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Pet Paralysis

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A Literomancer Tome Knight can get this condition only when they have a pet. This can be a dog, a cat, or any other animal that is not in an enclosure. Although, it is not proven that pets who live in an enclosure of some sort do not cause the same effect.


This condition is caused by a pet. This pet can be any kind that is not enclosed. Cats and dogs are notable examples, but reports that birds can cause it as well are not unheard of. In some cases, children can cause this effect, only they are not classified as pets.


Symptoms include:  
  • Limited sight
  • An inability to get up
  • An inability to type on the keyboard or write things down with a pen
  • Treatment

    Do you want to treat it?   No? Well then you can do two things.
    1. Switch over to voice-to-text
    2. Give the pet some attention and except that will not write until the condition has passed.
      Yes? Chase the pet in question away, but give it food or a toy to play with it. Be preprepared that the condition will come back.


    There is no way to prevent this condition if you have a pet. The only thing you can do is accept it, and give the animal all the love that it wants.
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    Affected Species

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