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ElementEds (Tal):

Good evening! I'm ElementEds, in for AuthorGoddess while she's on hiatus, and Let's Talk! Tonight, we have a Let's Talk! exclusive! The world will never be the same after the Second Word War and the Battle of the Warren. So what happens now?   Tonight, we bring you three audio recordings from inside the heart of the Warren, where the leaders of the Houses share a moment of triumph -- and of sorrow. We infiltrated the Tome Knights' celebratory feast, and got up close and personal with the movers and shakers of the Grand Alliance. We're bringing this to you uncut, unedited, and with a minimum of commercial breaks, which will only run between the three clips.   After that, as always, we'll be taking your calls. And I've got to tell you, I just can't wait to chat about all the juicy gossip! You can reach us by Discord, Skype, or on our hotline 666-666-6666. But there's over an hour of footage to listen to, so if you call in now, be prepared for a wait.   Now, due to some strong language, viewer discretion is advised. Let's roll 'em!  
Advisory Text: The following program is rated TV-MA. What you are about to watch contains explicit language, adult themes, violence, and may not be suitable for viewers under 18. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. You can activate parental controls from any device by going to account settings.
Text: The Warren, December 10, 2021, 8:05 pm. Lord Galakrond's audio is distorted, we assume because of the demon sitting on his shoulder. Transcript available.
  Sable Aradia: Are you okay?   Lord Galakrond: I mean...I'm a little bit...okay, if that's all right? I- I don't know, I just...   Sable Aradia: You've been really quiet, especially for you.   Lord Galakrond: Well...look. Look at this. It's massive.   Sable Aradia: A bit scary, eh?   Lord Galakrond: No, it's...Yeah. Very. Not a bit, a lot! But...   Sable Aradia: Does it help you to know that this scares the hell out of me, too?   Lord Galakrond: I mean, a little? But then that just makes it worse! *laugh*   Sable Aradia: *laugh* Yeah. *laugh* Well, my parents always said I was born to be a queen, but I'm not sure this is what they had in mind.   Lord Galakrond: I mean, I have- I mean, one of the Forgelings seems like a drag queen. I think that's what my dad might have meant...   Sable Aradia: *laugh* That's cool. Yeah, which one?   Lord Galakrond: Uh, little...little Batman.   Sable Aradia: Batman. That's cool.   Lord Galakrond: Yeah. I-i- it's been quite interesting.   Sable Aradia: I do wanna know about them too, you know.   Lord Galakrond: I figured as much. I mean, who wouldn't? You've got six other ones.   Sable Aradia: Do they know that, now? Has that reached them, do you think?   Lord Galakrond: I think so. Maybe. I don't know... Actually, I don't know. So...   Sable Aradia: I mean... No, go ahead.   Lord Galakrond:It's been a...I'm sorry, it's been's been a minute. After all...I mean...those flashes... They're...horrible.   Sable Aradia: *tsk* I know what those are about now. Do you know? Has anyone told you?   Lord Galakrond: Told me what?   Sable Aradia: The flashes. Those...or are you talking about the recent flashes?   Lord Galakrond: I mean...there's the...hunger, if that could even describe it.   Sable Aradia: Sounds awful, hon. I'm sorry. I'm sorry this happened to you; I'm sorry I failed you. *voice cracks*   Lord Galakrond: You didn't fail me.   Sable Aradia: Yeah, I did.   Lord Galakrond: I mean, you didn't.   Sable Aradia: But...   Lord Galakrond: You were busy doing your own thing. How could you have known the Horde was coming for the Windy Willows?   Sable Aradia: They would come for somebody. I did know that.   Lord Galakrond: They'd come for somebody, but they could have just as easily attacked...the Trench?   