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Season 2 Aftermath Video 2

Advisory Text: The following program is rated TV-MA. What you are about to watch contains explicit language, adult themes, violence, and may not be suitable for viewers under 18. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. You can activate parental controls from any device by going to account settings.

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The world will never be the same after the Second Word War and the Battle of the Warren. So what happens now? Tonight, we bring you three audio recordings from inside the heart of the Warren. We're bringing this to you uncut, unedited, and with a minimum of commercial breaks, which will only run between the three clips. After that, as always, we'll be taking your calls. You can reach us by Discord, Skype, or on our hotline 666-666-6666. Due to some strong language, viewer discretion is advised. Let's roll 'em!  
Text: The Warren, December 10, 2021, 10:45 pm. Lord Galakrond's audio is distorted, we assume because of the demon sitting on his shoulder. Transcript available.
  *three loud taps on a wineglass - the crowd quiets down*   Sable Aradia: May I propose a toast?   DinosaurBob: A toast? Sure, but let me get another drink first. Hey, bartender? Another bourbon and swamp water, please. And could you send one out to the tyrannobadgerbunnysaurus? She's over there by the door, talking shop with that bunny-eared tiger and the guy in the commando suit. Thanks a lot.   *footsteps walking away, then returning*   DinosaurBob: So, a toast!   *chairs scraping as people get to their feet*   Sable Aradia: To the Grand Alliance, and to working together!   *cheering*   Everyone: To the Alliance! To the Grand Alliance! Hail! (similar sentiments)   *chairs scraping as people sit back down*   DinosaurBob: Yeah, the Alliance was my best chance to get the swamp back. Some of you other Houses don't remember, but Sauropoda has a 200 million year history. Even when the gods themselves hurled fire and ice at us, the Swamp survived and rebuilt. We had that one incident about 60-odd million years ago; we just call it The Big One? Even that one didn't get us down forever. I certainly wasn't going to be the dino that went down in family history as the one that lost the Swamp for all time.   Sable Aradia: Yeah, fair enough, Bob. I mean, I wonder if that's when the shapeshifters first appeared? Oh, and, uh, by the way, Kahuna sends his regrets. He came back to life and apparently got a cold right away, and didn't want to give it to the rest of us, which I appreciate.   Siobhan the Writer: Oh, yuck! Sounds about familiar though.   Sable Aradia: So...uh...I hope that dinner will meet your satisfaction, Coffee. I- you know, I realize that you guys can't be expected to eat carrots, so...   Coffee Quills: *chuckle*   Sable Aradia: ...I made sure that there were none of my relatives in the food. *awkward chuckle*   Coffee Quills: *laugh* That's, I think, all we can ask, that none of our relatives become dinner. Thank you for going out of your way, Sable.   Aydan Nightshade: Perhaps Felis should take care of the cooking.   Sable Aradia: I'm sorry?   Aydan Nightshade: ...For the carnivores.   Sable Aradia: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, yeah, that's the thing, we had to see to Felis too, right? And, you know, you saw that I got vegetables when I was there. So...   ShyRedFox: Yep.   Princess Melody: And you used my stockpile of sardines! I'm still not happy about that! I don't know why my sister let you take my sardines!   Coffee Quills: *laugh*   Princess Melody: I mean, I know I had three months' worth, but c'mon, but you didn't need all of them!   *chuckling*   Coffee Quills: Yes, we did.   Sable Aradia: They are pretty big squids.   Siobhan the Writer: *laugh*   Coffee Quills: *laugh*   Eli Kwake: Like, we totally...   Princess Melody: But I'm a hungry cat!   Eli Kwake: Like, we totally need another cooking source besides me.   *laughing*   Sable Aradia: You're absolutely right. Thank you for doing that, actually, Eli. I really appreciate it.   Siobhan the Writer: *coughs, clears throat*   Eli Kwake: Like, no problem, Bunny Mom. It's no big deal.   Aydan Nightshade: Well, the larder in the Cat Castle can only hold so much.   Sable Aradia: Yeah.   Lady Rowean: Add that to the things that need constructed.   Isaac: A proper kitchen, please.   *chuckling*   Siobhan the Writer: Well...   Isaac: I can't keep constructing myself on the floor.   *chuckling*   Sable Aradia: Yeah. Yeah.   *multiple voices, unintelligible*   Sable Aradia: Definitely wasn't the best hygiene, that's for sure. We'll do better.   *multiple voices, unintelligible*   Princess Sunny: *unintelligible*...accidentally again.   ShyRedFox: Well, considering all of us House Leaders are together, House Kitsune is offering our hot tub to share.   Siobhan the Writer: Oh!   Sable Aradia: Oh, nice!   Coffee Quills: Oh, wow!   ShyRedFox: For House Leaders.   Sable Aradia: I'm totally going to take you up on that! Thank you very much!   Siobhan the Writer: Ah!   Darth Nikolas: I'm always down for hot tub relaxation!   Realm of Music: Darth and I will be there!   Siobhan the Writer: Woo hoo! Party time!   Eli Kwake: I'm, like, not gonna, 'cause hot tubs are water.   Coffee Quiils: *snort*   Sable Aradia: I guess not!   Isaac: Yeah, I doubt my floatie will work in a hot tub.   Princess Sunny: Uh...a-how about a nice fire pit for the, uh...Sandwiches and the Flame? Would that work?   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah...   Isaac: That works.   Eli Kwake: Like, that sounds nice. That sounds nice.   Realm of Music: I propose a toast!   *pause, followed by groans*   Sable Aradia: Aw, man!   Siobhan the Writer: Oh....   Sable Aradia: Realm, that's...   Lord Galakrond: ...the worst dad joke ever!   Sable Aradia: ...terrible! *laugh*   Siobhan the Writer: Aw...   