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Season 2 Aftermath Video 3

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The world will never be the same after the Second Word War and the Battle of the Warren. So what happens now? Tonight, we bring you three audio recordings from inside the heart of the Warren, where the leaders of the Houses share a moment of triumph -- and of sorrow. We infiltrated the Tome Knight's celebratory feast, and got up close and personal with the movers and shakers of the Grand Alliance. We're bringing this to you uncut, unedited, and with a minimum of commercial breaks, which will only run between the three clips. You can reach us by Discord, Skype, or on our hotline 666-666-6666. Due to some strong language, viewer discretion is advised. Let's roll 'em!  
Text: The Warren, December 11, 2021, 4:55 am. Lord Galakrond's audio is distorted, we assume because of the demon sitting on his shoulder. Transcript available.
  *footsteps approaching, chair scraping*   Sable Aradia: *sigh* Definitely a new world. Not the one I grew up in.   Lord Galakrond: Yeah? Right, I remember watching your news reports and thinking, "That's-- that's a pretty good reporter. That's a pretty angry reporter, too." *laugh*   Sable Aradia: *laugh*   Lord Galakrond: If I recall, at the Warren.   Sable Aradia: Which, me? *laugh*   Lord Galakrond: No, the, uh...the other Bunny. *laugh*   Sable Aradia: Ah! *laugh* Yeah, well. *snipping sound*   Lord Galakrond: I mean, thank you?   Sable Aradia: ...If you need such a thing in the future. And you have my permission.   Lord Galakrond: I will try to make every single strand count. I was actually just--   Sable Aradia: I'll grow more.   Lord Galakrond: *laugh* Ho, I bet! I mean, this luscious mane right here, it's constantly growing.   Sable Aradia: *laugh* Well...I mean...   Lord Galakrond: *laugh*   Sable Aradia: ...Yeah, maybe I had something to do with that.   Lord Galakrond: *laugh* Maybe, maybe. I dunno... *laugh*   Sable Aradia: Maybe. *laugh* Maybe.   Lord Galakrond: I'll try to make every single strand count. I was using the book that you had given me last year, so...   Sable Aradia: Do you still have it?   Lord Galakrond: From my knowledge, yes.   Sable Aradia: Okay. *relieved sigh*   Lord Galakrond: Unless...I-I lost   Sable Aradia: Well, that's my concern.   Lord Galakrond: ...during my hunger.   Sable Aradia: That's--   Lord Galakrond: I mean, as far as I remember, it's still--it's still in my room. I remember...I remember...the battle...and then...demons, I'd summoned a few of them, to help protect...I told Stormy to go away... Well, okay, not really go away, but to, yanno, be the Brocktree that they are, and protect Nik. And then...I remember the manacles on my wrists...   Sable Aradia: *softly* Yeah.   Lord Galakrond: ...from...from somewhere. I-- *sigh* I'm having a hard time placing it.   Sable Aradia: *whispered* Yeah.   Lord Galakrond: ...I remember manacles on my wrists...and then, having the feeling that this was all my fault? And then I was atta--   Sable Aradia: It's not your fault. It's not your fault! Oh, I-I-I really don't like-- No, it's not your fault! *sigh, gulp*   Lord Galakrond: It just feels like it, though. I-I don't know why, i-it just does. M-My memory's a little hazy. *pause* Maybe that potion Stretch gave me will come in handy.   Sable Aradia: *tsk, sigh* That's your decision. That's up to you. I...*sigh* I don't know which is the right course of action, there.   Lord Galakrond: Yep.   *long pause*   Sable Aradia: *sigh*   Lord Galakrond: Well...   Sable Aradia: We'll get the bastards, Gala. We'll get 'em.   Lord Galakrond: I would hope so.   Sable Aradia: Oh no. We'll get 'em.   Lord Galakrond: I...   Sable Aradia: I'm gonna make sure they...yeah. I'm...   Lord Galakrond: That...? That they what?   Sable Aradia: I...   Lord Galakrond: What, Mom? What are you going to do?   Sable Aradia: I'm...   Lord Galakrond: Describe your gory details to me.   Sable Aradia: No. *nervous chuckle*   Lord Galakrond: Fair.   Sable Aradia: No, I...yeah, they'll be lucky if killing them is all I do.   Lord Galakrond: Well, then. *nervous laugh* Where's... Where's Erin?   Sable Aradia: *tsk* He has decided that he needs to redeem himself, and he is looking for the Lemon Company .   