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Alternative Brands for the GoTverse

This article is a WORK IN PROGRESS and may be subject to changes at any time.
The GoTverse is primarily based on our own, real-life reality, but the brand names used in-universe are changed or warped. In some cases, the brand names refer to nearly identical products to their bases. In others, the products involved have significant differences as well.   Brands specific to the GoTverse, as well as their descriptions, include:
  • Crocoade — an electrolyte-replenishing sports drink marketed towards literomancers
  • Rabbit Kick — a juice-based energy drink popular among literomancers (likely due to the punny nature)
  • Kind Bear — a brand of plush toy and television characters known for radiating positive energy associated with the symbols on their noses
  • Call of Mollusca — a tabletop role playing game made for modern horror settings
  • Lapinfinder — a tabletop role playing game made for high fantasy, swords-and-sorcery settings
  • Badgers and Burrows — a popular board game with numbered squares where rolling a die determines whether players "dig tunnels up" or "slide down back into their burrows"
  • Gobble — a very popular internet search engine
  • Cavecord — a messaging and voice calling system used by the bats of House Chiroptera
  • Entertack — an image sharing and moodboard creation-based social media platform
  • Tom Wortons — a popular chain coffee shop in the Lapin Protectorate
  • Bennie's — a diner-styled chain of breakfast restaurants known for serving absolutely anyone
  • Starbuns — a popular global chain coffee shop. Known to be a quick but not particularly high quality source of caffeine in most protectorates
  • Hopper — a Lapin-created alternative to Gobble that is still in its start-up stages
  • Tweeter — a short-post social media platform
  • Toggle — a handheld gaming console
  • Critter Crossing — a cozy-genre game with animal villagers for the Toggle
  • Voidnot Coffee — the one and only commercial brand of Void Coffee
  • This article is a work in progress, and may be subject to changes.
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    Examples of Alternative TTRPGs

    Call of Mollusca by Realm of Music, using Canva


    Crocoade 1.jpg
    Crocoade by Sable Aradia
    Crocoade 2.jpg
    Crocoade (Post WW3): Also for Magic Drain! by Sable Aradia

    Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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