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Stinger Squadron

In the Game of Tomes, an important personage, such as a House Leader or a charity-supporting mercenary, is allowed to have up to four "bodyguards". If their charge is selected by the Wheel of Misfortune to join the Undead Horde, one of those bodyguards, chosen randomly, can take their place instead. This is strictly voluntary, both on the part of the Tome Knight being protected, and the Tome Knights who offer to volunteer as tribute in their place.
The Stinger Squadron is the elite guard of House Apis, dedicated to the protection of The Queen Bee, DaniAdventures.   They exercise a variety of skills in this capacity, and may be called upon to serve the function of bodyguards, special forces, security, policing, military command, and intelligence.   The squadron is also required to operate, tune, wrestle with, and get along with the Laser Security System extremly well, as it is finicky and really only recognizes the Queen Bee and her authority. Expect some singed whiskers or antanae.



The Stinger Squadron consists of the following members.  
shyredfox-portrait (1).png
Shyredfox by Heroforge
Stinger One ShyRedFox
Fox, a former yakuza, wandered from house to house always joining the event underdogs. But after Tourney of Tales April 2022, fox needed to settle down and be 'respectable'. She pledged to the Queen Bee and offered to use her martial arts skills for a good cause, protecting her house leader. Fox leads the Stinger Squadron and occasionally gets along with the Laser Security System.
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May 18, 2022
September 2022
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by
A yellow shield with a honeycomb device. Text: The Hive is Tireless
House Apis by Misades

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
Character flag image: by Misades


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