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So You Want To Be A GoT Mercenary

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What is a GOT Mercenary?

Within GOT, a mercenary is a player who offers their word count for a specific time period to a house in return for funds raised for charity or promises of good deeds or similar things.   However, not all players want to sell/trade their words but want the freedom to wander from house to house in roleplay as they offer the might of their literomancy. These types of players wish to simply roleplay as a wandering tome knight. There are simple rules for that as well!
This sort of player is called a HEDGE KNIGHT. One does not need to call their GoTsona a Hedge Knight. Just put Hedge before what you think your character is. EX: Hedge Knight, Hedge Musketeer, Hedge Wizard, Hedge Warrior. As long as the word HEDGE is before what you consider your character is, you can work by the HEDGE KNIGHT rules.   Rules for this are simple and fun. During the April and July Tourney of Tales, a HEDGE KNIGHT commits to ONE house ONLY for the duration of the tourney. A tourney is a matter of honor so changing houses during such an event is not allowed with the exception of DARK KNIGHTS and CHARITY MERCENARIES (see the sidebar for a link to these details).
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During November when the Game of Tomes is fully launched complete with the Undead Horde coming for us all, a HEDGE KNIGHT can freely move from house to house as they wish.   To show this, simply submit your words to whichever house you feel like and add hedgemerc. In the channel points, you simply click a major house, like House Lapin, and type: 419 hedgemerc. For a minor house, like House Avis, click Minor House and type: 419 Avis hedgemerc.   For your roleplay, you can provide a story about why your character changed houses at that time or even just roleplay that in the chat, if you wish. These are, of course, optional and just another means to let you express your GoTsona as you wish.

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