Sable Aradia: Oh...yeah. Yeah...I don't know, Gala...*sigh* I- I am sorry this happened, anyway.   Lord Galakrond: Well...yeah. I mean...I- I'm sorry, I'm in my head. I need to be more vocal, apparently.   Sable Aradia: *inarticulate noise of negation* You know what? We've all been through a lot, and I think everybody understands.   Lord Galakrond: Speaking of that Jean over there?   Sable Aradia: Yeah.   Lord Galakrond: Okay then.   Sable Aradia: Yeah, he wants to talk to you. *laugh*   Lord Galakrond: Oh? Oh, he does?   Sable Aradia: Maybe with you is more accurate. You know...   *footsteps approaching*   Lord Galakrond: Oh.   Prince Jean Gala? Where's my ███████ foot?   Lord Galakrond: Hi, Jean!, your with the demon that I...I-I used it to summon a demon to bring a message. As far as I remember? The demon is probably gone by now. I mean, it wasn't supposed to last forever. It was just supposed to send a message and then disappear back into the ether or wherever it goes. So i-it's probably gone.   Sable Aradia: Well, okay. Actually, it's not gone.   Lord Galakrond:'s not gone?   Sable Aradia: No, we captured it. We put it in a box.   Lord Galakrond: *voice rising* You put my demon in a box?!   Sable Aradia: You used your brother's foot to summon a demon. We didn't dare...I didn't know what kind of necromancy might be involved. I didn't dare let it go back to the Horde and give it information about the Warren.   Lord Galakrond: Okay, yeah, that's a fair point. That- You know, you make a fair point. When you put it like that? Yeah, it's all good. Well, since it's in a box, d'you...I mean...can I get it back? Maybe I can try and see if he'll cough it up or something.   Sable Aradia: Is it still on the shelf where you left it? Do you want me to go get it?   Prince Jean: I'll go get it. *footsteps walking away*   Lord Galakrond: Okay.   Sable Aradia: You guys should get to-- I mean, it's not like you guys don't know each other, but you guys should get to know each other if you know what I mean.   Lord Galakrond: Yeah, that makes sense. After all, it'd be a little...informal of me to use his leg and just not talk to him about it.   Sable Aradia: Which reminds me... Why do you have his leg?   Lord Galakrond: I needed it for a bond.   Sable Aradia: A bond?   Lord Galakrond: A bond. I...So, I'm pretty sure you know all of this, considering you're you, but no, I- I used the leg in the summoning so that way the messenger had a strong bond...   Sable Aradia: Oh...   Lord the House. So, I mean...   Sable Aradia: Oh!   Lord Galakrond: I would have used either fur, or blood, or something of that, but...I had the bone. And it was helpful.   Sable Aradia: You know, you really need people's permission for stuff like that.   Lord Galakrond: You know? My apologies, but it He lost it over the first war...   Sable Aradia: Yeah.   Lord Galakrond: ...and I picked it up, and figured it could be useful. I mean, I wanted to be able to send a message anytime without it getting, like, you know, distracted or whatever, 'cause demons do that sometimes.   Sable Aradia: That's- that's understandable. I do understand that. And actually, I...don't even disagree with your motivation. It's just that... *sigh* Well, for one thing, I might have been able to restore it.   Lord Galakrond: I do think I can still be able to get it to cough up Jean's foot... I mean, yeah, it- it was... the foot was ground and used as a material component for the...   Sable Aradia: Oh.   Lord Galakrond: ...the conjuration, but maybe...maybe...I can be able to separate it, and get him to cough it up.   Sable Aradia: Okay.   Lord Galakrond: I just need that damn demon.   *footsteps approaching*   Prince Jean: Here, Gala. Here's your box. And your demon.   Lord Galakrond: Oh. Thank you! Why is it warm?   Sable Aradia: I'm not sure. I suppose it's been trying very hard to get...   