Lord Galakrond: Gah!   Realm of Music: *heh heh heh*   Lord Galakrond: Don't laugh!   *laughing*   *footsteps approaching, one heavier than the other - chair being dragged*   Siobhan the Writer: Welcome, uh, Your Highness!   Princess Sunny: Hi, Jean.   Sable Aradia: Oh! Good to see you!   Prince Jean: My Queen.   Sable Aradia: Glad you could make it.   Prince Jean: Royals. Honoured guests! My apologies for my lateness. I was helping some other Warren members settle down after the war. And then I will have to have a word with...the Catarach, for one of her guests has puked on my bathroom floor.   Princess Sunny: *giggle*   Eli Kwake: Oh, no!   Prince Jean: Perhaps it is involved pre-partying that we should discuss.   Siobhan the Writer: *laugh*   Princess Sunny: Oh, dear!   Siobhan the Writer: Well, unfortunately the Catarch was called away-uh-just recently, so...   Sable Aradia: Yes...   Siobhan the Writer: may have to take it up with her, uh, sister.   Princess Melody: It wasn't me!   *snorts, laughing*   Prince Jean: No...I'm pretty certain it wasn't you. Looked to be small and black in colour. Very fast.   Aydan Nightshade: My Princess, it is of utmost importance to handle diplomatic meetings delicately.   Princess Melody: Mmm hmm? Would-would you like a sardine? I-Is that good? I offer people sardines, they become my friends, and then I don't die in the war. Yes? Would you like a sardine, Prince Jean? Here you go! Sardi- you're a rabbit.   Siobhan the Writer: *sigh*   Princess Melody: Never mind, never mind. I'm going to go and talk to Coffee about my GoPro.   *laughter*   Coffee Quills: I will, uh, take any sardines that happen to come my way, as we talk about your mysteriously missing GoPro.   Princess Sunny: "Mysteriously," she said.   ShyRedFox: None of us have seen it. Really.   Coffee Quills: Nope. Haven't seen it at all. But these sardines are nice.   Princess Sunny: *giggles*   Coffee Quills: So...   Eli Kwake: Like, I think I saw the GoPro during the battle, but, like, I'm not really sure.   Sable Aradia: Where'd you see it?   Eli Kwake: I-I-I think I saw it, like, with a zombie?   Sable Aradia: Oh.   Eli Kwake: That means it's with somebody who's not a zombie now, but I don't know who it was.   Princess Melody: Hmm. I'll have to do some investigating.   Sable Aradia: I think...   Princess Sunny: I could have sworn I saw a tentacle around it. At least, once.   Siobhan the Writer: So...Prince Jean --   Prince Jean: Yes?   Siobhan the Writer: How is the, uh, foot that my Forgemaster crafted for you? Has it been helping you get around better?   Prince Jean: Yes, you mean this?   Siobhan the Writer: I do!   Prince Jean: Yes, yes, I do has been helping quite a bit. And? And? Look! *blasting sound* It has lasers!   Siobhan the Writer & Coffee Quills: *chuckling*   Sable Aradia: Oh, that's nice! I didn't know that!   Sable Aradia: Well, handy for the next Word War, I suppose!   Siobhan the Writer: So...   Prince Jean: Probably a good thing the Catarch is not here, for she would go crazy.   Everyone: *laughter*   Lady Rowean: Hopefully there's not another one.   Princess Sunny: I...   Siobhan the Writer: Uh...   Princess Sunny: *groan*   Sable Aradia: Uh...*long sigh* I think we have to accept that this is going to be an ongoing possibility, anyway.   Siobhan the Writer: *tsk* Yeah, The Company is still out there somewhere.   Sable Aradia: *deep breath* Yeah...   Siobhan the Writer: Not for long.   Sable Aradia: ...Not for long if I have anything to say about it.   Siobhan the Writer: *laugh with a hard edge*   Lord Galakrond: I've got a couple of hungry demons.   Darth Nikolas: The Company is going down. They've crossed the line. They've gone too far.   Realm of Music: Enough's enough. They deserve everything they're gonna get.   Coffee Quills: *unintelligible*...ongoing zombie problems.   Sable Aradia: *snort* Yeah.   Princess Sunny: Ah...I do have to say that I agree with Sable. This is going to be an ongoing problem from all sides. And it's not gonna be pretty.   Sable Aradia: I'm not changing the alterations to the Warren, by the way. I'm going to, know, we're gonna make the construction a bit more stable, but we're going to keep the paths to the underground lake, we're going to, you know, we're gonna keep the expanded burrows...'cause you never know.   Siobhan the Writer: Well...   Coffee Quills: Mmm hmm.   Prince Jean: Besides, we'll be putting in some above-ground buildings for our...larger...residents?   Sable Aradia: Yes. Yes, that too.   *rueful chuckling*   Princess Sunny: Uh huh.   Siobhan the Writer: Well, uh...   Lady Rowean: I do have some plans in the works for that kind of thing.   Siobhan the Writer: Good good. If you, uh, need help for structural stability...   Sable Aradia: Sure!   Siobhan the Writer: My, uh, Bats would be willing to assist in, uh, letting you know where there's weak points.   Sable Aradia: Thank you! Actually *ahem* I'd be really happy to take you up on that offer, Siobhan. That would be very helpful.   Eli Kwake: And, like, I'd totally help, like, fire bricks.   Sable Aradia: Awesome.   Eli Kwake:I would totally help fire bricks.   Sable Aradia: Awesome.   Coffee Quills: And Sable, let me offer my tentacles an apology...   Sable Aradia: Uh...   Coffee Quills: ...for my...careless words during our previous talks.   Sable Aradia: No no, it's perfectly understandable. I might have thought the same thing. I'm glad it's done, I'm glad we're still friends. *relieved chuckle*   Coffee Quills: Very much! I will give you as many tentacle hugs as you wish.   Sable Aradia: Well, I'll take 'em all!   Coffee Quills: *laugh*   Sable Aradia: *laugh*   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah, so on...   ShyRedFox: House Kitsune will any magical restructuring that we need.   Sable Aradia: That's a good idea too. We probably should have...Yeah, we're probably going to need some warding reinforcement, and we're gonna need...oh, I don't know...   