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Clawdia (a.k.a. Donut Meister)

A spunky European badger with a purple back coat and wings. (The wings may or may not show up, depending on Clawdia's mood).


Clawdia adores donuts. They are her goto food for keeping her perfectly stout badger figure and for fueling up before a long night of guard or scout duty. Any member of House Meles can bribe her with donuts. She finds it difficult to resist the pastries from other houses. But she believes she could refuse a donut if it was offered by a member of the Undead Horde.   Clawdia has declared June 2 (National Donut Day) to be the best and most important holiday to be celebrated in history.   Other things she enjoys include berries (especially currents and haskaps), honey, bacon, her bean bag bed by the fireplace, swimming in a hot spring (she fell in once and after the initial shock, it was pure joy), snuffling for truffles, scritches under the chin, and rolling down hills.   She's wary of any mention of the void and baths. Shy has tried to bathe Clawdia, and somehow Shy was the one in the tub and there was more water on the floo. It's just easier to sneak up, hose the badger off and towel her down, while giving her an apology donut.   Things that she loathes include the undead (she points them out with her long snout and growls at the scent), fingernail polish (Shy was once foolish enough to attempt painting Clawdia's claws to match her wings; it took forever to get the nail polish out of the rug), and people touching her tail (one of the undead grabbed her tail during the last battle of Word War III - Clawdia brought back the zombie's leg bone and plopped it at Shy's feet, then waddled off).


How Clawdia and Shyredfox Met

Before the The Third Word War when ShyRedFox arrived at Windy Willows "The Den" and requested to be part of the Brocktrees, she discovered that the royal guards also watched over the wild and wily herd of badger cubs. Clawdia, one of the few European badgers in the clan, was the one that ended up choosing Shy as her favorite playmate and stuck to the Brocktree like glue.   The little cub was bright and curious, always eager to accompany Shy on her guard duty rounds (especially if she had a snack), and had the cutest waddling gallop. Shy quickly fell for the little cub and they became inseparable.


On Duty Donuts

During the Third Word War, fierce little Clawdia proved her worth as a scout. Though, shy took to bribing her with donuts to come back with the most information. Clawdia headed the baby badgers on reconnassance missions, leading the way as she silently dug underground into undead enemy territory. Camoflauge was easy. She showed the group how to cover their faces in dirt before emerging and to squint for minimal glint from their eyes.  
by allevinatis
The missions were so successful that the Brocktrees were forced to contract the services of Flubb in house Lapin to help make donuts in order to keep up with the requests. The baby badgers still do missions (though no one asks them to) and when they return with any scrap of news, they demand pastries.


Clawdia's Evolution

Shy in Meles colors by AWV via Heroforge

Little Clawdia hasn't always been purple, nor has she always had wings. (See the photo above from when she and Shy first met.) Clawdia claims it's just evolution and a logical step for badgers in a war zone. But Shy isn't so sure. Keeping a pudgy donut snitcher at bay was hard enough before the little badger could fly.   Shy noticed the wing buds after a particularly dangerous mission to investigate where the Tome and our dear General Galakrond disappeared to. The next morning Clawdia lumbered out of bed to be fed and there was a strange swirling sheen to the badger's fur, as if it couldn't decide what color to be. Clawdia thought the Shy was making it up until the little badger was promptly picked up and lugged over to a mirror. The two of them sat there transfixed, until Clawdia abruptly said, "I like purple best" in badger speak. With a flash, the spiralling stopped and only the purples remained. Finally, it was just too strange for the Brocktree fox to handle! Was literomantic magic going rampant?   Scooping Clawdia up again, Shy rushed the baby badger to first her fellow Brocktrees - who weren't sure what was happening either. Then she sought the wisdom of her king, the Great Badger Darth Nikolas. But he was not available since he was in conference with Queen Sable Aradia. Shy wasn't sure if this was an emergency. But if this was strange magic was going wild the realm needed to know! So she steeled her nerve and barged in to the room.


Suspicions about the changes

Rather than evolution, Queen Sable, the Great Badger, and Lord Galakrond believe Clawdia may be a tinge Voidtouched.   Could she have been too near Gala's soul transferring to the void and a leak of void magic from that transfer? Did she eat a void tainted donut? There have been a few pastries that weren't from Flubb's excellent batches that showed up at the den and they sparkled. Shy thought it was food grade glitter so she and Clawdia ate them. Neither theory has been confirmed.   The strange coloration, wings, and increasing abilities are what make everyone wonder.


Clawdia speaks badger but understands the common tongue.  
by SRF via HeroForge
You know when Clawdia is pouting, because she hides her wings and curls up in a ball, and snuffling pitifully. When she's proud of an accomplishment or thinks she's winning an argument, she'll parade around with her wings stretched out.  



Side Kick (Vital)

Towards ShyRedFox




Wrangler (Important)

Towards Clawdia



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she/her/donut meister
Her wings may or may not show, depending on her mood
beady and blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
European badger markings of black and white, with a gray and purple body and wings
10 inches
35 lb
Special Note
Clawdia first appeared in Got on the Black Market badges for the pets of each house. Then she appeared in the "Self Care Plan" filk of ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man", where we learned how much she loves donuts.
by MykolaVoid

Cover image: by SRF + Hero Forge
Character Portrait image: by AWV + HeroForge


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