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Bestiary February 2023 Prompt 3. Horn

Unicorns are a species of horned horse. They are rumored to be magical in nature, but as sightings are so rare, this has not been confirmed. One of the less common "mythological" creatures that have recently appeared around the world, only three unicorn sightings have been confirmed to date.  
Although a report of a unicorn sighting has been filed from Pakistan, we are still investigating the instance and cannot confirm its validity at this time.
— Dr. Lena Hoffmann, Head of the New Creatures Division

Basic Information


The following description is based off of two video recordings, both taken in Europe. It is currently unknown if unicorns appear differently elsewhere.   Mythos-based descriptions imply different morphologies in different cultural areas.
  At first glance, unicorns appear much like a typical, although small and thin, horse. Upon closer inspection though, it is revealed that they have a single, spiralling horn growing from their forehead, cloven hooves much like a goat's, and a long, tufted tail rather than one made nearly-exclusively from hair. One of the confirmed sightings' video evidence, taken in Sweden, showed a chin-beard much like a billy goat's on the creature.

Ecology and Habitats

All three unicorn sightings have been in forested areas in Europe, two in Germany and one in Sweden. Theories claim that the German sightings were of the same individual. There is not enough data to estimate the range or population size of this species.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Only one of the three confirmed sightings had video evidence of a unicorn eating. Said video showed the individual browsing undergrowth and consuming twigs and leaves off bushes. The video was recorded in the Black Forest in Germany by a pair of hikers.


All unicorn sightings have only recorded a single individual in the area. It is theorized that unicorns are solitary in nature by the biologists of the New Creatures Division.  
Unicorns have displayed behaviors typical of creatures such as deer and wild horses in the scarce records we have. They are currently regarded as non-sophontic, and should be treated as you would treat a wild animal if encountered.   That is, to say, with caution.
— Dr. Lena Hoffmann, Head of the New Creatures Division
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Scientific Name
Equus cornum (tentative)
Conservation Status
An unknown number of unicorns exist, and no conservation efforts have been undertaken thanks to their recent reappearance.

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