself to protect her during the fall of The Caverns, transforming into an undead. When the Second Word War ended and Barbarossa awoke, he was again lost and alone. Unsure of what had happened, he traveled through the vast territory before stumbling upon Senna Nightshade. The two bonded briefly over their shared undead experience, and Barbarossa offered to protect her on her journey to House Lapin's Warren. The two, over their travels, became acquaintances.
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Current Location
Unknown (assumed 30s)
Dark Brown, Short Cut
285 lbs
Aligned Organization

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