Lady Rowean: *unintelligible*   Sable Aradia: We should do this for everybody. Honestly. We should. We should all put our work together. Um...   ShyRedFox: Mmm hmm.   Sable Aradia: We and the Badgers should go and do some digging for people...yeah, absolutely.   Realm of Music: House Meles will definitely be there to help fix up and sturdy the tunnels.   Lord Galakrond: The warding wouldn't have failed if we worked together on it.   Sable Aradia: Yeah... Maybe you're right... I probably should have consulted you. Yeah, next time I will.   Lord Galakrond: You better!   Sable Aradia & Siobhan the Writer: *laughing*   Sable Aradia: Yeah...   Siobhan the Writer: So...   Lady Rowean: Many hands make light work.   Coffee Quills: Yeah.   Aydan Nightshade: Kittering is having a surprising boom in our forestry and fishing industries. We might be able to provide some timber for reinforcements, provided that Kittering itself doesn't need as much.   Siobhan the Writer: Hmm.   Sable Aradia: Well, we'll be happy to help with the construction of Kittering, too.   Siobhan the Writer: Prince Jean? *chair scraping* We have been--or, I have been courting you for the last two years.   Coffee Quills: Mmm?   Siobhan the Writer: I'd be honoured if you would, uh, marry me.   Princess Sunny: Aww...   *oohs and ahs*   Prince Jean: Yes, I will marry you!   *cheering, clapping*   Sable Aradia: Congratulations!   ShyRedFox: Congratulations!   Princess Sunny: Congratulations!   Coffee Quills: Congratulations! Hmm...   Princess Sunny: I wish both of you many long and happy years!   Sable Aradia: Me too!   Princess Sunny: *chuckle*   ShyRedFox: *unintelligible*   Sable Aradia: But if you hurt my son, you know I'll kill you. Just sayin'.   *laughing*   Princess Sunny: Yeah, er, if that--Prince Jean is hurt in any way, they won't ever find your body. *giggle*   Sable Aradia: Yeah. I mean, you know. Yeah, j-just saying.   Coffee Quills: I love this warming fish stock.   Sable Aradia: yeah, how's's the, uh, salad? I think it looks delicious.   Eli Kwake: Like, I will totally filk for your wedding.   Sable Aradia: All right, wonderful! *clap*   Siobhan the Writer: Thank you!   Princess Sunny: Aww!   Realm of Music: May I give the happy couple some advice that has made Darth's and my relationship very strong?   Siobhan the Writer: Sure!   Realm of Music: To keep a marriage brimming with love in a loving cup, when you are wrong, admit it -- and when you're right, shut up.   *laughing*   Sable Aradia: That's good advice! Good advice!   Realm of Music: *chuckles*   Lord Galakrond: Which pocketbook did you pull that from?   Sable Aradia: *snorts*   Realm of Music: *laugh* That's just the way things go in this relationship.   Sable Aradia: Undeath has not improved the teenage smartassness, I see.   Realm of Music: Eh-eh...   Lord Galakrond: You wanted it.   Realm of Music & Sable Aradia: *laughing*   Sable Aradia: Hmm, yeah, you probably should think about setting a date, because obviously everyone who's anyone is going to want to be there, so...   Princess Sunny: Probably a good idea.   Sable Aradia: I mean, you don't have to make up your mind now, but, you know...   Eli Kwake Yeah.   Isaac: You-you just agreed to get married, I think you should take it a little slower than that! *laugh*   Multiple voices: Yeah.   Sable Aradia: Yeah. Fair enough, fair enough. I'm sorry! I just...   Lady Rowean: It would be a good occasion for a Tournament, however.   Sable Aradia: It would be! It would be an excellent occasion for a Tournament!   Multiple voices: *affirmatives*   Princess Sunny: Mmm hmm!   Siobhan the Writer: I was thinking about that!   Prince Jean: I believe it would be a grand idea!   Sable Aradia: Do you want to play host, Siobhan? Or- nah, no, we'll talk about it later.   Siobhan the Writer: We'll do- yeah.   Sable Aradia: Well, that's good news. We could certainly use more good news!   Princess Sunny: After everything that happened, yeah. Any good news is very much welcome.   Sable Aradia: Well, to the happy couple, and may they have many long and glorious years together!   *chiming wine glasses*   Isaac: To the happy couple!   Lady Rowean: Best wishes!   Eli Kwake: To the happy couple! Yeah, totally!   Aydan Nightshade: Yeah!   ShyRedFox: Cheers!   Princess Sunny: Yay!   Siobhan the Writer: *softly* Thank you.   *kissing sounds*   *cheering in the background*   Prince Jean: Really, I do appreciate it, but this alliance that our marriage will make is for the good of the Realm. All Realms.   Siobhan the Writer: It is.   Sable Aradia: It's true, it's true. *sigh* I guess I'm going to have to think about the succession, though. But that's okay! No, don't--seriously, don't...yeah.   Siobhan the Writer: Well...   Sable Aradia: You're right, the alliance is excellent.   Princess Sunny: The alliance is excellent. It's just the, uh, the logistics that now have to be adjusted.   Sable Aradia: Bah!   Princess Sunny: Just a tiny hitch.   Sable Aradia: You know what? I believe love conquers all.   Princess Sunny: Okay.   Sable Aradia: So we'll make whatever has to happen, happen.   Princess Sunny: Exactly.   Lord Galakrond: Ya darn right, ya Kind Bear!   Darth Nikolas: Mmm, yeah...   Multiple voices, mostly Meles & Lapin: *laughing*   Siobhan the Writer: *sigh* Well, the thing is, I don't plan on taking Jean away from the Lapins.   Sable Aradia: He'll have duties. And that's okay! I'm the Mother of Bunnies; I'm sure something will turn up.   Siobhan the Writer: Oh, you mean like your, uh *tsk* offspring that have just been brought up? And...   Sable Aradia: Ah...   Siobhan the Writer: ...what the heck were you thinking? *groan*   Sable Aradia: What was I thinking. About what?   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah.   Sable Aradia: About what?   