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Captain of the Brocktrees Purpleheart (a.k.a. Nathalia Books)

Purpleheart was born in a land far away from the land of Tomes. Not much is known about her past. Only that she traveled from her land to the land of Tomes, before the big Tourney of Tales begun.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Land of the Tomes

When Purpleheart entered the land of the Tomes, many looked at her in surprise and specially the soldiers who fought in the ice wars. Never once she asked why this was, but a young solder, who looked more like a bard than a soldier. Told her that she looked like the War hero Nathalia Books. Purpleheart never heard of the hero who gave her live. The young soldier did not believe her.  

After the Second Word War

She has started to get flashbacks, snippets of memories of places and people she didn't know. Memories of the first Word war, which is strange because she knows for a fact that she was not there. She kept this however to herself and shared it with nobody.  

During the Third Word War

It became clear to her that her friend and heir to the Meles throne, had become an undead leader. When the Windy Willows was under attack, she protected the royal family. When she noticed that Xantos was not with the rest of the forgelings. She rushed towards it only to find him with Lordgalakrond. Purpleheart did everything in her power to make Lordgalakrond (Gala for short), to listen to her. But failed and joined the undead horde. She fought alongside her friend and even helped to inspire the troupes. During the end battle she fought with other tome knights. People she knew and she hated herself for attacking them in the first place. The living won and she gained her life, but again snippets of the first war entered her mind. Much clearer, which bothers her a lot.  

July 2023 Tourney Fallout

During the last tourney, Purpleheart started to be plagued with a series of headache's and flashbacks of the first word war. After a meeting with Sable she had another head ache and after she lay down all the memories of Nathalia Books, flooded back in. She now acknowledged that she was the fallen hero, but she still goes by the name of Purpleheart. She still have headache coursed by the influx of memories. Also she suffers from a lack of sleep. This proved to be a problem when Shy and Purple were down in the basement, were they faced a glitter monster.


Weapon for Hire

According to Purpleheart's own tales she is in her own land, a weapon for hire. She only does not want to tell which land that is. But some believed her because she is good with her axe.   Only now that there she gets snippets of the first war she is not so sure about that. Maybe it is a story she had made up in her mind. But this is what she believed to be doing before she joined house Meles during the first tourney of tales.  

House Meles

Only the leader of the house of the badger knows why he took the Stranger in, but directly Purpleheart has proven her worth.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Purpleheart traveled on her own to the land of Tomes.
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Captain of the Brocktrees, Baroness of Birthdays, Lady of Lynx, Claws of the Badger King
Circumstances of Birth
Gray blue
Long blond, with purple highlights
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
1.75 meter
55 kilogram
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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