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Queenboxi (a.k.a. The Cleaver, The Chopper of Penwall, Master of Eavesdropping)

Queenboxi is a ratfolk spy. She carries a golden cleaver. She once suspected her tail was infected with rattus-rattus mould spores and chopped it clean off. She now sports a lizard tail but will take the secret of how she got it to her grave. However, eyestalks sprouted on her head around the same time.   A big fan of amputations, she has replaced many body parts with robotic transplants, including her eyes and limbs. Her robot legs allow her to keep moving for long hours, but her speed is slow and her actions deliberate. She can be called in to chop off parts for life-saving medical reasons, for performance enhancement, for vanity, or for revenge.   Her chopping is also reflected in her attitude towards words. She loves concise writing and can sometimes struggle to expand ideas into storylines wider than her little rat brain. She is a planner, chopping her stories into small manageable parts on cards or tiny pieces of paper. She likes haikus and blackout poetry. Her favourite sound is scissor slicing through paper. She is a hoarder of loose-leaf paper, padding her nest with little stacks of scrap paper. It could be a real fire hazard.   She likes skulking and eavesdropping and trading gossip. She likes communal living, and loves supportive communities – she is a real communist. She is good at hiding things in plain sight and likes puzzles and all things cozy. She is good at investigating and extracting confessions. Never trust her with a secret. Secrets belong to everyone.
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Chaotic Neutral
Current Status
Setting up nest at Penwall Square
Year of Birth
1981 42 Years old
Current Residence
Penwall Square
Robotic with purple lenses and eyestalks with purple lenses
Salt and pepper head hair
Grey body fur
20 kg

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
Character Portrait image: Queenboxi by HeroForge


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