Siobhan the Writer: Well, just...all sorts of things! We'll talk about this one later...   Sable Aradia: Heh, well...*loud sigh* We didn't want there to be any question of succession with the Houses, right? And, you know, I don't know what the Forgelings will choose. Gala is the heir to Meles, and...   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah?   Sable Aradia: ...I don't want him to be anything that he's not.   Siobhan the Writer: *tsk* That's fair.   Lord Galakrond: It's my throne! Stay away from it!   Sable Aradia: *snort*   Siobhan the Writer: Oooh!   Lord Galakrond: ...please.   DinosaurBob: House Lapin shouldn't worry about succession or survival. House Sauropoda survived when those upstart feathery kids branched out on their own to start House Avis. One marriage shouldn't destroy a House. And if there's one thing this recent war taught me, it's that the Bunnies are resilient. They'll be fine!   Eli Kwake: But, like, what about the Bunny Meles?   Sable Aradia: Well...   Siobhan the Writer: *giggle* Bunnies!   Realm of Music: Maybe it's time for the Meles Bunnies to spend some time at the Warren and get to know some of their...more of their heritage.   Sable Aradia: That's cool. That's cool. Of course, this is going to be all over the news. Tomorrow, probably.   Siobhan the Writer: *groan*   Princess Sunny: Oh, it,'s,'s going to spread wide and far.   Prince Jean: Well, you see; that's the good thing about getting married. Is...we can put that out on the news early, and get ahead of the game. And then everyone will be talking about my marriage, and not whether or not the Forgelings are you illegitimate children.   Siobhan the Writer: *giggle*   Sable Aradia: Hey, that's- there's nothing illegitimate...! Okay, never mind.   *chuckling*   Realm of Music: My kids were raised in a very loving home, and are very legitimate.   Siobhan the Writer: Well, yeah, they've got two good parents.   Sable Aradia: Two?   Siobhan the Writer: Well, three. What I'm saying, Sable, is the fact that the- that they have two loving parents they've known their entire lives.   Sable Aradia: Yeah, yeah.   Siobhan the Writer: They only just recently found out about you.   Sable Aradia: I know what you meant, I know what you meant. It's okay. Just- we'll, look, we're just not going to get into this right now. It's all right.   Siobhan the Writer: No.   Sable Aradia: Well, you know what? Maybe this is a good thing. I'm tired of...not showing my affections in public.   Princess Sunny: Not being able to.   Sable Aradia: Exactly.   Princess Sunny: With the news now out, you can...mmm, forge new bonds.   Sable Aradia: Yeah.   Darth Nikolas: It is a bit of a relief to no longer have to maintain the secret.   Sable Aradia: *clears throat*   Lady Rowean: All in all, I think it's a good thing that the Rabbit's out of the bag!   Sable Aradia: *snort, laugh* Ah, well, we can't take that one from Felis. That's a Cat thing.   Princess Sunny: Yes, it's Cat out of the bag.   Princess Melody: Rabbit's out of the hat?   Eli Kwake: Yeah, the Rabbit's out of the hat!   Sable Aradia: Yeah, Rabbit's out of the hat, there you go.   Prince Jean: Oh, Mom?   Sable Aradia: Mmm hmm?   Prince Jean: What- What are we going to do? About the wedding?   Lord Galakrond: It's really going to be--   Sable Aradia: And, if I, I dunno-- What do you mean, Jean? In terms of putting it on? Or...I mean, we're gonna...we're gonna make it an affair of state, obviously.   Prince Jean: Well, yes!   Lord Galakrond: Does that mean I'm gonna have to wear a tux?   Prince Jean: No.   Sable Aradia: You're gonna have to wear formal wear of some kind, yep.   Lord Galakrond: Uh...can I wear formal pyjamas?   Sable Aradia: No, there is no such thing as formal pyjamas.   Lord Galakrond: There are! There are! It's, like, this little shirt, with a little... it looks like a suit, but it's not, it's a shirt?   Sable Aradia: No.   Lord Galakrond: Damn.   Sable Aradia: No, we have obligations, and we're going to have to put our best foot forward.   Prince Jean: Yes, that's quite besides the point!   Sable Aradia: Oh?   Lord Galakrond: Or, in Jean's case, best metal forward.   Prince Jean: *eh*   Sable Aradia: If he kicks you with that foot, Gala, I'm not going to stop him.   Prince Jean: I will probably kick you with it. Don't tempt me.   Lord Galakrond: *nervous chuckle*   Siobhan the Writer: *groan*   *awkward pause*   Sable Aradia: Ssssooo...... Self-Care Mafia , huh?   ShyRedFox: Yeesssss?   Sable Aradia: Oh, I like it, I like it. It's a good idea.   Darth Nikolas: Author self-care is often overlooked, and very necessary.   Realm of Music: What do we know? We're Badgers. We just badger on through.   Lord Galakrond: *singing* Woo-ooo!   *laughing*   Sable Aradia: I forgot about that show. Oh, God *groan*   House Meles: *awkward chuckles*   Princess Sunny: Yeah, I think that--   Lady Rowean: A lot of people neglect themselves during wartime. And even Tourney Season!   ShyRedFox: Yes, and we know that the Game of Tomes and the Tourneys, they need to have good publicity, and not go--and not have to deal with, "Oh, well, you know, they just push everybody." A good push is good, but it can go too far. So...this is why...this is why we...we decided to go public.   Lady Rowean: Besides that, a well-rested, well-fed writer is a writer with more words!   Siobhan the Writer: Oh, trust me, I can attest to that! Whenever I took a self-care day, when I came back--man! My writing just jumped!   Princess Sunny: I dunno, the self-care made sure I couldn't--made sure I didn't burn myself out this year. I actually got pretty far! Especially the last two days.   Sable Aradia: Yeah. Yeah, I didn't get sick this year. So, that's always a good thing.   ShyRedFox: Good.   Sable Aradia: I mean, the fact is that during the Long Write we have to pace ourselves, right?   ShyRedFox: Definitely. Definitely.   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah.   