Lord Galakrond: Sounds sour.   Sable Aradia: No, I'm not sour. I understand. I just... wish he didn't feel that way.   Lord Galakrond: I mean, I was talking about the Lemon Company, but, I mean...sure!   Sable Aradia: Oh! *laugh*   Lord Galakrond: No, you''re all right, Mom. I understand. *laugh* I-I understand that.   Sable Aradia: Yeah...   Lord Galakrond: I mean...he's gone...ballistic--what? Twice now?   Sable Aradia: Yeah. And once, it hurt Jean...   Lord Galakrond: I haven't...   Sable Aradia: ...and once, it hurt you.   Lord Galakrond: And I don't think it's going to end.   Sable Aradia: *tsk, sigh* I think we do have to plan for that eventuality, yes.   Lord Galakrond: Well, you know what they say-- War: what is it good for? Causing family torment...   Sable Aradia: *bitter laugh*   Lord Galakrond: ...and distress.   Sable Aradia: *bitter laugh* Truth, there. *long pause* Well, I am...I'm making some plans. I'm not going to change the alterations to the Warren.   Lord Galakrond: Oh.   Sable Aradia: I may close off some of the wings, depending on whether or not they're actually occupied, but I'm going to make sure that coming here is always an option, just in case.   Lord Galakrond: All in all, I think I could use a spare summoning room.   Sable Aradia: Heh. Yeah, you're welcome to it. I'm kinda hoping maybe you guys will stay for a while, but I understand. I mean, you probably...I mean, you have your duties, too.   Lord Galakrond: Yep. Oh my goodness, the Cosmic Kraken themselves is here!   Sable Aradia: Yeah...   Lord Galakrond: I didn't think that they were going to come out of the water!   Sable Aradia: Well, I mean, they don't like to spend a lot of time out of water, but they can.   Lord Galakrond: Yeah...   Sable Aradia: They're a weresquid, you know. It's...   Lord Galakrond: *chuckle* That's...   Sable Aradia: *chuckle* There-there is the human side, you know?   Lord Galakrond: *laugh* That's something I never thought I would see in my days, and we live with a world where a bazooka and a guy wielding a sword can fight easily. The Tikis and the Sauropoda...?   Sable Aradia: ...I don't blame them if they're a little hesitant to join in. They get the feeling that the older Houses kinda look down on them? I don't even know if that might not be true in some cases. It isn't for me...I mean... *heh*   Lord Galakrond: Yeah. If anything, I kinda...I kinda admire their bravery.   Sable Aradia: Me too.   Lord Galakrond: Yeah. I heard about Apis and Avis stepping down temporarily, but I didn't think for this long...?   Sable Aradia: They didn't step down.   Lord Galakrond: And then--   Sable Aradia: They disappeared.   Lord Galakrond: They disappeared?   Sable Aradia: They disappeared.   Lord Galakrond: Oh, I heard that they stepped down. Well, then.   Sable Aradia: Well, that explains why people aren't-haven't been more alarmed. It's been worrying me. I don't know... *sigh* I'm, uh...   Lord Galakrond: I guess you're gonna go on the air and tell them what the GoT News really is. *laugh*   Sable Aradia: No, my reporter days are done, I think. I've got too much else I've got to do. But...somebody will.   Lord Galakrond: Well, maybe-maybe Melody can take over.   Sable Aradia: Maybe!   Lord Galakrond: I dunno. Yeah.   Sable Aradia: Maybe I'll like, yanno, see if I can get on an interview or something. I mean, hey! I'm an important person now, right?   Lord Galakrond: Yeah!   Sable Aradia: Maybe people wanna talk to me.   Lord Galakrond: *snort* Maybe.   Sable Aradia: *snort* So are you.   Lord Galakrond: Oh God, I am.   Sable Aradia: Yeah, I know, right?   Lord Galakrond: Ooohhhh, ████ I'm faaaamous.   Sable Aradia: *snort* And just remember this... *deep breath* Ahh, no. Okay. How do I put this?... Be cautious in your dealings with people, are. Because...some people will be trying to take advantage of that, and they will be presenting themselves as a friend when they're not.   Lord Galakrond: Hmm. Sounds like--   Sable Aradia: And I hate having to say it, 'cause it's a cynical thing to say, but it's true, and I don't want to see you get hurt. Not any more than you already have, anyway...oh, God...   Lord Galakrond: Yeah. Well. There's that. *long pause* Hmmf. Well...   Sable Aradia: I love you. I'm glad you're okay.   Lord Galakrond: I would surely ho-hope so!   