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Messenger Bat

Bestiary February 2023 Prompt 21. Messenger

Messenger Bats are a species of domesticated microbat used extensively by the Literomancers of House Chiroptera to deliver messages, mainly to other Literomantic Houses. These bats appear very much like a standard Eastern broad-nosed bat, but they have a dark red sheen to their fur and a markedly higher intelligence (as measured by ability to understand and follow directions).

Basic Information


The messenger bat is a moderately-sized species of microbat. It has a broad, square-shaped muzzle. Their back fur is dark brown with a reddish sheen, while the belly fur is a duller color. They have short, slender ears and small, darkly-colored eyes.   Male messenger bats tend to be slightly smaller than the females.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Messenger bats are insectivores that typically feed on mosquitoes. They are credited for keeping Valentia relatively mosquito-free even in the height of summer.

Biological Cycle

Messenger bats are unique in that they do not go into torpor (a sort of hibernation) during the winter months. This is the reason why no messenger bats exist in the wild, as they would die without torpor if the Chiropterans did not pay such close attention to their needs.


Messenger bats tend to be extremely affectionate towards their owners, commonly "begging" to be stroked.   They do their duties diligently, and have been said to squeak in excitement when receiving the messages they deliver.
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Scientific Name
Scotorepens nuntium
30-32 Years
Conservation Status
Messenger bats are actively bred in captivity by House Chiroptera's Literomancers, and as such, are in no danger of extinction
Average Weight
6-14 grams
Average Length
252–295 mm wingspan
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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