ShyRedFox: And we Mafias, we have such a bad reputation, it's time that we start doing good.   Sable Aradia: Well, it's a new world, isn't it? The Mafia is looking after people for their self-care, and the mercenaries are raising money for charity. I love it.   Princess Sunny: Yeah. It's amazing how we've grown.   Isaac: It's a strange custom.   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah, well...I'm sorry that I was a, uh, secret member of the Mafia for a while there, uh, Sable.   Sable Aradia: Ah, it's okay. It's a Mafia! It makes sense you would be keeping your allegiance secret!   Siobhan the Writer: *laugh*   Sable Aradia: *laugh* So, what are your plans now, everyone? After all of this?   Princess Melody: Um...   Siobhan the Writer: Going home and rebuild.   Sable Aradia: Yeah.   Princess Sunny: I'm going to explore the Void a bit more and how it connects everything that's been going on.   Lady Rowean: We got a lot of people that don't know how to get along in the new world. And, uh, I know a fair bit about a lot of things that involve, you know, develops sustainability and living in much more simple ways than they were used to.   Sable Aradia: That's true, you do know quite a bit about that.   Lady Rowean: And the thing is--   Prince Jean: I must help the Warren and our fellow allies recover.   Eli Kwake: Like, I'm thinking the Sekret Volcano Base might totally start a Literomancy school. Like, I haven't decided, but I'm thinking about it, you know?   Princess Sunny: It would be welcome.   Sable Aradia: That's a good idea! You-you could reach people that don't, you know, respond to the traditional methods. That's great!   Coffee Quills: Mmm-mm.   Realm of Music: Maybe Xantos and Jellybean can stay at the Warren for a while. You know, when we go back to the Den.   Sable Aradia: Well, maybe the Forgelings could all stay. Now that they know, they're bound to have questions, too.   Realm of Music: That sounds like a good idea! That way we could rebuild Windy Willows.   Darth Nikolas: Yeah, that makes sense.   Sable Aradia: Cool.   Siobhan the Writer: Well, if you need help, I'll offer, uh, I'll offer the same help to you that I offered to, uh, Sable, with some of my Bats, for, uh, uh...structural integrity.   Realm of Music: I'll definitely have to keep that in mind.   ShyRedFox: I'm sorry to say that we Foxes and the Mafia are not sharing our plans.   Sable Aradia: *loud chuckling*   Princess Sunny: *snicker* I just-- You're just-- You're just over there plotting for how to force us to take care of ourselves some more, aren't you?   ShyRedFox: Shhh!   Sable Aradia, Princess Sunny, Isaac, Siobhan the Writer, Princess Melody: *laughing*   Princess Sunny: Yeah, that's what I thought!   Sable Aradia: It's all right. I trust you, Shy.   Princess Sunny: Yeah.   ShyRedFox: Thank you.   Eli Kwake: Like, Incendium's got some plans, too, besides the school, but...we'll sit on those a little bit.   ShyRedFox: Hmm...   Sable Aradia: Now, Eli I'm not too sure about! *chuckle* No, okay, I'm kidding, I'm kidding.   *laughing*   ShyRedFox: I'm gonna--I--I've got my eyes on Eli and House Incendium. I know they're up to something.   Sable Aradia: Uh oh.   Princess Sunny: Uh oh.   Sable Aradia: Here we go.   Princess Sunny: Oh boy.   Eli Kwake: Like, we'll have to meet on this later, Shy. We'll have to meet on this later.   ShyRedFox: Some background discussions are definitely an order.   Princess Sunny: Oh!   Isaac: The plot thickens.   Princess Sunny: Uh huh.   Lady Rowean: And so does the soup-- and the stew.   *eating and spoons clinking in bowls, various "mmm" noises*   Isaac: Very gluggy. Someone should strain it out.   Siobhan the Writer: Well, that's how you dip sandwiches in--never mind.   *loud laughing*   Sable Aradia: Yeah, we agreed not to eat each other's relatives, remember?   Isaac: Yeah.   Siobhan the Writer: Yes, sorry, I'll have the dumplings.   Sable Aradia: There you go.   Aydan Nightshade: Did--did anyone ever ask what the Sandwiches eat, though? Do you just dip into things and absorb them as sandwiches?   Isaac: We eat condiments.   Sable Aradia: I've got a display of ketchups and mustards right over there.   Isaac: Perfect! Thank you very much.   Siobhan the Writer: Oh! I believe I added some relishes as well.   Sable Aradia: Oh good, oh good. Perfect. I didn't have any.   Princess Melody: I've got some mayo!   Princess Sunny I've got Miracle Whip.   Eli Kwake: Like, I've got hot sauce.   Lady Rowean: Everything tastes better with hot sauce.   Isaac: Does anyone have a little vinaigrette?   Sable Aradia: Huh. Good idea.   Siobhan the Writer: I don't know, vinaigrette...?   Isaac: I lost that in the Trench.   Princess Sunny: *chuckle*   Sable Aradia: Huh-ahhh... We probably do, we eat a lot of salad.   *chuckling*   Siobhan the Writer: Well, so do we!   Princess Sunny: I...   Sable Aradia: Well, you guys eat more fruit salads, but...   Princess Sunny: I don't...   Sable Aradia: But I suppose you need vinaigrettes for fruit salad too-- I'm sorry, I'm interrupting.   Princess Sunny: No, it's all good. I was just going to say, I don't really keep vinaigrettes around. Around me, at least. Uh, some of them have some stuff that makes my mouth tingle, so I try not to go near 'em.   Siobhan the Writer: Oh, well...what about a nice creamy cucumber salad dressing?   Princess Sunny: That I can eat.   Coffee Quills: *chuckle*   Siobhan the Writer: It's the best of both worlds! It's a vegetarian dish; like I said, it's cucumber, and it goes on salad.   Princess Sunny: Exactly.   Isaac: What more could you ask for?   Princess Sunny: It's always good.   Eli Kwake: Like, speaking of sandwiches, the Sandwiches and the Fires are, like, totally putting aside our rivalry.   Princess Sunny: Mm.   Sable Aradia: Well, that's good to hear.   Eli Kwake: Yup.   Prince Jean: I'm glad to hear of it.   Princess Sunny: Do I need to put a grill on your...uh, uh--on your fire pit, there, Eli?   