Sable Aradia: *snort*   Lord Galakrond: *snicker* "I would surely hope so!" I'm sorry, I have no idea where that came from!   Sable Aradia: *snicker*   Lord Galakrond: I think I've been playing Call of Mollusca too much. *snicker*   Sable Aradia: No, you know, I get it, right? You're kind of laughing at a horrible situation, and, uh, I can respect that! 'Cause...   Lord Galakrond: Oh, I am a terrible person! You don't even know!   Sable Aradia: That's not a terrible person. That's a...that can be a healthy way of dealing with the situation. It's okay. I get it.   Lord Galakrond: Really?   Sable Aradia: I have a warped sense of humour too-- Oh yeah, sure!   Lord Galakrond: *laugh*   Sable Aradia: You gotta laugh at some things, or you'd cry, right?   Lord Galakrond: Yeah... Pretty sure my eyeballs wouldn't be capable of crying. It just--it's all drained out. It's all gone.   Sable Aradia: You're probably still a little bit in shock, and that's normal, too. If you need to can talk to me, and if you don't feel you can talk to me...well, you're not the only person around here who's been dead anymore...   Lord Galakrond: Well, I haven't...I mean, I still haven't seen you die. You lucky ████   Sable Aradia: *strained laugh* Yeah, well...I mean, I do have my Owsla, but...yeah. Lucky rabbitness...   Lord Galakrond: How long can they last?   Sable Aradia: *deep breath, sigh*   Lord Galakrond: Maybe I should use your foot for the ne--no, no, never mind, that's a terrible idea.   Sable Aradia: *laugh* I'm not giving you my foot.   Lord Galakrond: *laugh*   Sable Aradia: *laugh*   Lord Galakrond: *laugh* What about your ear, then? No, no, never mind, you already gave me your hair, it's all fine. *snicker*   Sable Aradia: Yeah, that's why I gave you my hair. It won't last forever; you'll need to renew that once every couple of years, minimum. Even hair will start to decay after a while.   Lord Galakrond: *snort* It's like a literomantic warranty. *chuckle*   Sable Aradia: Well...*chuckle*   Lord Galakrond: *chuckle*   Sable Aradia: Can I have some of your hair, Gala?   Lord Galakrond: I...   Sable Aradia: I used to make that a policy; that I would keep hair from all the people I cared about, just in case.   Lord Galakrond: I's just a strange situation, but I mean, sure, I guess. Here... *tearing sounds* Ow, ████   Sable Aradia: Um...can...Maybe I should...   Lord Galakrond: *tearing sounds* Ow, ████   Sable Aradia: ...get it.   Lord Galakrond: Yeah, yeah yeah.   Sable Aradia: Okay, hold still.   Lord Galakrond: Yeah, okay. I'll probably just rip my arm off.   Sable Aradia: *snicker*   Lord Galakrond: Ow!   Sable Aradia: *snicker* I'm sure it won't be that bad, but hold still!   Lord Galakrond: Ow!   Sable Aradia: *cutting sound* Okay, there we go.   Lord Galakrond: Ooow!   Sable Aradia: Oh, did I cut--oh...   Lord Galakrond: It still hurt!   Sable Aradia: I'm sorry!   Lord Galakrond: Aaah...Ah, no, it's fine. I got it.   Sable Aradia: 'Kay.   Lord Galakrond: the power of Greyskull--no.   Sable Aradia: *laugh* If we'd had the foresight to bring scissors to the table, this probably wouldn't have been a thing...   Lord Galakrond: I mean, I tried to use my claw. It didn't work out.   Sable Aradia: Yeah.   Lord Galakrond: I mean, you saw how well it worked.   Sable Aradia: Yeah, yeah. Well, yeah--it's a claw. It's not designed for cutting hair; it's designed for rending flesh!   Lord Galakrond: Oh. I mean, so is Fluffy!   Sable Aradia: Yes.   Lord Galakrond: How's that, by the way? How's Fluffy?   Sable Aradia: Oh, Fluffy's fine?   Lord Galakrond: That's good to hear.   Sable Aradia: *snicker*   Lord Galakrond: Glad you've been taking care of her.   Sable Aradia: You never know when it might be needed, right?   Lord Galakrond: Well, for you, I'm pretty sure you could, Kind Bear Glare them, and it would be all fine.   Sable Aradia: *burst of laughter* Yes, apparently I am a Kind Bear, yup. *tsk* Who knew?   Lord Galakrond: Clearly, ya--   Sable Aradia: I suppose all the--   Lord Galakrond: --showed that...   Sable Aradia: --fluffiness has to be good for something.   Lord Galakrond: I mean--yeah.   Sable Aradia: *laugh* I'm just glad it worked.   Lord Galakrond: It was certainly a gamble, I will say.   Sable Aradia: I had nothing else, so...   Lord Galakrond: Yeah...   Sable Aradia: ...I had to try something, right?   