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Laser Security System

House Apis's finicky, but finely-tuned, AI-directed laser security system programmed by Queen Bee Dani, herself.   The Stinger Squadron has confirmed that the AI is very protective of its creator and has collected quiet sound bites similar to the following.
Identified, Bee, Laser Settings: Manueverable--error, not queen bee: Laser Settings EXTREME
  When an intruder is detected speakers inside the hive will blare dubstep music--great cover as a party for the Stinger Squadron to get the Queen to safety. Though on occasion the AI does play other music styles, just because it feels like it.   To work with or near the AI system, advanced knowledge of acrobatics and a high dodge dexterity are required. Never fear, all you should get is a few singed whiskers or antennae (most of the time).
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Welcome to House Apis by DaniAdventures
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Weapon, Other

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