Eli Kwake: Like, the Sandwiches are always welcome to toast themselves by our fire.   Coffee Quills: *chuckle*   Isaac: Mmm. And we'll take the opportunity gladly! We'll have a nice time!   Siobhan the Writer: *chuckle*   Isaac: I...   Lady Rowean: Has anybody seen Erin?   Princess Sunny: Yeah, has Erin been around? I haven't seen him.   Sable Aradia: *long sigh* Erin is looking for the Lemon Company .   Princess Sunny: Oh.   Sable Aradia: He's decided he needs to do something to redeem himself.   Princess Sunny: Oh.   Lady Rowean: Ah!   Princess Sunny: Oh.   Lord Galakrond: Sounds sour.   Princess Sunny: Oh my.   Sable Aradia: Well, if it'll bring him home, good, and, you know, the Lemon Company does good work, so...   Princess Sunny: Yeah.   Sable Aradia: ...what can I say, really?   Princess Sunny: Well, I wish him all the luck.   Sable Aradia: Yeah, me too. Oh, has anybody heard from AuthorGoddess recently?   Princess Sunny: I have not.   Eli Kwake: Like, no.   ShyRedFox: No...   Aydan Nightshade: Isn't there a messageposted on a bulletin board or something?   Sable Aradia: Did she?   Isaac: Yeah, which cave is that in? Was that this maze, or the Cavern?   Aydan Nightshade: It was over... It was over in the bulletin board in the main...cave? of the Warren. The one across from that boat? It looked--plain, so I missed it.   ShyRedFox: Can we talk the Wizard of GoT into making us an app? Because I get totally lost in here.   Sable Aradia: Yeah...   Eli Kwake: We probably should.   Sable Aradia: Even I need an app now. *laugh*   Lady Rowean: Mmm hmm.   Siobhan the Writer: Well, I don't!   Prince Jean: The Warren has become complex, yes.   Princess Melody: I made a map. Does that help?   Coffee Quills: Maybe.   Prince Jean: I, um...   Aydan Nightshade: Yes. I might have gotten completely lost, and that's the only reason I found the bulletin board, but ah...yep, an app sounds nice!   Sable Aradia: The map did help, Melody-- thank you.   Siobhan the Writer: Well, I didn't need to worry about it!   Lady Rowean: That's good, Siobhan.   Siobhan the Writer: Well, I didn't need to worry about it! I could tell what connected to what.   Sable Aradia: Yeah, but do you remember where everything is? Because I'm starting to lose track.   Siobhan the Writer: *chuckle* Well...   Prince Jean: Yes...   ShyRedFox: And there's so many scents around, I can't use my normal tracking. *laugh*   Prince Jean: Well, you see...   Eli Kwake: I, like, just stay in the fire cavern. Just, like...I have no sense of direction.   Prince Jean: Okay but, you see, she navigates by echolocation. So.   Sable Aradia: That's true.   Prince Jean: It's much easier to move about.   Sable Aradia: Yeah, that's true. At least you know where you are, if you don't know where you're going, I suppose.   *laughing*   Princess Sunny: Well, we've had quite the boom in people coming and staying because of this war, so... It's not surprising the Warren got so large and got so complicated.   Eli Kwake: Like, totally.   Princess Sunny: The more complicated, the harder is it to find anybody.   Darth Nikolas: Yeah, well, the Badgers could help out.   Realm of Music: Yeah, maybe we should install an elevator? Badgers do it smart. We take the direct route.   Sable Aradia: Hey, our tunnels are deliberately confusing so it perplexes our enemies. And you should be grateful for that right about now.   Princess Melody: True.   Realm of Music: Just offering to help!   Sable Aradia: Uh huh.   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah, it confuses your allies too!   Sable Aradia: Hmm? That's besides the point. I mean, what?   *laughing*   Lady Rowean: You know, building towns in the form of a maze used to be a form of self-defense.   Siobhan the Writer: That's true.   Coffee Quills: That's very true.   Isaac: She has a point.   Aydan Nightshade: We should look into expanding every House's bases.   Sable Aradia: Yeah.   Aydan Nightshade: Perhaps a collaboration is in order.   Siobhan the Writer: Well, the Cavern already is...   Sable Aradia: I absolutely agree.   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah. The Cavern's already a maze, and I already had expansions put in during war, thinking that I might have to, uh, house the other Houses.   Sable Aradia: Well, it's good thing, otherwise you wouldn't have had room for all your bannermen and the fallen Houses that joined you.   Lady Rowean: Yup.   Siobhan the Writer: I know!   Sable Aradia: Yeah, that might--   Aydan Nightshade: We might think about expanding the underwater cavern, though?   Sable Aradia: Yes. Yes, we really do need to find a source of salt water.   Princess Sunny: Yeah.   Siobhan the Writer: Oh! Uh...   Coffee Quills: Please.   Aydan Nightshade: When I was there, it seemed a bit small for all the Krakens.   Sable Aradia: Yeah. Yeah, you're right, we really do need to expand it. Hopefully we can...find an underground ocean nearby.   Siobhan the Writer: Well, I'll help you find the water. I won't be able to tell if it's--   Sable Aradia: Thanks, Siobhan.   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah--I won't be able to tell if it's, uh, salt or fresh, mind you, but we can--if it is fresh water, we can always add salt.   Sable Aradia: Well, we, uh...hmm... um-- yeah, yeah, I...   Lady Rowean: Nothing that a--   Sable's difficult, though.   Lady Rowean: Well, nothing that a little literomancy probably couldn't fix if we're creative enough.   Siobhan the Writer: Exactly!   Sable Aradia: Yeah, that's true. I suppose we could, uh...we could write in a tunnel that comes from the coastline and lets in things along an underground cavern system that ends up as a nearby body of seawater.   Siobhan the Writer: Right.   Sable Aradia: We could definitely do that. I think let's do that!   