Prince Jean: Well...   Sable Aradia: ...get it out. I'm very sorry, by the way.   Lord Galakrond: Oh, no, I don't blame you. There's--oh! You ██████ yourself!   Demon: *squawking*   Lord Galakrond: Lovely!   Demon: *hiss*   Lord Galakrond: Lovely!   Sable Aradia: Well, I didn't mean to scare it that badly.   Lord Galakrond: I don't think...I mean, where was it kept?   Demon: *more squawking*   Prince Jean: With my spiders.   Lord Galakrond: That would explain it, yeah. Are they big ones?   Prince Jean: Very.   Lord Galakrond: Yeah...Are they the bird-eating kind?   Prince Jean: Yes.   Lord Galakrond: Yes, that would probably...yeah, it's all right, little guy. Can you cough up Jean's foot, please?   Demon: *snarling*   Lord Galakrond: Don't you look at me like that! Cough it up!   Demon: *more snarling*   Lord Galakrond: Cough it up.   Demon: *more snarling and squawking*   Lord Galakrond: Cough it up. You know what? I don't like your attitude right now.   Demon: *squawking, hissing*   Lord Galakrond: Cough it up.   Demon: *loud squawking, hissing*   Lord Galakrond: I'm sorry, Jean, it looks like I can't...ah, er...looks like he's not gonna be able to get it ou-- no, don't you go flying awa-- Goddammit! It's gone.   Sable Aradia: *sigh* Dammit!   Prince Jean: So much for getting my foot back.   Lord Galakrond: Well...   Sable Aradia: *sigh* Ahh....   Lord Galakrond: I tried...   Sable Aradia: I should have thought of setting up a summoning circle...I'm sorry.   Lord Galakrond: No, you're fine. I didn't-I didn't think I was going to be doing a,, not-I dunno, a reverse conjura- yeah, a reverse conjuration at a gala. Heh.   Sable Aradia: Hmm. *chuckle*   Lord Galakrond: Pun not intended. *long pause* So...   Prince Jean: Okay, well, we have this communication thing going on, right? Can- can that still happen without the foot?   Sable Aradia: Well, yeah, it should be able to.   Lord Galakrond: Oh, really?   Sable Aradia: Well, you're brothers.   Lord Galakrond: Mom, what was the magic law...?   Sable Aradia: The Law of Similarity and the Law of Contagion?   Lord Galakrond: Ah, that one, yes! I rememb- i-it's in the book you gave me. I...   Sable Aradia: Yeah.   Lord Galakrond: ...forgot it, I apologize.   Sable Aradia: Well, I guess you can't be expected to remember everything that's in the book at all times. That's why we have the book. *laugh*   Lord Galakrond: Oh, yeah, that's *laugh* I mean, you're not wrong. Speaking of which...   Prince Jean: Speaking of which, Mom...?   Lord Galakrond: ...Mom...?   Sable Aradia: ...Yeah. Okay. Okay, that's...   Lord Galakrond: Brothers, huh?   Sable Aradia: You should have figured it out. *long pause* But yes. You want to know why it- why I didn't tell you, Jean.   Prince Jean: Well, yes, of course I want to know why you didn't tell me!   Lord Galakrond: I want to know why I didn't even know this person!   Sable Aradia: Eh *sigh*... The oath. I gave an oath -- a magically bound oath -- that I would never speak of this to anyone.   Prince Jean: I see.   Sable Aradia: And at the time, I didn't have a son who needed to know. I'm sorry.   Lord Galakrond: Well, I mean, you had one, you just couldn't really talk about him.   Prince Jean: I-It's okay. I forgive you.   Sable Aradia: It's...   Lord Galakrond: I dunno, I'm a little hazy on my forgiveness.   Sable Aradia: *chuckle*   Lord Galakrond: I'm kidding, I'm kidding.   Sable Aradia: No, I don't blame you for being angry. I probably would be too. I...   Lord Galakrond: When you find out you have a long-lost sibling, and you imagine all of those times that you think, "Oh, I could probably have somebody to look up to, and I can't, because I don't--"   Sable Aradia: Okay, now you're laying it on really thick, Gala.   Lord Galakrond: I...Oh, I apologize.   Prince Jean: So, what was I supposed to do? You raised me as an only child! I would like to be...   