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In the Game of Tomes, an important personage, such as a House Leader or a charity-supporting mercenary, is allowed to have up to four "bodyguards". If their charge is selected by the Wheel of Misfortune to join the Undead Horde, one of those bodyguards, chosen randomly, can take their place instead. This is strictly voluntary, both on the part of the Tome Knight being protected, and the Tome Knights who offer to volunteer as tribute in their place.  
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The Ferals are the bodyguard team of House Ailurus. They are dedicated to protecting the House, its assets, its trade networks, and its leaders. The Ferals also act as the military and militia leaders of House Ailurus. They, being important political figures for Penwall, live in the Treehouse with their charges.  


They must be in good physical shape and possess some decent skill with literomancy. Though their most important qualification is loyalty and willingness to protect both the people and their leaders no matter the cost.  


They must have sworn loyalty to House Ailurus, and proven themselves as trustworthy to the leaders who they will serve and to the people who must trust their judgment in emergency sittuations. Combat training is also essential.  


While anyone is free to volunteer to join the Feral's their appointement is made by either the Archon or Polemarch, either together or alone. Usually followed by a celebratory feast and day of relaxation and fun.   Though this seemed to have just been suggestion for Barborossa the Wayfinder, as he was appointed officially only after he had taken on the duties of the role himself. He did this by begining to follow Senna around like a puppy of some sort.  

Duties and Responsibilities

To see after the safety and health of the Archon and Polemarch as well as to keep tabs on the security of the protectorate. Including but not limited coordinating with local law enforcement and militia agents so as to keep the peace and make everything is operataing correctly.   Their day-to-day duties include running reports and keeping security files up to date, keeping a close eye on the royal family and all guests, and handling any issues of the average person that the other branches can't resolve.



Currently, there are two known Ferals: Foxx, who is dedicated to protecting Mykola Void, and Barbarossa the Wayfinder, who is dedicated to protecting Senna Nightshade. Each Feral is permitted a team of up to nineteen people who are dedicated to the task, and both Ferals have access to the House Ailurus militia.


The Ferals have an active weapons contract with House Lapin, and obtain most, if not all, their weaponry from them.   Thanks to the complexity and rarity of Literomantic weapons, only Barbarossa and Foxx themselves have these sorts of weapons out of their teams. Barbarossa is equipped with a Colt Python revolver with the enchantment Hollywood Magazine placed on the hammer. Barbarossa does not need to reload when in combat with this enchantment. Foxx's literomantic weapon is unknown to the public at large.   House Lapin has recently developed a new model of bullpup assault rifle in 2022. This armament was not in production in time for the events of the Third Word War, but saw production beginning in late December 2022. This weapon is scheduled to replace the older model of bullpup assault rifle for the Ferals sometime in 2023.
This article is a work in progress, and may be subject to changes.
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01 September 2022
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