Lord Galakrond: Got to admit, your...   Sable Aradia: Yeah!   Lord Galakrond: ...ear is looking really tasty right now, but that's probably also the side effects of being dead for a while.   Sable Aradia: Ah, that kind of thing, I understand, can take a while to wear off. I mean, ShyRedFox was semi-transparent for a few weeks afterwards. So...   Lord Galakrond: She had it lucky! She was transparent!   Sable Aradia: Yeah.   Lord Galakrond: I was able to keep my intellect, as far as I recall! I dunno, just--   Sable Aradia: I'm surprised you don't remember more, actually, and I'm glad you don't.   Lord Galakrond: I mean, it comes back in little bits and pieces every now and again. It will probably still come back, just-- I- I haven't quite made the full puzzle, if you will. I'm only getting little bits of the puzzle that I'm having to put together.   Sable Aradia: Do you really want to? I mean, you have the choice of not.   Lord Galakrond: I know what I something I am And to understand, that I-I know...who I hurt, and to make amends a sorta way... I mean, I'm pretty sure I hurt everybody--that was a lot of demons, as I recall summoning. But--to know what happened throughout that's gonna help me in the end? If that makes sense? It-it's helped me...   Sable Aradia: That makes perfect sense. I understand completely, actually. *pause* Okay.   Lord Galakrond: I'm pretty sure Erin would probably say the same thing.   Sable Aradia: I'm sure he would. I'm sure he would, yeah.   Lord Galakrond: But that darn sourpuss is off-is off finding the Lemons!   Sable Aradia: *chuckle* "Sourpuss, Lemons," oh... Wow, that's not gonna get old quickly now. *burst of laughter* That's funny! *more laughing*   Lord Galakrond: *chuckle* I'm sorry, if I said anything...   Sable Aradia: No.   Lord Galakrond: ...rude, or...   Sable Aradia: No, no. No, it's fine. I mean, they're not here, so... *laugh*   Lord Galakrond: I meant to you during the zombification and all.   Sable Aradia: *long pause* Nah.   Lord Galakrond: "Nah? Nah?" That's all you're going to give me? "Nah?"   Sable Aradia: Well...   Lord Galakrond: All right--   Sable Aradia: did call me a Bucktooth. *chuckle, changing to laugh*   Lord Galakrond: I said that?!   Sable Aradia: Oh yeah.   Lord Galakrond: Noo...   Sable Aradia: Oh yeah.   Lord Galakrond: No, not me!   Sable Aradia: Yeah...   Lord Galakrond: I'm sweet and innocent!   Sable Aradia: Uh huh. Mmm hmm.   Lord Galakrond: *awkward laugh*   Sable Aradia: Well, c'mon, kiddo. Let's get some sleep. There's still a lot of rebuilding and clean-up to do tomorrow.   *chairs scraping, two different sets of footsteps walking away*  
  ElementEds: Well, I found that...enlightening. Didn't you?  
Text: Let's Talk! Discord, Skype, or our hotline 666-666-6666
  ElementEds: The lines are open now. Call us on Discord, Skype, or our hotline 666-666-6666.   *ring*   And we have our first caller! You're on the air with Let's Talk! What's your name, and where're you from?  
Text: On the phone: Lord Galakrond, Heir to House Meles, The Warren, BC, Canada
  *demonic growls and hisses, getting louder*   Lord Galakrond: I knew I should have made your guy do the danse macabre with his tiny reporter snotnosed legs! Arrgh! I knew I should have disobeyed Mom! If I catch that little whelp...   ElementEds: Right. You can sod off, then...   *ring*   ElementEds: Hi there! You're on the air! Let's Talk!  
Text: On the phone: Dazzlikat, Sauropoda Raptor Squad, The Warren, BC, Canada
  Hey. This is Dazzlinkat of the Sauropoda Raptor Squad. Dammit it all, I told them we should frisk the Kitties and Squids, but noooo, they wouldn't listen to the dino, and now look at this mess!   ElementEds: We're not having great luck tonight, are we?   *ring*   ElementEds: Hi there! You're on the air! Let's Talk!  
Text: On the phone: Sable Bright-Eyes, the Chief Rabbit, The Warren, BC, Canada
  Sable Aradia: Hi, Tal. Please advise the network they'll be hearing from my lawyers in the morning? Thank you. *click, dial tone*   ElementEds: Sounds like we must have hit pretty close to the mark! Well, if the Mother of Bunnies doesn't want to talk to us, we'll take... *to earpiece* What's that? The producers say to shut it down? No, but...   *snow, test pattern*
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