Lord Galakrond: You left me there with six others! ...So, Jean? When did you learn about this, other than just now? I mean...   Prince Jean: Not long ago!   Lord Galakrond: Not lo-- oh. I mean, I've known my relation to Mom since I was 16. So...   Sable Aradia: About a week, when it came out on the news.   Prince Jean: Yeah. That was a way to find out about it! The news!   Lord Galakrond: Uh...   Sable Aradia: I definitely sympathize with that, Jean. I am sorry.   Lord Galakrond: I dunno, I... I think if it's a reporter having their own life reported on the news, I think it's just *kiss* beautiful. Chef's kiss!   Sable Aradia: I am not a reporter anymore. I haven't been a reporter since last year.   Lord Galakrond: Well...Wait. Jean, we're famous.   Prince Jean: I'm...well aware of this.   Sable Aradia: Do you think that guy's standing a little too close?   Lord Galakrond: That guy over there?   Sable Aradia: Yeah. That guy.   Lord Galakrond: I dunno.   Sable Aradia: Ah--   Lord Galakrond: I could- I could throw a couple of fireballs at him, see if I can...   Sable Aradia: We-- no, you can't just...   Prince Jean: No throwing fireballs, uh uh, nope.   Sable Aradia: ...throw fireballs at people.   Lord Galakrond: ...make him do the Cha Cha Slide? I could make him do that. I could...   Sable Aradia: Well, he's leaving, so it's okay.   Lord Galakrond: him down?   Prince Jean: The Cha Cha Slide?   Lord Galakrond: Yeah, the Cha Cha.   Prince Jean: I mean, you could make him do that out of here.   Lord Galakrond: The Craw Craw Slide?   Sable Aradia: I'm probably just being paranoid.   Lord Galakrond: Uh...   Sable Aradia: There's been a lot of security breeches lately.   Lord Galakrond: What? What are you *unintelligible* Is that-- tacos?   Sable Aradia: Yeah, tacos.   Prince Jean: Of course we have tacos. Why wouldn't we have tacos?   Lord Galakrond: I don't know?   Prince Jean: We also have chimichangas.   Lord Galakrond: Chimi-changas. Oh--my, oh my! Are they made with chinchillas?   Prince Jean: I- I was hoping that a specific person would show up to the party, but...   Lord Galakrond: Who?   Prince Jean: ...apparently he's too cool.   Lord Galakrond: Who? Who's the specific person?   Prince Jean: You know, the guy that walks around in the red suit, black eyeballs? The one that's not Spider-Man?   Lord Galakrond: Oh, I remember!   Prince Jean: Everybody has to see the movie!   Lord Galakrond: I remember! Oh, you mean Corpsepond?   Prince Jean: Yes. Corpsepond.   Lord Galakrond: Corpsepond!   Sable Aradia: You guys have lost me completely. What in the hell are you talking about? *laugh*   Lord Galakrond: Okay, so, like there's -- okay, there's not only...   Prince Jean: Gala, I think we've definitely lost her. Come...   Lord Galakrond: ...I mean, there's this whole literomancy thing?   Prince Jean: ...c'mon over here and we'll- we'll get some of this, nice, yummy tacos, while we, uh...while we talk, okay? Let's go under it-- out over in the other corner because I'm sure Mom's got other things to do.   Lord Galakrond: Mom, do you have other things to do?   Sable Aradia: *sigh* Well, I am hosting a diplomatic gathering of great significance to the Realm at the moment *laugh* but everybody will understand if I'm a little weird, I suppose, considering.   Lord Galakrond: Why don't you stop having valid excuses? *laugh*   Sable Aradia: Yeah, okay. You know what? You guys take an opportunity to catch up, and I will get back to this, and we'll talk later. We have time.   Prince Jean: Mom?   Sable Aradia: Yeah?   Prince Jean: Bye!   Sable Aradia: Okay, I'm off.   Lord Galakrond: Bye!   Sable Aradia: I'm going. *footsteps walking away*   Lord Galakrond: Is she gone yet? Is she still staring?   Prince Jean: *whispered* I don't know.   