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Posted by the Recruiting Board for House Meles

Article written by Shyredfox with assistance from House Meles. In the Game of Tomes, an important personage, such as a House Leader or a charity-supporting mercenary, is allowed to have up to four "body guards". If their charge is selected by the Wheel of Misfortune to join the Undead Horde, one of those bodyguards, chosen randomly, can take their place instead. This is strictly voluntary, both on the part of the Tome Knight being protected, and the Tome Knights who offer to volunteer as tribute in their place.
Welcome to the home of the elite House Meles royal body guard! Here you can learn about the unit, its members, and check our recruitment status. Note that trading cards for each of the members aren't available yet.


Current Roster

Captain Purpleheart
Brocktree second in command. She carries a finely honed, double-edged, blood crescent axe. Her Literomancy is as sharp as her blades.

Purpleheart Token

by Hero Forge

First Lieutenant ZoeTheWriter
Zoe carries an ultra-keen, battle-worn atgeir. Her trusty polearm has seen as many battles as her literomantic skills.

by Hero Forge

First Lieutenant Stormy
Stormy carries a sang kauw. Using their literomantic prowess, they add lighting strikes to the weapon's attacks.

by Stormy via HeroForge

Second Lieutenant LauraRoseAllan
She's an expert with the short sword, and stealthy with a pair of daggers. Don't let her mild manner fool you!

by Hero Forge

Second Lieutenant Blade
He's absolutely deadly with his trio—saber, semi-automatic pistol, and assault rifle. Absolutely loyal. He protected the den with his life even before he was recruited into the Brocktrees.


Former Members

General Galakrond
A most excellent leader. The General parades the grounds occasionally and every Brocktree stands at perfect attention, hoping to hear a stirring word from our beloved General. He enjoys checking in on the troops and tending the arcane wards that are in development. Further details on the wards are unavailable, as they are top secret.

by Hero Forge

  General Galakrond mainly uses literomantic spells and conjured monsters for battle. Occasionally, we see him wielding conjured bo-staves, knives, and swords. Although it's not disciplined fighting, the potential for it to be is extremely vast.   In March 2024, General stepped down from the Brocktrees to become the House Meles Regent. The Brocktrees are still near to his heart and he joins them in their training whenever he can.

Chief Master Sergeant ShyRedFox
She wields her razor-edge glaive with deadly precision, assisted by her literomantic ki-manipulation skills. After she was asked to serve as one of the house Seneschals in 2023, she handed over her Brocktree mantle to LauraRoseAllan.

by Hero Forge



Besides the weapons each of the Brocktrees wields, we are highly proficient in literomancy.   **The Brocktree every day carry includes a magically enhanced journal with infinite pages and pens that never run out of ink. We often choose to fight with our words.
Words are mightier than the sword, and with them we can create what we need for battle.


Skills and Duties

They exercise a variety of skills in this capacity, and may be called upon to serve the function of bodyguards, special forces, security, policing, military command, and intelligence.   Every Brocktree is trained to understand and work with the band of young honey badgers. Though they appear wild and rowdy to the rest of the GoTverse, we know them to be smart and loyal and capable of much more than they seem. They often assist in ███████████. They can easily be bribed with donuts. (See Clawdia for an example.)

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Brocktree Recruiting Status


We have 1 position. Please contact our Regent Galakrond or one of the Seneschals (Purpleheart or ShyRedFox) to apply.  

June 23, 2022
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by


Guard Colors

  • Forest Green
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Hero Forge (Metals)
  • RammPine
  • Tornado of coals
  • Silver
  • Hexcode
  • #76926B
  • #2F3030
  • #B8B6AC



    This elite unit is named after the honorable and brave Lord Brocktree from the Red Wall books.

    Cover image: by SRF + MJ
    Character flag image: by Nathalia Books


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