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Flubb ([FLUHB] | / flʌb /)

Head Cook and Keeper of the Food Gardens of House Lapin, Lieutenant of the Self Care Mafia, Dame Flubb , DoR, Owsla Lieutenant, Nurturer of Peace

Flubb is a Werecat woman who has taken up the mantle of Royal Chef of House Lapin and member of the Owsla after losing her memories of her former home in the Third Word War. She is a Defender of the Realm, and is a Keeper of the Lapin Food Gardens. As of January 13, 2023, Flubb has been granted the title "Nurturer of Peace" by House Ailurus.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Not much is known about Flubb's past, other than that she was a part of the Missing House. She remembers being a body guard, and this is theorized to be why she wasn't taken from this reality with the other members of her House. She is known to have been the Pumpkin Queen of GoToween, although further details are unclear.   Flubb fell to the Undead Horde in the Third Word War, and was discovered by fellow Undead, Doomflower Wither (in life known as Senna Nightshade) near a giant crater. The two wondered what had happened before leaving the area to meet with ICC Dead People (in life known as ECC Books). Flubb was granted the Undead Name "Death Grubb Flubb2" as she was inducted to ICC Dead People's "side" of the Horde.   Flubb became a member of House Lapin after being resurrected, and quickly took over the Lapin Royal Kitchens and began cooking for Tomesmas. She formed the Kitchenalia Brigade — dedicated to the service of House Lapin and Sable Aradia — on February 2, 2023. On March 7, 2023, Flubb was inducted into the Owsla of House Lapin.
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Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Head Cook of House Lapin
Keeper of the Food Gardens of House Lapin
Defender of the Realm
Lieutenant of the Owsla of House Lapin
Lieutenant of the Self Care Mafia
Nurturer of Peace (granted by House Ailurus)
Blue cat eyes
Gray calico fur (half-beast and beast form)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
eggscalibur by meme


Family Ties

  • Unnamed Mother = Mother
  • AttorraRu = Maternal Great Aunt
  • Cheetya Ironfist = Maternal Great Uncle-in-Law (AttorraRu's husband)
  • Izzy = Maternal First Cousin Once Removed (AttorraRu and Cheetya Ironfist's daughter)
  • Ruru = Maternal First Cousin Once Removed (AttorraRu and Cheetya Ironfist's son)
  • Allies

  • Woodland Family Alliance
  • Extended Relationships


    AttorraRu is Flubb's great-aunt through her mother, and they are very close. Flubb went to "Auntie Ru" after waking up with few memories of where her home was in the aftermath of the Third Word War, which is how she was accepted into the fold of House Lapin.  

    Sable Aradia

    Flubb shows no fear of repercussions when it comes to getting the Chief Rabbit to eat, hydrate, or sleep. She has, on multiple occasions, threatened to step in cocoa powder before kicking Sable's "fluffy white bottom" or to swat Sable with the frying pan known as Eggscalibur.

    Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
    Character Portrait image: Flubb by HeeroForge


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