Lord Galakrond: I think she's gone. Is she still staring? Don't look, don't look, don't look! That's awkward! *long pause* Cool. Okay, I think she's gone, I think she's gone.   Prince Jean: I mean, I'm pretty sure she is. But ██████ even? How rude!   Lord Galakrond: What? Her or me?   Prince Jean: Her! Not telling me? That's so mean!   Lord Galakrond: She has valid...   Prince Jean: I grew up without having brothers or sisters!   Lord Galakrond: She has valid reasoning for it?   Prince Jean: But, still...   Lord Galakrond: I mean, there's that. But, there's also the valid excuse of swearing an oath, and all.   Prince Jean: I suppose.   Lord Galakrond: I mean, yeah. Oaths are important. Without them, you'd just be wandering throughout the land, wondering what your purpose is. Trying to find a purpose but not knowing what your purpose is.   Prince Jean: I know what my purpose is.   Lord Galakrond: And then you'd just sit there. Oh, sorry, did I get too philosophical? I apologize. I do that sometimes. I easily get so sucked in to a thought. Anyways. Purpose-what? You? Dead? No. Right? Shoot. So! I was dead!   Prince Jean: I know you were dead. I died in the first war. I got to see Dad.   Lord Galakrond: Yeah?   Prince Jean: He's okay.   Lord Galakrond: I got to see Uncle. He's cool. Did you know that Mom is also a Kind Bear?   Prince Jean: A Kind Bear? Oh my God.   Lord Galakrond: Yeah. She used her Kind Bear Glare on me.   Prince Jean: A Kind Bear Glare. Well, that's something she also hasn't shared with me, so I guess we'll have to have words about that later. Again.   Lord Galakrond: Yeah, apparently it brought me back from death.   Prince Jean: *pause* Why does that not surprise me?   Lord Galakrond: I don't know. I mean, she took the Iron To- speaking of which, do you...   Prince Jean: No, I have not seen it, and I do not know where it is.   Lord Galakrond: ...know where that is? ...Smart.   Prince Jean: She has hidden it well.   Lord Galakrond: Smart. I don't blame her.   Prince Jean: I don't blame her either.   Lord Galakrond: Hey, do you you think that weird guy who was standing too close is back again?   Prince Jean: ...I don't know. Maybe we should check it out.   Lord Galakrond: Yeah. I don't see him. Do you see him?   Prince Jean: No, I don't see him from here.   Lord Galakrond: Cool. Do you think one of those Felis are spying on us right now? Trying to get the scoop?   Prince Jean: Felis? Noooo, not the Felis! Look at the Felis! Um...I mean, they did join the Self Care Mafia, so, maybe Felis.   Lord Galakrond: Melody... Melody came over and said hi to me.   Prince Jean: Oh, did she now?   Lord Galakrond: It was awkward.   Prince Jean: I can imagine.   Lord Galakrond: I didn't know what to say.   Prince Jean: Mmm.   Lord Galakrond: I was, like, "Hi, cat," and then I just didn't know what to do after that? So I just kinda stood there. Like a statue. And then they went away.   Prince Jean: I see.   Lord Galakrond: Yup. I mean, they said a couple of things. I don't know exactly wha-er, no, wait. Oh, goodness. I forget things.   Prince Jean: Okay. We have time. We can catch up.   Lord Galakrond: Okay. So, food. What else? What else is on...   Prince Jean: That about covers it.   Lord Galakrond: ...the agenda? That about covers it?   Prince Jean: I think that about covers it, yeah.   Lord Galakrond: Well...I'm gonna go and talk to Mom a bit more 'cause she's the only person that I feel comfortable being around this many people with.   Prince Jean: Fine.   Lord Galakrond: Have fun.   Prince Jean: Mmm hmm. We'll talk...   Lord Galakrond: Awkward pat pat.   Prince Jean: ...later.   *footsteps walking away, followed by a terrific crash*   Lord Galakrond: Uh! Ow! That's a table!   *crash continues, dishes smash*   Lord Galakrond: I'm fine! My pride's broken, but I'm fine!   *footsteps continue to walk away, a bit less rhythmically*
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