Lady Rowean: Eh, we could sorta use the Mt. Haint Ellens -- St. Helens uh, thing -- a whole bunch of Washington State near m-near Mt. St. Helens, after it erupted, um, caused for there to be, uh, the sandstone and stuff underneath to become porous and let the salt water in, causing a whole bunch of places that used to have sweet water to have salt water.   Sable Aradia: That makes sense! So what we have to do is--*sigh* well *laugh* okay, if we're gonna have a volcanic eruption, let's do it away from the population. We have enough problems with, uh, reduced population after the Zombie Plague.   Siobhan the Writer: Well, I'm sure Eli can control that.   Sable Aradia: That's probably true, I probably should just ask Eli about that.   Isaac: That'd be all right.   Eli Kwake: Like, what? Huh?   *laugh*   Isaac: *laugh* Oh, we're doomed.   Sable Aradia: We want you to create a contained volcano so we can turn some of the uh, local sandstone porous so that it'll let in some seawater for the Molluscans, should it be needed again.   Eli Kwake: Like, I could see what I could do. I could, like, totally talk to the fire gods.   Sable Aradia: Awesome.   Princess Sunny: Thank you.   Sable Aradia: Thank you.   Eli Kwake: Like, speaking of plagues, now that the Zombie Plague has subsided, you know what hasn't?   Sable Aradia & Siobhan the Writer: *laugh* The Filking Plague.   Eli Kwake: The Filking Plague. Like, I feel totally bad, yanno?   Sable Aradia: *laugh* It's fine. I was already susceptible.   Coffee Quills: *clears throat*   Sable Aradia: know, it's-it's okay... *laugh*   Aydan Nightshade: Well, there were few deaths--   Lady Rowean: It's one of the better sicknesses to have, really. At least it's fairly innocuous, if minorly annoying and, uh, consuming.   Siobhan the Writer: *chuckle*   Aydan Nightshade: As far as I'm concerned, there were few deaths. None in Kittering, I believe.   Sable Aradia: Yeah, no--   Isaac: You mean, we had deaths elsewhere?   Eli Kwake: But, like, protocols need to in order, yanno, 'cause this could get deadly.   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah, that's true.   Sable Aradia: And it's true that if we do nothing but filk,then we're not gonna get any of our writing done.   Coffee Quills: Yup.   Princess Sunny: Mmm hmm.   Lady Rowean: Then we'll have the Self-Care Mafia.   ShyRedFox: Yeah, I'm sure we're gonna have something to say about that. *sighs, cracks knuckles*   *nervous laughing*   Eli Kwake: Like, Patient Zero of the Filking Plague, I will work with the Self-Care Mafia.   Sable Aradia: Brilliant.   Eli Kwake: To gui--   Princess Sunny: Good.   Realm of Music: I'll help with the protocols as well. And I'll help make sure that Eli takes care of themself.   Sable Aradia: Cool.   Siobhan the Writer: Good luck.   Sable Aradia: Somebody's got to.   Siobhan the Writer: *laughs*   Lord Galakrond: Good luck! *snickers*   Realm of Music: Be honoured and priviledged to help.   ShyRedFox: I think we have a deal, there.   Lady Rowean: I might even have some herbal remedies that may be helpful. Or at least some natural ones, anyway.   Sable Aradia: Hmm.   ShyRedFox: But could we turn the Filking Plague to our advantage?   Eli Kwake: Like, I don't see why not. Like, technically, filking is writing.   Sable Aradia: Well, yeah! It was actually a real asset to Realm.   Realm of Music: Huh, yeah. I-It gave me a chance to actually use my brand of literomancy.   Sable Aradia: That's a good point. Good point.   Siobhan the Writer: Definitely true.   Sable Aradia: And it helped to spread literomancy, absolutely.   Princess Melody.: Ooh.   Siobhan the Writer: And just remember...yeah. The zombies got in big time on that, too.   Sable Aradia: Eee.   Eli Kwake: Like, you got a fair point. Like, the Filking Plague did not stop for life or death.   Siobhan the Writer: No.   ShyRedFox: But! If the zombies totally got in on it, we can keep encouraging them to do it.   Sable Aradia: Aaah!   Eli Kwake: Like, that's true.   Siobhan the Writer: *laugh* Yeah.   *keyboard clicky-clacking*   Sable Aradia: Thus distracting them when the next Word War breaks out.   ShyRedFox: Mmm hmm.   Sable Aradia: I like it!   Eli Kwake: Like...   *keyboard clicky-clacking*   Lady Rowean: Sounds like sound strategy to me.   Sable Aradia: Mmm hmm.   Eli Kwake: Like, it's good for the living sometimes too? Like, I know during the last Word War, like, a third of my words were filk.   Sable Aradia: Yeah.   Siobhan the Writer: *giggle*   Princess Sunny: At least you got words.   Sable Aradia: Yeah! Yeah.   ShyRedFox: You really came down with it.   Eli Kwake: I, like, really did.   Lady Rowean: All words are good words.   *keyboard clicky-clacking continues in the background*   Princess Sunny: I'm hoping the--that next time that this happens, I don't end up being in the head by a two-by-four!   Siobhan the Writer: *giggle*   Princess Sunny: Migraines suck!   Sable Aradia: Yeah, I was sorry to see it.   Princess Sunny: I got nothing done for a week.   Coffee Quills: *groan*   Sable Aradia: We know you fought with us in spirit.   Princess Sunny: Yeah.   Siobhan the Writer Yeah.   Eli Kwake: Yeah, I-I was, like, really sick with the Filking Plague for the last week of the war. I, like, totally didn't do as much as I wanted to, you know?   Siobhan the Writer Yeah.   Sable Aradia: Yeah, maybe if we plan ahead, you know, give some room to it, then maybe it won't be quite so destructive.   Princess Sunny: We can hope. Now that we know that it's there, we can hopefully...encourage follow some kind of schedule?   Siobhan the Writer: *snort*   Sable Aradia: Yeah.   Eli Kwake: Like, that could totally be a thing.   ShyRedFox: Mmm hmm, mmm hmm. Planning!   Eli Kwake: Yeah, that should help.   Sable Aradia: Yeah, something Bunnies aren't the best at. But we'll work on it.   Princess Sunny: I plead the Fifth.   *laughing*   Siobhan the Writer: *coughing*   Prince Jean: I will try to be more conscientious of other people who want to plan things, whatever that may mean.   