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Penwall Arts Academy's GoT Community Challenge

The First Ever GoT Community Challenge

With a quiet 'POOF!' The Bard with many names blinks into existence. The sound of music and tons of glitter hangs in the air.   Come one, come all! Gather around, dear Tome Knights!   Say, how many of you are daunted by the sheer mass of words you need for a novel? Is the sea of sentences you need for a whole manuscript too deep for you to take a plunge into? Or do you maybe just prefer the short, sweet parts of life and the fact that you can actually be done with something for once in your filking lifetime?   No matter what it is, we want to know! With the declaration of Ailurus as a Major House, the Penwall Arts Academy proudly presents the very first short fiction writing challenge!   Whatever kind of short fiction you might find in your heart, your fingertips, or maybe even other body parts, send them to Penwall Academy! We take songs! We take scripts! We might even take a single word if it's a good one! And who knows, the winner might find what they have written to become true!   Get your pens, have lots of fun, and don’t forget to hydrate!   With another cloud of glitter and the smell of lemon oil and wood smoke hanging in the air, the bard disappears again.

Theme: A New Beginning



  • All genres are accepted
  • Content must relate at least nebulously to the theme
  • Content warnings are appreciated, limit the spice

  • Short Stories
  • Poetry
  • Scripts
  • Filks
  • VSS
  • Anything Short

  • The winning story will be fully canonized in the Game of Tomes
  • Second and third place will have something based on the story canonized in the Game of Tomes


    Submit your work to the challenge here!

    Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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