Sable Aradia Yeah -- plans. What are those? Yeah, I know, I know. *laugh*   Eli Kwake: Like, I'm not good at plans statistically, but you know what I am really good at? Like, organizing. So I'll try to organize this Filking Plague.   Sable Aradia: There we go. That makes a lot of sense.   Princess Sunny: That would work.   Siobhan the Writer: Well, Mother of Bunnies, we seem to be out of coffee.   Sable Aradia: Oh! We better fix that!   Princess Sunny: *laugh*   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah, the grinder's not working either.   Sable Aradia: Oh dear.   Princess Sunny: Oh dear.   Isaac: Oh dear. Was that used as a weapon during the war?   Coffee Quills: *laugh*   Princess Sunny: Is that what hit me?   *laughing*   Isaac: I did throw a lot of things during the battle. I'm so sorry! I-If you found where the roll went, please let me know. It sort of fell off into the Void whirlwhirl.   Sable Aradia: Well, Sunny might know where that is.   Isaac: If you find out, let me know.   Princess Sunny: I can--I can find it. It might come back a little sparkly, but I can try and find it.   Isaac: I'd appreciate it. Thank you.   Princess Sunny: Mmm hmm. I know I found out where, uh, my attempt at biscuits went, though.   Siobhan the Writer: Oh?   Princess Sunny: Yeah...down the left path of the Void. It--think of it as an ocean, down the left path, but it's black, with all sorts of, uh...pretty creatures.   Sable Aradia: So some diving is required?   Princess Sunny: Yeah...   Sable Aradia: And things get waterlogged?   Princess Sunny: Uh--Yeah. Apparently, they were playing with it like a ball. Apparently...   Coffee Quills: *chuckle*   Princess Sunny: Apparently, my biscuits decided to become, uh...rock hard--and deadly weapons.   ShyRedFox: Biscuit! *snicker*   Sable Aradia: Oh, is that what hit me? Okay.   Princess Sunny: *laugh*   Coffee Quills: Sounds like the ones that I made.   Princess Sunny: I'm sorry! *laugh* I'm torribly sorry if my biscuits ended up being used against you by somebody! I didn't mean to! I was trying to learn again. But I will look for your roll.   Isaac: Thank you.   Princess Sunny: Uh huh.   Siobhan the Writer: *chuckle* Ho...   Sable Aradia: Yeah, well!   Lady Rowean: As long as the biscuits aren't burnt, it's all good.   Eli Kwake: Like, I didn't burn the biscuits.   Coffee Quills: Burnt? Not even hard?   Princess Sunny: No, they, uh...They looked fine. They're just rocks.   Coffee Quills: *laugh*   Lady Rowean: Nothing that a good soak in some milk won't fix.   Sable Aradia: Did you get distracted? That's what happens to me.   Coffee Quills: *snort*   Princess Sunny: I have no idea, but apparently, biscuits are my curse. So if we ever need weaponry, just tell me to make biscuits.   Sable Aradia: You know what? I may well take you up on that next time.   Princess Sunny: *laugh*   Siobhan the Writer: Ahh...Well, the sun is coming up. I'm getting tired.   ShyRedFox, Princess Sunny, Isaac: Mmm hmm *noises of agreement*   Eli Kwake: Like, yeah. This fire needs to go to bed.   Isaac: Yeah, I've got to get back.   Sable Aradia: Well, that's totally understandable. Thanks for joining me here, guys, and...   ShyRedFox: Yeah!   Sable Aradia: You know, stay as long as you want. When, and if, you choose to go, we'll...I-I'll see what I can do about sending people to start on the clean-up projects and...I'll go somewhere too, and help as I can, of course.   Princess Sunny: Same.   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah.   Princess Sunny: I'll help where I can.   Siobhan the Writer: Likewise. But...   ShyRedFox: Same.   Darth Nikolas: Yeah, of course we'll help!   Realm of Music: Yeah, definitely!   Eli Kwake: Like, totally.   Lady Rowean: Same.   Coffee Quills: Thank you for the kind offer.   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah. Thank you for your hospitality, uh, Sable.   Sable Aradia: It's been my honour to host you all. And thank you for...saving the world with me. I mean, how else do you...   Siobhan the Writer: Yeah.   Coffee Quills: Saving the world and...   Sable Aradia: ...put it?   Coffee Quills: ...strengthening our bonds. Even-Even as I do leave to go back to the Trench, I will...make sure to come around. We're close enough.   Sable Aradia: I like that! I'll make a point of visiting, too.   Siobhan the Writer: And, Your Highness? I will see you later.   Prince Jean: Of course!   *chuckling*   Sable Aradia: *laugh* We don't wanna know!   Princess Sunny: Aww! That's good.   Sable Aradia: No, I'm kidding. Actually, that's great.   Aydan Nightshade: Get a room!   *chuckling*   Realm of Music: May all your ups and downs be only in the bedroom!   Siobhan the Writer: Good plan!   Sable Aradia: *cackle* Nice, nice!   *laughing*   Darth Nikolas: *laugh* Awesome.   Sable Aradia: Cheers to that!   Lord Galakrond: There's a 17-year-old here? Jeez!   Realm of Music: Cover your ears.   Sable Aradia: Oh, give me a break, Gala! *snort* You've made worse jokes than that!   Siobhan the Writer: *laugh* You have.   Realm of Music: Ye-ah.   Lord Galakrond: I...will take no responsibility?   Sable Aradia: Mmm hmm.   Darth Nikolas: No comment?   *laughing*   Lord Galakrond: No comment.   Siobhan the Writer: *laugh*   Realm of Music: I've read the stuff you've written.   Siobhan the Writer: *laugh*   Darth Nikolas: That too.   Lord Galakrond: When did you get into early writings?! You-You stay away!   Sable Aradia: *snort*   Darth Nikolas: You handed it over and said, "Read this."   Siobhan the Writer: *giggle*   Lord Galakrond: That's beside the point!   Siobhan the Writer: Well, if you don't want your dad to read it, you shouldn't give it to him!   Sable Aradia: *laugh*   Lord Galakrond: I...just wanted to see what their reaction was.   Sable Aradia: Sh-Okay, sure. *laugh*   *laughing, scraping chairs*
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